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Newsletter: Live at the Fillmore and Eat a Peach, Live!
Posted on Monday, November 21, 2011 - 02:06 PM
Hello sweet family,

We normally try not to send out too many Peach-o-Grams close together because y'all are very nice to us and we don't want to become like the house guest that doesn't seem to notice the hosts are yawning, stretching, and looking at the clock! But we just heard some awesome news and it's time critical, so we just have to share.

Warren just called WMMR DJ Pierre Robert to tell him that in honor of his being on the air for 30 years, which is pretty amazing in today's radio scene, the ABB will play the Live at the Fillmore East album setlist in its entirety this Friday, 11/25, at the Tower Theatre show!

Holy Turkey, stuffing and sweet potatoes Holiday Man, if that doesn't get your pulse pounding, you're on the wrong mailing list!

Very cool, huh?

But that's not all -- Gregg called Carter Allen at WZLX and said that the band was really getting into this idea and didn't want to let the Boston fans down, so they are going to play Live at the Fillmore in its entirety on Tuesday, 11/29, and Eat a Peach on Wednesday, 11/30 at the Orpheum!

I sure hope the tapers turn out in droves for these shows -- wow, they will be recordings we listen to for years to come. I had a reel-to-reel recording of the private party Fillmore East show (the one that was broadcast on FM, not the "Holy Grail" show) and I must have played that thing a thousand times.

But -- that's looking ahead -- right now, if your plans can get you anywhere near Philly or Boston for these shows, go, go, go!

Lana and I wish you all the very best for a great Thanksgiving holiday, and as always,

Take care and know that you are loved!

Rowland and Lana

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Newsletter - Peach-O-Gram for November 17, 2011
Posted on Thursday, November 17, 2011 - 07:33 AM
Hey sweet family,

Is it really almost Thanksgiving and the holiday season? Feels like we were just enjoying the long days of summer! We need something to cheer us up after driving home in the dark from work... man we hate that!

You know we wouldn't bring you down without a plan to bring you up, right? We have the remedy! Actually we have several of them...

Rx #1: See the ABB live! Boston is a pretty town during the holidays, and the ABB is playing four nights at the Orpheum! December 2 and 3 are sold out, but there are still some tickets for the Boston ABB shows at the Orpheum on November 29 and 30. I've noticed that with repeated tries you can sometimes even get tix for Dec 2 or 3, so don't give up! Tickets held back for the press, friends and family do get released if they are not needed.

Rx #2: See the ABB live! No, this is not a stuck record. (Remember those?) Philly is a cool town too, and there are two nights at the Tower! Friday Nov 25 still has some availability, and Saturday Nov 26th is sold out. Got the post-Thanksgiving, "already seen all the new movies" blues? Hey, it's a long weekend -- Road Trip!!

These shows are going to be like Beacon shows -- an intimate theater setting, great jams, and folks, this is it until next March! Get your fix now!

Rx #3: Can it be Wanee?! It Can-ee! This festival is one of the coolest, most laid back, friendly, music-packed events of the year. It is big enough to have more live music than you probably normally consume in a year, but still small enough to feel like a big family, not a mob. The 2012 edition of Wanee is being held April 19 - 21 at the usual spot - the Spirit of the Suwanee Music Park in Live Oak, FL. Man, just thinking about Live Oak, FL helps with those "it's dark out already and the temperature's dropping" winter bluezzz! And you have to love the feeling of that name, "the Spirit of the Suwanee!" A limited number of early bird special tickets are going on sale on Monday, December 5 at 10AM. Three day tickets are $165 and these limited tix are only on sale through Sunday, Dec 11 or when they sell out, whichever comes first. Visit for more info. You know you Wanee to go!

Rx #4: Jaimoe's Jasssz is coming to town! (sing it!) You love Jaimoe's subtle jazzy licks intertwining the beat in Allman Brothers Band music. Or you just love Jaimoe! Well, there is one of those occasional appearances of the legendary Jaimoe's Jasssz Band coming up -- December 17 at Bridge Street Live in Collinsville, CT. The awesome lineup includes Jaimoe on Drums, of course!
Dave Stoltz on Bass, Kris Jensen on Sax, Paul Lieberman on Sax, Reggie Pittman on Trumpet, Bruce Katz on Keyboards, and Jr Mack on Guitar and Vocals. Visit for tickets. And Jaimoe's Jasssz Band is playing quite a few GA shows in January -- visit and click Tour Dates for the complete list!

