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We are entering a new era of governance, purpose in our country, it is therefore befitting to welcome the new era to include Domestic Policy in the updates. Truly the changes in our new domestic policies will have global reach and impacts. President Trump has wasted no time in enacting legislation he feels is needed in America. In his first week, these are actions taken. sidential-actions

Obamacare. An order stating the White House intent to “repeal” Barack Obama’s healthcare law. It directs agencies to avoid imposing penalties on individuals and others who do not obtain health insurance or who otherwise contravene the law. It directs agencies to “waive, defer, grant exemptions from, or delay” other penalties, fees, taxes and costs

Health aid and abortion. A memo restricting funds for global health assistance groups that provide abortion services.

Withdrawal from TPP.(Trans Pacific Pipeline)

Federal hiring freeze. A memo imposing a freeze on the hiring of federal civilian employees “across the board in the executive branch”.

Dakota Access pipeline. A memo reopening a nearly completed project to build a crude oil pipeline from North Dakota to Illinois. The pipeline was stopped after sustained protests by Native American groups, who said the pipeline crossed sacred land and threatened to contaminate a tribe’s water supply. In December, the US army corps of engineers denied a permit for the pipeline to drill under the Missouri river.

US steel for US pipes. A memo directing the commerce department to develop a plan to use steel made entirely in the United States for all pipeline projects.

Attack on sanctuary cities. An order denying federal funds to “sanctuary cities” – more than 400 cities and counties that offer some form of safe haven to America’s 11 million undocumented migrants. The order instructs the Department of Homeland Security to publish a weekly list of so-called “criminal actions” committed by undocumented migrants and publicly announce which jurisdictions had previously “ignored or otherwise failed” to detain the accused individuals. It calls for support for victims of crimes committed by “removable aliens” and demands reporting on the immigration status of all federal prisoners.

Build a border wall. An order calling for the “immediate construction of a physical wall on the southern border”, for stricter enforcement of immigration laws and for speedier deportations. About 700 miles of fencing already exists along the 2,000-mile border. The order calls for a campaign for congressional funding, maybe unnecessarily; congressional Republicans say they will fund the wall, estimated to cost $12bn-$15bn upfront

Extreme vetting’. The draft included a 120-day ban on refugees being resettled in the US and an indefinite ban on the resettlement of Syrian refugees. It would also cap the total number of refugees entering the US in 2017 to 50,000 – more than half the previous year’s figure of 117,000.
The draft indicated that visas would be suspended to people from Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Yemen and Iran for the next 30 days.

WASHINGTON: With US President Donald Trump’s formal executive order to establish “safe zones” in Syria expected imminently, experts see the plan as realistic in at least two areas of the country.

Remarks: For those who disagree with his stopping the flow of immigrants coming from the seven countries noted above, particularly Syria, keep in mind he is trying to do things to help the Syrians, over there in their country and that is good governance.

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We start off with Iran, because there is a lot going on over there, and also with Russia because we really need to have better relations with them for our own security.



Even Iran is giving Kudos to the US for it’s standing in the international community.
Standing after the United States of America, China, Japan, Russia, Germany and India, the report ranked Iran in the 7th place.

While Congress is trying to stir the pot once again. aw-impose-non-nuclear-sanctions-iran
U.S. Senators Marco Rubio, Todd Young and John Cornyn reintroduced the Iran Non-nuclear Sanctions Act, legislation that would impose harsh financial and economic sanctions countering Iran’s non-nuclear provocations,
Iran is ready to join the Pakistan China Economic Corridor. This is problematic if President Trump takes China to task.
China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a mega project between the two countries under which China will invest $46 billion in Pakistan. Durrani pointed to the hurdles in trade between Iran and Pakistan, and said, "The unavailability of banking channel is one of the biggest reasons of limited trade between the two countries; through exploiting trade and investment opportunities, mutual trade volume could easily touch new heights."

Durrani invited the Pakistani businessmen to participate in the 'Aleeshan Pakistan' exhibition slated for March 4-7 in Tehran, adding that it would provide an opportunity to establish new contacts with their Iranian counterparts, which is essential to boost two-way trade.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Aerospace Force Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh announced that his forces will take part in a massive military drill in the near future. No matter what the enemies do and even if they try to impose restrictions on Iran, "we will not stop enhancement of our capability, knowledge and production in defense fields, specially the missile industry", Hajizadeh said, addressing Iranian university officials and professors in Tehran.

Assad says he appreciate’s Iran’s role in Syria.
"We support the Islamic Republic of Iran for supporting the resistance of the Syrian government and nation in their non-stop war on Muslim nation," President Assad said in a meeting with Senior Advisor to the Iranian Parliament Speaker Hossein Amir Abdollahian in Damascus.

TEHRAN (FNA)- Chairman of the Iranian Parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Alaeddin Boroujerdi officially invited Head of the Pakistani Senate Reza Rabbani to attend an international conference in support of Palestine slated for February 20 in Tehran. He pointed to a recent trilateral agreement signed by Iran, India and Afghanistan, and said, "There is no rivalry between Chabahar port of Iran and Gwadar port of Pakistan as both ports complement each other."

