Thread: John Hammond/Patterson Hood @The City Winery, NY 9/3/17

Fretsman - 9/6/2017 at 02:42 AM

John Hammond is a walking encyclopedia of the blues. What a joy to watch him play. He can tell his stories and recite his songs while giving the truest representation of legends gone by. His guitar work reflects its sincerest form of flattery by playing the traditional songs in their originally intended fashion. It's like decade after decade of beautiful blues. His tales make me smile and I feel like I'm there backstage with him and Howlin' Wolf, Sonny Terry, Sonny Boy Williamson, Muddy Waters, and the like. Inspiring and captivating. He's a treasure, both in talent and history. Like an old sailor telling tales of the sea he has the audience breathing softly to listen to every word he spews. Just a man with an acoustic and a resonator guitar, along with 3 harmonicas, his voice, and his memories. Such a treat. I recommend checking out his whole show song by song. It's a history lesson in itself.

John Hammond Official Website

John Hammond Old Official Site (?)

John Hammond Tour Dates

Patterson Hood was good, but too much blathering Trump bashing for this Independent voter. reality is available for those who seek it. He also played solo acoustic with no fills or harp, just strumming and numbing. I've been a Drive By Truckers fan for a while now and he had is own share of input in that pie. I didn't arrive on time and missed a couple tunes, but dug his set sans the liberal idiocy. I'm technically a republocrat seeing both sides of the political court, but he should have worn his vagina hat to warn people, if you can't wear bells, put on the hat. I kept Mr. Hammonds talking in the videos, but do want to be part of spreading buffoonery, We have enough of that going around as it is.

Patterson Hood Official Website

Patterson Hood Tour dates (from website)

The Videos......

Mr. John Hammond

Dreamy Eyed Woman Blues (B-side of Rollin' and Tumblin')

Mama Tain't Long Fo' Days

Hard Time Killing Floor Blues

I Can't Be Satisfied

Step It Up And Go

Rocket Oldsmobile

You Know That's Cold

I'm Just Your Fool

Get Behind The Mule

That's All Right

See That My Grave Is Kept Clean

Parting Blues

Patterson Hood

The Opening Act

Moving Into The Perilous Night, My Friend

What It Means

Uncle Disney


The Fourth Night Of My Drinking


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StickT - 9/7/2017 at 07:20 PM

Thanks for the revue and links. Such a shame and downright sad to me when an artist/performer, seems to believe that anyone attending their live show wants to hear, or give a chit how they feel politically. For me, one of the reasons I enjoy live music- is to escape the everyday bs that is heard. I got into the Truckers for several years, and saw them often, even Patterson solo once, both before he started the banter he does today. I wouldn't go across the street to see them now, after hearing their last album. ...... and I'd say they that about anyone, no matter which way they lean.......and I was disappointed to hear that Isbell is doin that same thing now. Sad......

dimplesjbc - 9/9/2017 at 05:12 PM

Nice to see some love for John Hammond , I am also a big fan , have seen him live 15 times over the years starting in 1979 , I have met him several times over the years and he is very nice and very genuine. I own most of his albums and really enjoy them all especially his early stuff , " Big City Blues " ( 1964 ) is one of my favorite albums ever , his G. Love produced album " Push Comes To Shove " from 2007 is excellent IMO .

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