Rx #5: The ABB has teamed up with Entertainment One Distribution to market Peach Records and the Allman Brothers Band Recording Company releases. OK, most of you don't get too excited about which distribution company they are using... but hold on, here's the cool part! There are three re-releases of out of print recordings coming on December 6th... and... <drum roll>... there will be a release coming, in 2012, of the amazing 40th anniversary show held on March 26, 2009 at the Beacon. This show was dedicated to brother Duane and the band played the first two albums straight through in their entirety. OK, I got so excited about that I forgot to mention the re-releases of the out-of-print stuff. Hittin' The Note, the groups first studio recording in years and a killer, is coming back on December 6, along with the live album One Way Out and the gold-certified Live at the Beacon Theatre DVD! These are all Top Shelf recordings! Line up at and you'll be able to order these on December 6!

Whew, that's a list and a half... has the Doctor delivered??

In exchange for all that ABB Lovin', we'd like to ask you a favor. Gregg's birthday is coming up and we'd like to show the man some Big Love on his Facebook page. He is doing OK with 34,000 fans registered there, but hey, we think we personally know more of his fans than that :) ! The ABB Facebook page has over 300,000 fans -- something makes me think they are also GA fans! So don't put it off, click and then click the Like button next to his name at the top of the page. Show GA the love!

And speaking of the love,

Take care and know that YOU are loved,

Rowland and Lana

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Newsletter: Orpheum Theatre Pre-sale-O-Gram
Posted on Wednesday, September 28, 2011 - 10:10 AM
Hey there sweet family,

Wow!! What an exciting night we had ... hundreds of you wrote asking if there’s going to be a Peach Corps pre-sale for the upcoming Allman Brothers Band concerts at the Orpheum Theatre in Boston.

Rather than answer each of you individually, we decided to send out a Peach-O-Gram to say, “Yes!!!" Yay!!

The Boston pre-sales all start TODAY, September 28, 2011, and all end tomorrow, September 29 at 4 PM EST. This is the same time the Philly/Tower November 26 and 27 pre-sales end.

The Boston pre-sale start times are as follows:

November 29 starts at 1 PM EST

November 30 starts at 2 PM EST

December 2 starts at 3 PM EST

December 3 starts at 4 PM EST

The pre-sale website is:

The password you’ll need to participate is: peach

Please note: there is 4 ticket limit per order.

The public on-sale for all six of these shows (two at the Tower and four at the Orpheum) begins September 30.

Take care and know that you are loved,
Rowland and Lana

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Peach-O-Gram: ABB in Philly and Boston
Posted on Tuesday, September 27, 2011 - 12:00 PM
Hey there sweet family,

We have some great news to share … The Allman Brothers Band is going to be playing at the Tower Theatre in Upper Darby/Philadelphia, PA November 26 and 27, 2011! Yessss!

Even better – there’s a pre-sale for both shows going on right now via:

The password you’ll need to participate is: peach

Both pre-sales end September 29 at 4 PM EST.

Please note: there is 4 ticket limit per order.

But wait, there’s more … The Allman Brothers Band is also playing four nights at Boston’s Orpheum Theatre! Whoo hoo! Those dates are November 29 and 30, and December 2 and 3, 2011.

The public on-sale for all six of these shows (two at the Tower and four at the Orpheum) begins September 30.

Take care and know that you are loved,
Rowland and Lana

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Posted on Wednesday, July 27, 2011 - 11:33 AM
Hey sweet family,

Happy Wednesday, and we have to admit to feeling a bit disoriented talking about the Beacon in July! But tonight's the night, and we admit to being a little jealous for those of you who managed to arrange your lives to attend tonight's Mid-year Madness show.

In all seriousness though, what an important cause, and kudos to GA and the gang for arranging --their-- busy lives to do this benefit show. The Tune In To HepC website is open at and we encourage you to visit the site and help spread the word and provide your support so we can wipe out this insidious disease.

The Beacon show is not the only benefit going on this week -- on August 1 and 2, our man Butch Trucks is sitting in with Great Caesar's Ghost at the Guild Hall in East Hampton, NY. They play ABB music and more -- hope you can see the shows and here's the link for all the details:

While we're talking Trucks, Butch has launched a blog that is guaranteed to challenge your thinking. You may agree or disagree with him -- but you won't be bored! Bookmark this one as Butch is updating it often:

Our friends over at Hittin' The Note have also been busy and the long awaited 2011 Beacon Box is here! This one is a labor of love - and whether you can make tonight's show or not, and whether you made it to NY this year (we did, wow!) or not, you will love, love, love these shows! All 13 2011 Beacon shows -and- the 2011 Wanee concerts too. It comes in a nice "roadie" style case in honor of the 40th anniversary of the Fillmore East recorrding, and includes a 32 page CD booklet with exclusive photos and a copy of this year's 28 page Beacon program. And ... if you already bought some of the 2011 Beacon shows from Hititn' The Note, you will get a credit for them - now that's customer friendly!