RUSSIA ump-administration-lifting-sanctions-russia
United States Senator John McCain made clear comments on rising speculation that President Donald Trump is considering lifting sanctions on Russia, said he hoped the administration would reject that “reckless course.” “If he does not, I will work with my colleagues to codify sanctions against Russia into law,” McCain, one of the Republican party’s senior foreign policy voices, said in a statement.
Damascus has a water shortage due to insurgents. 5.5 million people have been heavily effected since December.

Remarks: I am hopeful that our new domestic policies will positively impact our foreign policies and decrease the incidence of terror attacks in this country. In just this short time, look at how many things our new Commander in Chief has addressed. We will not all agree with everything he does, but at least he is trying.

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Four states are suing Trump over the travel ban he imposed between 7 states that we are currently involved with wars against Isis and other groups. On Friday, Trump ordered a suspension of arrivals from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen, including refugees. uits

New York, Massachusetts and Virginia on Tuesday joined Washington state on a growing list of states challenging the travel ban that caused chaos at airports in those states and beyond at the weekend as people with valid immigration documents were detained or deported after arriving on flights from overseas.

On Tuesday New York joined a federal lawsuit against Trump’s executive order brought by the American Civil Liberties Union Foundation, the Urban Justice Center and others.

Eric Schneiderman, the New York state attorney general, described the order signed last Friday as “unconstitutional, unlawful, and fundamentally un-American”.

Remarks: Oh whippin' post. I got a feeling this is the beginning of our next civil war. Seriously, there will be states who had large marjorities of people who voted for Trump, like and agree with his ideas, and then the others who want to find fault and accuse him of any and everything. If we were closer in time to 9.11.01 perhaps people would be more concerned, but it seems enough time has passed that now people just don't think anything else can/will happen. I have read reports in alternative media, there are former government workers who will tell you they KNOW Isis wants to breach our borders at Tijuana, Mexico/California, Brownsville, Texas, the Canadian borders of Minnesota and Michigan. If that happens, then that will be Trump's fault also for not finding a way to keep America safe. They will say 'see he is unqualified for the job'. Our borders must be secured and that will create some problems. The people who want to go back home to their families can Skype with them, until the problems are solved here.

This has not been widely reported, but this is also part of this travel ban.

Travellers to the United States from seven Muslim-majority countries singled out for "extreme vetting" will face scrutiny of their social media activity and phone records, the new US Homeland Security secretary, John Kelly has said. ia-vetting-170131205425042.html

Further remarks: I am a big proponent of freedom of speech, thought, religion, and the press, coupled with the privacy protections that our Constitution guarantees. There has already been censorship by Twitter of individuals who are discussing controversial things related to terrorism and foreign policies of different countries. If people from other countries have to submit to being monitored here when others aren't, is that singling them out, is it discriminatory, illegal? Will everyone have to face the Orwellian style snooping by the NSA in order for us to let people from other countries in here? I don't have answers for all of this.

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US airstrikes have continued in Afghanistan in Sangin District, Helmand Province. The problem is we keep shooting the wrong people.

One picture is worth a thousand words, so here it is. ed-nations/

Remarks: I am confident or new Commander in Chief will work towards stopping our complicity in the atrocities that have been taking place abroad.

gina - 2/12/2017 at 07:54 PM

As mentioned, we will include domestic policy as it relates to foreign policy in this new edition of the updates.


This is Trump greeting the Prime Minister of Japan.

While the meetings went well with Japan, it was not as amenable with Mexico. Many of you know that there were reports of the drug cartels helping to fund Isis and other fighters who reportedly wanted to breach the borders in Tijuana and also Brownsville going up into Texas.

There was a phone call Trump had with Mexican President, Nieto and the Associated Press reported that he threatened to invade Mexico if they did not take care of the people in their own country who were trying to destabilize our borders. President Nieto denies what was reported. rnment-is-calling-out-the-ap-for-inaccurately-reporting-call-with-trump-n22 80214

"Mexico's response?

“The assertions that you make about said conversation do not correspond to the reality of it,” the Mexican government said in a statement. “The tone was constructive … and it was agreed by the presidents to continue working and that the teams will continue to meet frequently to construct an agreement that is positive for Mexico and for the United States.”

Remarks: So there you have it. Yes the phone call occurred. No Trump did NOT threaten to send our military there to do Mexico's job of dealing with dissident citizens or others. He will not however, let groups of criminals subsidized by the cartels help these groups get into the US. The wall will be built, but meanwhile, he will protect it, if he has to send in some special forces to deal with a localized problem, that would certainly be an option.

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Today, Trump met with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau regarding trade issues and also growing women's businesses. The issue of Syria accepting refugees while the US wants to keep Syrians out for now (until they are properly vetted) came up. The Canadian Prime Minister did say that he would not tell another world leader how to govern in his own country. ump-and-prime-minister-trudeau-canada-joint-press ump-and-prime-minister-trudeau-canada-roundtable ident-donald-j-trump-and-prime-minister-Justin

Yeah I know you want some video. Remember Donald has a You Tube Channel, President Trump News. The videos for the conference are here.

