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pawnflyer - 9/8/2017 at 03:48 PM

Let me set the stage, it's a 200 seat curved theatre setting, the museum director speaks briefly and a very short film on Greg is shown, he separately introduces Scott Sharrard, Michael Lehman, Don Was and Devon Allman, they are seated from stage left to right, I happen to get seated front row center. (Got there a bit early).

Much of the questions and answers will be familiar to most of the forum users here will but there were interesting little snippets of info divulged. Something readily apparent was the sincere love and respect for Greg, and about what a finely tuned ear Greg had for an instrument slightly out of tune. Don Was had some interesting stories to tell, Devon being the furthest from the interviewer didn't seem to get as many questions. Scott mentioned that a day didn't go by for Greg without the memory of Duane everywhere. Even in Greggs home in Savannah, Duane pictures in every room

Layla Allman came out a bit later and talked about her dad a bit, in particular how she came up with the name for the album and of course the "blood' painting which was displayed on stage.

About 90 minutes in the talking is finished and Scott comes on stage and plays and sings acoustic versions of My Only True Friend, Love Like Kerosene and Once I Was, Devon then comes out and sings and plays on acoustic with Scott, One Way Out, and Melissa. Wow! Great performances!!

In the audience were Greggs wife Shannon, Galadriel, Elijah Blue, don't know about the rest but I figured most if not all Greggs family was there, and of course his friends which was all of us.

I can't help but think of the words Gregg wrote on the first Duane Allman an Anthology release,

"To know such a person as Duane, which there can only be one, as a brother seems to me a God given privilege. He greatly affected my life and life style with his love and his music... Long live the spirit of brother Duane Allman".

And now we can add, Long live the spirit of Gregg Allman. His spirit was in attendance last night.

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Wayne - 9/8/2017 at 05:31 PM

We are attending the Macon event tomorrow night, should be great!

pawnflyer - 9/8/2017 at 06:05 PM

As I remember I'll try to add some things from last night. Some things Don Was talked about was how he got to be friends with Greg, he said something about being backstage with Greg at a Brian Wilson event at the Santa Monica Civic but his memory was cloudy since he and a few others were in an "altered" state. And how he came to produce Southern Blood? Greg had already publicly mentioned that Don was going to produce it without Don knowing, Greg called and said was that ok? And can you do it?

One thing that stood out they talked was when Greg walked into a room, he was the "epitome" of a rock star, he just had the huge presence, but at the same time he was so unassuming and was just another guy, sweet, polite, impeccable manners.

I've been getting into the new release and while early, it may be the best solo album by Greg ever, there isn't anything close to a weak song here, right now I'm really digging Blind Bats and Swamp Rats and I lLove the Life I Live, like Greg says ""nasty". Blind Bats is as Cajun Swampy as it can get.

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