Think of how many times you can make your commute, mow the lawn, and log miles on the tread mill without a repeat if you have all these shows. Banish Musical Boredom!

Here's the link:

Dynamic Duo Dilemma? Our editors at HTN magazine faced one! Both Warren and Derek have great new CD's out -- which one should go on the cover? This is really hard!! Wait, I know -- we'll do TWO covers! No joke, this month's HTN magazine comes in two flavors, a Warren one and a Derek one. We'll let you decide which is the raspberry and which is the strawberry. (don't think too hard).

When you're through your own personal dilemma over that question, have a look for yourself and pick one to put on the top of your reading stack:

In the "we love computers" arena, all the Hittin' The Web sites are up on a new server at a new host. So far performance has been snappy, but send a PM or email to Rowland if you notice anything we didn't get quite right. We have been with our old host for many years, through several acquisitions, but over the course of this year the performance and service kept declining. Last straw was when they emailed us and told us we had three weeks to rebuild everything from scratch on a new machine. We did that, performance was even worse, so we said bye-bye and hopefully have found a good new home for the next ten years!

OK, that's it for now... back to Beacon Dreams and if you go, upload your photos and reviews!

Take care and know that you are loved,

Rowland and Lana

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Newsletter: Tedeschi Trucks Band, Gregg Allman and Hometown Opry-O-Gram
Posted on Sunday, June 26, 2011 - 01:16 PM
Hey there sweet family,

We want to thank the Tedeschi Trucks Band and Durham Performing Arts Center (Hi, Bob!) for an awesome evening of fun and entertainment June 12. It was beyond wonderful to have members of the family back in town and to hook up with members of the Peach Corps at DPAC.

Now DPAC has rolled on to numerous other events (but we’re hoping for another Peach Party soon! &#61514; ), and the Tedeshi Trucks Band is roaring through a tour in support of their new album “Revelator” ( Be sure to watch the video. Derek and Susan are … … … so cute!).

Tedeschi Trucks Band Tour Dates as of this moment (Thanks, Blake!) are:

Across the Atlantic

JUNE 29 WED London, UK - Shepherds Bush Empire
JUL 1 FRI Vienne, France - Jazz a Vienne
JUL 2 SAT Montreux, Switzerland - Montreux Jazz Festival (full Tedeschi Trucks Band show)
JUL 3 SUN Montreux, Switzerland - Montreux Jazz Festival (Derek and Susan as guests of BB King)
JUL 5 TUES Stuttgart, Germany Jazzopen Stuttgart
JUL 7 THU Paris, France - Theatre le Trianon
JUL 9 SAT Rotterdam, Netherlands - North Sea Jazz Festival
JUL 10 SUN Bonn, Germany - Museumplatz (supporting Gregg Allman)

Back in the USA

JUL 17 SUN Humphrey’s Concerts by the Bay San Diego, CA
JUL 18 MON El Rey Theatre Los Angeles, CA
JUL 22 FRI Gathering of the Vibes Bridgeport, CT
JUL 23 SAT Pittsburgh Blues Festival Pittsburgh, PA
JUL 24 SUN Centennial Terrace Sylvania, OH
JUL 28 THU Spartanburg Memorial Auditorium Spartanburg, SC
JUL 29 FRI Tivoli Theatre Chattanooga, TN
JUL 30 SAT Chastain Park Amphitheatre Atlanta, GA
AUG 12 FRI Sandia Casino Amphitheater Albuquerque, NM
AUG 13 SAT Bohemian Nights at New West Fest “Mountain Avenue Stage” Fort Collins, CO
AUG 17 WED Bank of America Pavilion * Boston, MA
AUG 18 THU Tower Theatre * Upper Darby, PA
AUG 19 FRI Ocean Gateway Terminal Portland, ME
AUG 20 SAT Hot August Blues Festival Cockesville, MD
AUG 25 THU Chicago Theatre Chicago, IL
AUG 26 FRI Minnesota Zoo Amphitheater Apple Valley, MN
AUG 27 SAT Minnesota Zoo Amphitheater Apple Valley, MN
AUG 28 SUN The Cotillion Wichita, KS
SEP 1 THU The Crossroads Kansas City, MO
SEP 2 FRI Riverside Theatre Milwaukee, WI
SEP 10 SAT Beacon Theater New York, NY
*With “Steve Earle: The Dukes and The Duchesses featuring Allison Moorer” supporting

Gregg Allman is also on the road, and has just added these dates, with on-sale dates TBD, for January 2012:

01/10/12 Pensacola, Florida Saenger Theatre
1/13/12 Jacksonville, Florida Florida Theatre
01/14/12 Clearwater, Florida Ruth Eckerd Hall
01/17/12 Ft. Myers, Florida Barbara B. Mann Hall
01/18/12 Hollywood, Florida Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
01/20/12 Melbourne, Florida King Center for the Performing Arts
01/21/12 Savannah, Georgia Johnny Mercer Theater
Previously announced Gregg Allman tour dates include:
06/26/11 Vitoria-Gasteiz, SPAIN Virgen Blanca Square
06/29/11 Paris, FRANCE Grand Rex
07/1/11 London, ENGLAND Barbican
07/2/11 Birmingham, ENGLAND Symphony Hall
07/4/11 Dublin, IRELAND Grand Canal Theatre
07/6/11 Edinburgh, UNITED KINGDOM Usher Hall
07/9/11 Weert, NETHERLANDS Bospop Festival
07/10/11 Bonn, GERMANY Museumsplatz Festival
07/12/11 Munich, GERMANY Tollwood Festival
07/13/11 Nurnburg, GERMANY Lowensaal
07/15/11 Tuttlingen, GERMANY Honberg Sommer
07/16/11 Alsfeld, GERMANY Burg Herzberg Festival
08/4/11 Kitchener, Ontario, CANADA Kitchener Blues Festival
08/6/11 Johnstown, Pennsylvania Flood City Music Festival
08/10/11 Sturgis, South Dakota Buffalo Chip Campground
08/26/11 Windsor, Connecticut SS&C Summerwind Performing Arts Center
08/27/11 Hunter Mountain, New York Bluestock
08/30/11 Lowell, Massachusetts Lowell Summer Music Series
08/31/11 Cape Cod, Massachusetts Melody Tent
09/3/11 Bangor, Maine Waterfront Park
09/4/11 Rutland, Vermont Paramount Theatre
09/6/11 Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania Sherman Theater
09/7/11 Lewiston, New York Artpark Summer Concert Series
09/9/11 Toronto, Ontario, CANADA Queen Elizabeth Theatre
09/10/11 Montreal, Quebec, CANADA Theatre Maisonneuve
09/14/11 - 09/15/11 Fredericton, New Brunswick, CANADA Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival
Of course, the Allman Brothers Band is playing:
07/27/11 New York, New York Beacon Theatre

Finally, and not to be missed, The Hometown Opry band plays Thursday afternoons starting at 3 p.m. at the Hardees on Wesleyan Boulevard in Rocky Mount, NC:

Take care and know that you are loved,

Lana and Rowland <- New! Check it out!!

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Newsletter: Peach-o-Gram for 6/21/11
Posted on Tuesday, June 21, 2011 - 10:55 AM
Hey there sweet family,

Practically everyone who writes to us, and that’s hundreds of peachy peeps a week, wishes the Allman Brothers Band would announce a concert date this summer. Hmmm, maybe if we all unite and focus on that wish for a few seconds it will come true. Ready, set, WISH!!! sfx: the hum of numerous glorious minds thinking positively.

Omg!! It worked!! Here y’ go:

Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Famer Gregg Allman announces Tune In to Hep C, a public health campaign to help raise awareness of chronic hepatitis C virus infection.

To help turn up the volume around hepatitis C, a one night only benefit concert featuring The Allman Brothers Band will be held at The Beacon Theatre in New York on July 27, the eve of World Hepatitis Day.

“There are many people who have been diagnosed with chronic hepatitis C, but aren't taking action. I want to tell them, don't wait. Doing nothing is not an option; they need to talk with their doctor,” said Allman, a founding member of The Allman Brothers Band. “I made the decision to take action and talk to my doctor, so that I could get back to making the music I love. I want others to take that action too, and if I can help make that happen, I've done my job.”

Proceeds from the benefit concert will be donated to community-based organizations that provide education and support services to people with chronic hepatitis C.

Tickets will go on sale tomorrow, Wednesday, June 22 at noon EST and are available at,, select Ticketmaster locations and charge by phone at 800-745-3000. If tickets remain they will be available at The Beacon Theatre box office beginning Thursday, June 23. There is a 4 ticket limit, per person.

The Allman Brothers Band is Gregg Allman (vocals and keyboards), Butch Trucks (drums and tympani), Jaimoe (drums), Warren Haynes (vocals, lead and slide guitar), Marc Quinones (congas and percussion), Oteil Burbridge (bass) and Derek Trucks (slide and lead guitar). (We're guessing you knew that! ;-) )

Awesome job, y’all!!

Take care and know that you are loved,

Lana and Rowland <- New! Check it out!!

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