Also some snippets from conventional media.

Making America Great Again, strengthening relations one country at a time!

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nebish - 2/14/2017 at 01:29 AM

The Canadian Prime Minister did say that he would not tell another world leader how to govern in his own country.

Just as Trudeau said Canadians wouldn't want an American President to come to their country and tell them what they should and shouldn't be doing. Canada is an outstanding nation and ally. Foreign policy I think should be finding and expanding upon common goals and agenda items, compromising to another's needs when appropriate so long as they at times, compromise to our needs. We need not impose our beliefs on any other nation to the extent it doesn't directly impact a vital national security interest.

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gina - 2/14/2017 at 01:39 AM

Agreed. That's one of the stark differences between him and Hillary. She wanted to continue with the let's bring democracy to nations overseas nation building idea. Trump would rather concentrate on the US, but he is getting to know other leaders so he can do mutually beneficial trade deals. He will be a world leader as well as one of America's most memorable Presidents. He has international business experience, and that should help.

LeglizHemp - 2/14/2017 at 02:15 AM

we'll see

gina - 2/16/2017 at 12:41 AM


Very disconcerting is that there has been a Russian submarine 30 miles off the coast of our Navy attacker submarine base. That's right, up there in Connecticut is the base with 15 of our attack submarines. We have also three coast guard bases up there too. The media tried to play it down as oh they just sent an intelligence gathering sub up there to try to spy on us, and we do the same thing to them, and everybody knows it. One article said quoting the Pentagon "we in this building are not worried about it". Well they certainly were concerned on the Hill. John McCain and his colleagues on the Senate Intelligence Committee had a meeting today about the developments. The sub was originally off Washington, D.C., then it went up to Connecticut, and has been there all day. One newspaper said they thought it was going to Cuba after it leaves our waters. I don't know where they got that from. (Hartford Courant)

Now I am sure the Navy has decently encrypted telecommunications equipment so their info. is safe. What concerns me is prophecy by certain people, the lady I mentioned in California who foresaw Russia attacking the US, bombing DC and Chicago, and others who said that when Russia decides to go to all out war with us, they will invade from a beach off Delaware, their sub will surface and their troops will come off it.

Do I feel safe with Trump at the helm as Commander in Chief? Yes. He will step up, take swift, decisive action and deal with any threats, but I do have concerns.

Some people in the govt. are still taking it upon themselves to meet with foreign liasons on their own, unbeknownst to the Commander in Chief. This happened during the Bush Jr. regime, it reportedly happened under Obama every Wednesday on the 7th Floor of a building with Hillary and the New World Order shadow govt. meeting to discuss things they needed to. While it does not relate to the Russia problem, why was the CIA Chief meeting with Abbas in secret talks BEFORE, Israeli Prime Minister, Netanyahu's official visit with Trump today? Was Trump aware of it? The reporter suggests that he was not, but he has said even during his campaign that he would not make public all things of what the intelligence community were doing. ader-abbas-ahead-of-netanyahu-visit-report

Trump plans to also visit Britain soon, protests will occur, but it will not sway this bastian of law and order from the swift completion of his rounds as our President. So the protesters might as well accept it.

P.S. There was an article that said Congress was considering authorizing sending ground troops to Syria. BIG Mistake. Assad + Russia + Iran are friends. US troops will not be welcome. Why do we keep sacrificing American lives to countries that have not even attacked us? Are we idiots? us-deploy-ground-troops-in-syria mbat-troops-in-syria/index.html

"At his confirmation hearing, Mattis was not asked about putting more troops into Syria, but he did explain how he would seek to change US military efforts in Iraq and Syria from Obama administration. "I think it's getting there as rapidly as possible, where it would be a more accelerated campaign," Mattis said. Sending troops to Syria is just one of several ideas that may be presented to the President, the official said.

Remark: Oh whippin' post, no, no, no, don't send troops there....

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LeglizHemp - 2/16/2017 at 12:51 AM

Russian Spy Ships off of our coast in International waters is nothing new, even armed ones.

gina - 2/16/2017 at 01:00 AM

True, we think that we are the only ones out there spying on the world. But here are some other things that have come up. Russia has said it will not give back the Ukraine. I did not know anyone asked them to. Trump pointed out that Russia annexing the Ukraine occurred during Obama's administration. I really doubt that anyone would have agreed that we should go there and fight to try to stop them. Turns out there seems to be compelling reasons why Russia wanted the Ukraine.

While reading the below link, interesting user comment...
"This is what Trump and Putin are up to:
Exxon Mobil, under Rex Tillerson, brokered a deal with Russia in 2013 to lease over 60 million acres of Russian land to pump oil out of (which is five times as much land as they lease in this country), but all that Russian oil would go through pipelines in the Ukraine, who heavily tax the proceeds, and Ukraine was applying for admission into NATO at the time.

