Thread: University Of Georgia Marching Band ABB Tribute

RobJohnson - 11/5/2017 at 02:07 PM

In case you didn't hear, at halftime of the UGA/South Carolina game yesterday, the UGA band played a tribute to the Allmans. Here is the setlist...

Ramblin' Man
Whipping Post
Midnight Rider
Black Hearted Woman

These were all pretty abbreviated versions, of course. I thought Ramblin' Man and Midnight Rider didn't translate that well, but Whipping Post and Black Hearted Woman sounded REALLY good in the marching band format.

A big 100 piece band playing the 11/4 bassline to Whipping Post? That is some good stuff right there. They also nailed the big finish. Half the crowd was singing along to Whipping Post, people were really digging it. My brother didn't believe that you could play Whipping Post in less than 15 minutes, but short as it was, they definitely got the essence of the song across.

I wouldn't have picked Black Hearted Woman for the finale, but as it turns out, that was the other real standout. They didn't do the outro jam, but the basic structure of the song packed a lot of punch with all that brass. Very powerful stuff!

Kudos to the Redcoat Band for putting in work and really getting it right. They were tight and on point and did the ABB proud!

BillyBlastoff - 11/5/2017 at 04:21 PM

As usual, on point review Rob. Well done. The following video, although the sound is not great, reflects your impressions.

Poor sound but nice visuals.

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islalala - 11/5/2017 at 06:36 PM

Wow - rock rarely translates when marching bands perform it, but these adaptations were extremely well done.


dimplesjbc - 11/5/2017 at 07:06 PM

Black Hearted Woman was very cool

StratDal - 11/5/2017 at 11:29 PM

Black Hearted Woman was very cool

Yep. Good tune for a college marching band to play. Go Dawgs!

DeadMallard - 11/6/2017 at 02:15 AM

I'm a big Dawg fan but on the other side of the country.

Love to see GA & Washington meet in January.

Both teams have great defenses.

Good job to the Bulldog band.

absnj - 11/6/2017 at 08:57 AM

Reminds me of the USC Trojan band doing Tusk:

RobJohnson - 11/6/2017 at 11:51 AM

Check out the rehearsal video posted in the other thread for a much clearer version of this.

Outstanding job by the Redcoat band!

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