Putin subsequently invaded Ukraine in 2014, secured the routes to export the oil tax-free by sea, and took control of the port where their Black Sea Naval Fleet is based, by taking the Crimean peninsula from Ukraine by force. This was Hitler style imperialism that broke every international law in the free world.

After Obama sanctioned Russia for the invasion, Exxon Mobil could only pump oil from approximately 3 of those 60+ million acres. But now Rex Tillerson is soon to be our Secretary of State, and as of today, there’s information circulating that Donald Trump will likely unilaterally remove all sanctions against Russia in the coming days or weeks.

The Russian government’s oil company, Rosneft, will make half a trillion (500 Billion) dollars from that much untapped oil, all pumped tax-free through Crimea, stolen from Ukraine, now owned by Russia. Putin may have subverted our government just for this deal to go through.
Please share this EVERYWHERE, copy and paste if you like. Fact check away" 58a2265ee4b094a129edf17c

Remarks: Why is it always about the OIL?

LeglizHemp - 2/16/2017 at 01:19 AM

old news gina

but don't forget that Ukraine voted for a pro Russian leader before he was forced to flee the country also.

pro Russians were also behind the takeover of south ossetia? forget how it was spelled.

now i blew those off for those reasons.

but that doesn't mean i am pro putin and pro what is going on with trump.

there has been a white nationalism going on in russia for quite awhile. his links to the Surgeon? i think thats his nickname.....Russian bikers is well known.

also the Russian Orthodox Church

Bannon is hooked into these groups

you've seen some of my you know what i'm saying

Putin has been playing a long game for 20 years now while we have been bogged down in wars and political infighting. he has infiltrated our politics now and we better realize it soon.

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gina - 2/17/2017 at 12:49 AM

The Russian spy submarine is now off the coast of Norfolk. It seems to be heading south. /story?id=45547194

gina - 2/21/2017 at 12:44 AM


The missiles possessed by the Yemeni army and Ansarullah have high-precision capabilities so that the third generation of Patriot missile defense systems cannot track them, the Arabic-language al-Massira news channel reported. The US equipped Saudi Arabia with advanced Patriot anti-ballistic missile interceptors in 2016.

Remarks: The US launched it's first drone attacks in Yemen on January 24th. The US has also sold Saudi Arabia technology/weaponry to use in Yemen, some of which has killed innocent children and women. When we give weapons to other countries and those weapons are used to kill people, we are complicit in those deaths, which angers locals, creating more than anti-US sentiment. People want to know why there are terror attacks and the desire for them in the US, it is because of our foreign policy and helping other countries in their regional wars. We need to let them fight their own battles and stop endangering lives here at home. That is the answer.

RUSSIA arplane-as-iran-stokes-mideast-tensions?cmpid=flipboard

Remark: Eventually the US could be left by itself, with all the other nations allied with each other. We need to stop fighting in their wars. We need to let Trump Make America Great Again, stay home secure our borders and mind our own business, develop good trade deals, and stop war mongering.

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They found a mass grave outside of Mosul with 1,000 dead bodies in it. It is believed that Isis uses the place as one of their dumping grounds. agic-scene-thousand-corpses

SYRIAN SANCTIONS to-veto-UN-sanctions-resolution-on-Syria.html

Russia and China on Tuesday vetoed a UN resolution backed by Western powers that would have imposed sanctions on Syria over chemical weapons use. The measure drafted by Britain, France and the United States won nine votes in favor at the Security Council while three countries opposed it -- China, Russia and Bolivia. Kazakhstan, Ethiopia and Egypt abstained. Russia, china block bid by western powers to impose UN sanctions on Syria over accusations of chemical weapons attacks

USA hools-community-centers-in-11-u-s-states/

Bomb threats forced evacuations at Jewish schools and community centers in 11 states Monday, with the Jewish Community Center Association confirming threats in states ranging from Florida to Michigan. In Ann Arbor, police gave the all-clear after a Hebrew day school was threatened, forcing students to leave. Today, bomb threats were called into schools and/or JCCs in Alabama, Delaware, Florida, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Virginia,” the JCC Association of North America says. “Many affected institutions have already been declared clear and have returned to regular operations. All previous bomb threats to JCCs this year were determined to be hoaxes.”

Remarks: 11 States? Someone is planning something. I recall the prophecy by the lady named Annie from California, who said that certain rogue elements within the US govt. would allow Isis to plant bombs in schools in the US and slaughter 100,000 children, which would create nationwide sentiment for a full blown war on the Middle East. The schools in her prophecy were elementary schools. Schools in 11 states received bomb threats. 11 States.


RAMALLAH, February 28, 2017 (WAFA) – The Israeli prosecutor called on the Supreme Court to reject a petition by Palestinian rights groups demanding that the Israeli authorities free corpses of six Palestinians shot dead by Israeli forces in the last year and which it has been holding since then.

Remarks: Can't they at least have the dignity to return the remains?

Yes whippin' posters, there are things going on in Af Pak. There are journalists who have been abducted in Pakistan, it is believed their intel/military snatched them to keep them quiet. Journalists in other countries have to be willing to die so that the truth prevails, and many have. They don't have problems with FAKE NEWS over there, they have problems with certain people wanting to hide what they are doing. Journalists are freedom fighters.

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gina - 3/4/2017 at 08:03 PM

YEMEN s-to-Yemen

The Pentagon has quietly ordered fresh deployments of Special Operations troops to the Middle East and North Africa as the US intensifies its military engagement in Yemen, according to a report.

REMARKS: Not our war. Let Saudi deal with it's regional problems. Yemen has not come to the US asking for help, nor has Yemen attacked us. We must get out of these other countries, shore up our own borders and stop the middle east wars we keep trying to fight in.

gina - 3/7/2017 at 07:41 PM


Hungary’s parliament has allowed authorities to systematically detain all asylum seekers in shipping containers in border areas, a controversial move that is in line with anti-refugee policies adopted by Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who has labelled refugees as a “Trojan horse of terrorism.”

The Hungarian parliament, known as the National Assembly, approved the harsh measures, which also include women and children, on Tuesday, adding that all asylum seekers setting foot on the country’s soil, as well as those who are already inside Hungary, would be held in container camps on the southern borders with Serbia until a final decision is made on their asylum requests.

Remarks: Guess that's why Isis doesn't go to Hungary. Are there any international standards on how refugees are to be permitted, what rights they have, or can each country just create their own standards?

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nebish - 3/8/2017 at 03:30 PM


YEMEN s-to-Yemen

The Pentagon has quietly ordered fresh deployments of Special Operations troops to the Middle East and North Africa as the US intensifies its military engagement in Yemen, according to a report.

REMARKS: Not our war. Let Saudi deal with it's regional problems. Yemen has not come to the US asking for help, nor has Yemen attacked us. We must get out of these other countries, shore up our own borders and stop the middle east wars we keep trying to fight in.

On the principle of letting foreign countries deal with their own regional problems, I agree.

However I feel the US must be militarily engaged in Yemen. Yemen has long been a hot bed for radical islam and cells there have actively plotted against the US. Two lines of thought, if we do not engage in military strikes against a country then their people will not hate us and not seek to unleash terror attacks on our country and interests. The other line of thinking is that by being militarily involved in a primary or secondary role, the local people will resent and hate the US for it. I reject the thinking that in a country like Yemen that if we just stay out of it somehow the terror and murder loving radicals in their country will somehow grow a new found respect for us. Ain't happening. In my mind, Yemen is a critical battlefield in the war against radical islamic terrorism and should remain a target of US intelligence and military efforts.

Bigger picture, the more we can build coalitions of common interests with the Saudi government and Jordan and other middle eastern countries the better. At the very least it gives the radicals several targets to direct their resources against rather than focusing solely on big bad USA. Plus the more muslims involved in the fighting dispells the notion that this is strictly a judeo/christian vs muslim war.

nebish - 3/8/2017 at 03:35 PM

Malaysia says it foiled attack on Arab royalty ahead of Saudi king's visit

World News | Tue Mar 7, 2017 | 12:47pm EST

Malaysia said on Tuesday that suspected militants from Yemen arrested late last month ahead of a visit by Saudi King Salman had been planning an attack on Arab royalty.

A senior Malaysian police source said the four suspects belonged to Yemen's Iran-allied Houthi movement, which hails from a Shi'ite Muslim sect and has been fighting other Yemeni forces backed by a Saudi-led military coalition for two years.

Malaysian police had previously said the men were suspected of links to militant groups including Islamic State, which is Sunni Muslim and known by the Arabic acronym Daesh.

A Saudi source said that it was still not certain whether the suspects supported the Houthis or Islamic State, but that the arrests showed why security "represents the bulk of the entourage in foreign official trips".

"It is no doubt a terrorist act. Should it be Daesh or Houthis supported by Iran, this is what the local Malaysian investigation will reveal," the Saudi source said on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to media.

The king arrived in Kuala Lumpur on Feb. 26 with a 600-strong delegation for a four-day visit at the start of a month-long Asia tour. On Tuesday he was in Indonesia.

Between Feb. 21 and Feb. 26, Malaysia arrested one Malaysian and six foreigners - the four Yemenis, one Indonesian and one East Asian - for suspected links to militant groups including Islamic State, police had said in a statement on Sunday.

Speaking on Tuesday, Malaysia's police chief said the four Yemenis were plotting an attack on Arab royalty.

"Four Yemenis, apart from their role involving in producing false travel documents they are also involved in distributing drugs... and they are also planning to attack the Arab royalties during the visit in Kuala Lumpur, so we got them in the nick of time," Inspector General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar told reporters.

The Yemenis were arrested in Serdang and Cyberjaya - near the capital Kuala Lumpur - Malaysian police had said on Sunday.
Also In World News

Police seized multiple international passports from the four, along with 270,000 ringgit ($60,000) in different currencies which police said they suspected were intended to be channeled to insurgents.

Police have said the Malaysian and the Indonesian who were arrested in late February were planning to launch a large-scale attack using a "vehicle-borne improvised explosive device".

Malaysia has arrested hundreds of people with suspected militant links during recent years. The Southeast Asian nation has been on high alert since suicide bombers and gunmen linked to Islamic State launched multiple attacks in Jakarta, the capital of neighboring Indonesia, in January 2016.

A grenade attack on a bar on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur in June last year wounded eight people. Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack.

($1 = 4.4450 ringgit)

gina - 3/9/2017 at 10:46 PM


Former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wants a dialogue with President Trump. So much so, that he is taking to twitter like Trump, and addressed a letter to Trump.

He spoke on many things, and he reveals his opinion on women.

"women depict God's beauty, and are God's most beautiful and valuable gift".

"True freedom is the hope of all of humanity, which can only be gained with the will and participation of all countries"

"We all originate from the same root and truth, and have been created to love."

"The merciful creator created all human beings from the essence of love. Let's all love each other" tter-iran-tweeting

REMARKS: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has never been the person portrayed in the Western media. His speeches have reflected that. I hope he and Trump will get to know each other and realize they are not at odds with each other. He also NEVER said that most quoted remark about 'bombing Israel off the face of the earth' that was a mis-translation from his original speech.

P.S. Trump really needs to start having a dialogue with Iran, even if it starts with the former President. quences-after-vessel-encounter

The comments come after IRGC fast-attack vessels forced on Saturday the USNS Invincible and three ships from the British Royal Navy accompanying it to change direction in the Strait of Hormuz.

“Such provocations can have irreversible consequences,” Admiral Mehdi Hashemi said, dismissing claims by U.S. officials that it was the IRGC boats that had come within 600 yards of the U.S. warship.

“A U.S. warship from the American and British fleet that was passing the traffic zone of the Strait of Hormuz, changed direction from the international route toward the boats of the IRGC navy.”

While warning, the U.S. warship had acted “unprofessionally” and had come within 550 meters of the boats, Hashemi added, accusing Washington of resorting to “lying” and “propaganda techniques.”

The U.S. Navy presence in the Persian Gulf, Iran says, has jeopardized the security and stability of the strategic region which the U.S. Energy Information Agency calls "the world’s most important oil chokepoint.”

REMARKS: Time to straighten out what's going on there.

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gina - 3/9/2017 at 11:01 PM


The US evaculated two Isis Commanders from Mosul.

Javad al-Talaybawi said that the US forces carried out the heliborne operation in one of the Western neighborhoods of Western Mosul, evacuating two senior ISIL commanders to an unknown location after the commanders came under siege by Iraqi government forces in intensified clashes in Western Mosul.

"Americans' support and assistance to the ISIL is done openly to save their regional plan in a desperately attempt," al-Talaybawi underlined. Al-Talaybawi had warned late in February that the US forces tried hard to evacuate ISIL commanders from the besieged city of Tal Afar West of Mosul.
After photos surfaced in the media displaying US forces assisting ISIL terrorists, al-Talaybawi said that the Americans were planning to take ISIL commanders away from Tal Afar that is under the Iraqi forces' siege. The news comes as the Iraqi army had reported that the US air force has been helping the ISIL terrorists in areas controlled by the terrorist group. The Iraqi army says that the US army is trying to transfer the ISIL commanders trapped in areas besieged by the Iraqi army to safe regions. tel
US working on a new strategy to kill Taliban..

REMARKS: We help Isis, and we kill Taliban. Afghanistan belongs to the Afghans, the citizens of Afghanistan have the right to determine their own future. The Taliban are native Afghans. They flew no planes into any towers, they do not want to come to any country to take it over, they did not support/allow their country to be used by any forces who did have those aspirations.

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gina - 3/9/2017 at 11:35 PM


Here is the full text of the former Iranian president to the US President.

In the name of God, The Compassionate, The Merciful

Praise belongs to God, the Lord of the worlds, and God’s blessings be upon the seal of prophets and messengers, Mohammad al-Mostafa and his pure household, and upon all prophets, messengers and the righteous.
O God, hasten the reappearance of your savior, and bestow upon him health and triumph, and have us among the best of his supporters and aids, and those seeking sacrifice before him.

To: His Excellency, Mr. Donald John Trump

The president of the United States of America


Your Excellency has been elected, in the recent US election, as the president of the country.

It can be inferred from the political and media atmosphere in the US that the result of the election has been despite the status quo, and beyond the will and prediction of the governing body and the main system behind the scene of the US political stage.

The stances of the rival party and some of your party members and most western leaders suggest the same notion. Irrespective of whether or not that is true, the recent election revealed part of the actual and accumulated demands of the US people.

Welcoming this and hoping it will have an effect, I hereby share some points with you, whereas I’d tried in the past to convey some important matters to the two preceding presidents, via letters.

A. Introduction

1- This letter is by no means political, in the common sense of the world; nonetheless, today it is from a human to another human. The letter is from a humane standpoint, rooted in interest toward and compassion for the American nation and other nations, and I expect your Excellency to read it from the same perspective, adopting a humane approach.

2- I speak as the son of the great, civilizing and culture-making nation of Iran. A nation with a prominent role in the global culture and civilization, by having presented thousands of scientists and artists, as well as innumerous scientific and cultural achievements throughout its honorable history.

A nation that, back 2500 years ago, by its great historical character, Cyrus, issued the order for freedom of thought and equality of human beings, as well as for annulling slavery, racial discrimination and exploitation; principles it has ever since adhered to.

A nation that managed an important part of the world for centuries, in brotherhood, justice and respect.

A nation that, in the current era, introduced the unique figure, Late Imam Khomeini, to the human society.

A leader who depicted the love and kindness of divine prophets to all human beings, and was the flag-bearer of freedom, justice and brotherhood for all nations. A great reformer who, from a divine-humane perspective, was the helper for all the oppressed and was the harbinger of peace, friendship and justice, heralding fundamental reforms to benefit all nations.

3- I have met many political, cultural and social figures, as well as people from all walks of life across the five continents of the world, talking to them about international issues. This letter can be interpreted as the standpoints of other nations and many contemporary experts and figures.

4- Your Excellency and I are, like other human beings, servants and creatures of The Only God, and have been created for an eternal life. God has not created us for enmity, hegemony and aggressiveness. People are all equal and in terms of possessing land, wealth, God-given opportunities and human rights, they’re alike. The true essence of human blossoms through monotheism, loving others and making endeavors toward the well-being and prosperity of others.
A human being, on his path to serve others, achieves proximity to God and eventually wins eternal salvation. In other words, a true human being and the actual winner of this world’s competitions and contests is one who spends his life in the service of other human beings’ well-being and welfare, and for doing away with oppression and establishing justice and friendship.

5- Enjoying the vote and trust of people and representing them is on the one hand a source of honor and on the other, causing an extremely heavy responsibility. If you have so far lived for yourself, basically you will need to henceforth live for the US people and the human society.

6- Having been elected the US president is a historic opportunity primarily for the elected person and secondly for the electorates and other nations. Although four years is a long period, but it ends quickly. The opportunity needs to be valued, and all its moments need to be used in the best way.

7- Those elected by nations and the rulers should never consider themselves being superior to people, or being their masters and dominant over people’s affairs. The rulers’ capacity is but to be humble toward the people, to serve them, and to follow up their demands.

All prophets, among them Prophet Jesus (Peace Be Upon him), were bearers of the same message and were in service of the people.

God, in the noble Quran, addresses Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and says “You are only a reminder. You are not over them a controller”.

The prophets came not to rule people and establish empires, but to unite human beings and instill sympathy, and to spread monotheism, freedom, justice and love across the planet and to endow everyone with them.

8- The laws ruling human societies have been codified by God. Those laws are unalterable. The people who, in their hearts, bear tenderness and love for human beings and strive on the path of serving people, have in fact filled their hearts with love for God and a beautiful fate awaits them, hence being honorable both in this world and in the hereafter.

9- Favoring the interests and satisfaction of the public and nations over the interest and satisfaction of an insatiable minority of tyrants of wealth and power, is a reasonable issue, bringing reputation to the rulers.

B. Some points on the status of the USA and Your Excellency’s stances during the election campaign:

Mr. President,

Your Excellency is well informed of the US history and the behavior of its rulers toward other nations, particularly over the past half-century. Levels of dissatisfaction from US rulers are so that a free election at any part of the world will result in the victory of the US government’s opposition.

You are also supposed to know the US internal situation and the oppression exerted over the nation, better than any other person.

Your Excellency has explicitly proscribed the US policies and performances, as well as its governance structure and media system that shapes the public opinion. Your Excellency has announced that you want to change the status-quo to people’s benefit.

Requisite for realizing those vows is paying attention to some important issues, of which I point out a few:

1- Your Excellency has truthfully described the US political system and electoral structure as corrupt and anti-public. The US electoral system has for decades enslaved people’s votes to benefit a certain minority; i.e. a group that seemingly rules in the form of two parties, but in fact represents a minority, i.e. the tyrants of global wealth and power.

Changing the US electoral system and setting people’s will and interests free from that imposed slavery, will be considered a great job and a fundamental reform.

It is clear that only with an integrated plan and relying on people’s true will, the status quo can be reformed. I believe that the position of the president in the US entails ample power and potential for taking the initiative in that great job. I hope you will be the first president of the United States of America who establishes novel changes to achieve people’s actual will.

2- Unfortunately, consecutive US administrations have assumed arrogance toward others, seeking progress of the state in holding others back, pursuing possession and welfare of US people in others’ poverty, questing its honor and grandeur in humiliating others, and searching US security in insecurity for others.
If all the world governments view the international arena from the same angle, and act accordingly, what will the result be? It’s my belief that the US people cannot support such policies and performances, and cannot pursue humiliation, poverty and insecurity for others, and cannot seize others’ wealth.

Whenever the US nation has, beyond the blurred atmosphere of media, become cognizant of such policies and behaviors, it has slammed it and disavowed the perpetrators.

If we pursuing fundamental and sustainable reforms, we need to respect all nations and cultures, as well as their will and interests. We need to share the happiness of nations, as well as their sorrow. We need to seek equality and brotherhood among nations, and respect the nations’ rights, as well as to avoid arrogance and efforts toward domineering others.

3- Your Excellency has announced that the US treasury has produced around $23 Trillion of illegal notes (paper assets). This means that without labor, effort or providing goods and services and by having abused the internationality of dollar, the funds has been taken from world nations’ pocket. Regrettably, the big and modern robbery has been committed in the name of the US people, but in fact to the benefit of a certain group. This signifies that the US administration and governance owe other nations the exact amount. I don’t think the US people are satisfied with this greatest robbery in history.

It is expected that the looted wealth of nations be returned to them, or at least the inhumane and destructive trend be halted. This will be an instance of fundamental and structural reform.

4- Mr. President, Your Excellency has pinpointed the existence of 70 million poor and millions of jobless people and said that resolving US domestic problems is on top of your agenda. You have announced that the US defense power has shrunk. Your Excellency has noted the $6 Trillion costs of US war in the Middle East. You know that the official US annual military expenditure is $700 Billion.

Experts believe that defending US geographical borders and preserving its domestic security vis-à-vis modern threats should not cost more than $200 Billion annually.

The basic question now is who has given the US government the mission to establish security worldwide?
What outcome has meddling in other’s affairs and military deployments to other regions and imposing thousands of US military, security and intelligence bases across the globe had, except for insecurity, war, division, killing and displacement of nations? Have the measures brought about anything beyond hatred and animosity toward US leaders, notoriety for the US people and imposition of military expenditures?

If all governments want to show behavior similar to the US administration, which visible horizon of peace and security will lie ahead of the human society? Isn’t it better to stop warmongering and not to interfere militarily in other regions of the world, in order to create an atmosphere of international understanding and to end the arms race, war and killing of people?

By doing so, a considerable wealth of resources will be saved to develop US people’s welfare, and to shed poverty and unemployment. Isn’t that the best way to change the world nations’ attitude toward the US governing body?
Furthermore, you know that relying on arms and threatening others is translated into entering an endless and highly costly arms race, which has no fate but war, poverty and annihilation of nations.

Nowadays it is revealed to the general public that the claim to safeguard security and establish peace in other territories by relying on weapons and warmongering is a false one, where colonial goals are hidden under humanistic slogans.

How can the race in production and export of arms create peace and security?

War instigates war, and peace is never established by war.

Killing only cumulates hatred. Sustainable peace and security will only be established by changing attitudes, beliefs and behavior.

Sustainable security needs to be sought in kindness, respecting other’s rights and administering justice.
The best defensive power is people’s power and satisfaction, and this will not be achieved unless by administering justice and respecting human beings.

If Your Excellency takes the initiative to remove the deadly arms race and stop the military presence and intervention in other regions, the annual killing and displacement of millions of human beings will be prevented. If so, hundreds of billions of dollars of global military and security costs will be reduced, to be spent in the health, education and welfare of nations, as well as in reducing the social gap and other problems, and to uproot insecurity.

Hasn’t the time come for all of us to believe that the human society needs human thought, justice and brotherhood more than arms and military power? Arrogance is a devilish deed and the root cause of all problems in the human society. Hasn’t the time come to change arms to pens, and to replace arrogance, discrimination and hatred with love, equality and brotherhood?

5- The United Nations is the most prominent achievement of historical experiences, and is the shared human heritage and the result of man’s hope for building a better world. The formation of the UN is a very sublime idea for the fair participation of all nations in global governance and for establishing sustainable peace and security, as well as yielding welfare and excellence for all.

The UN was founded for collective wisdom to replace dictatorship and arrogance.

The free participation of nations in global governance is not a threat, but a valuable opportunity that all genuine reformists will welcome.

Unfortunately, the dominance of consecutive US administrations over the global body has obstructed its right performance. Time has come for the center for manifestation of collective- and- free will of nations to be set free from the destructive dominance.

Of course, the job requires history-making men and arrival at a major decision.

6- Those ill-wishing for the US people are set to withstand the implementation of US people’s will to implement fundamental reforms in structures, policies and behavior of the US ruling system.

They seek deception, in order to divert the public movement of the US nation toward genuine reform and realization of their rights.

Unfortunately, some are pursuing the spread of discriminatory, racist and profit-driven attitudes in human relations, as well as expansion of false boundaries and causing rifts among the people.

The Devils are, under false flags of religion, race, skin color and even geography, trying to widen the gap among people, and spread hatred, to create opportunities for themselves.

The human society is, in an evolutionary trend, moving toward the one society, and on its way, is pursuing removal of the various borders and gaps among people and nations.

Human beings originate from the same root and nature, possessing a divine soul, hence respectable. There’s no enmity and hostility among nations of any religion, thought and race. Resolving the problems of the human society and building a better world would need sympathy, condolence and helping each and every of the world people.
As great Saadi, the renowned Iranian poet put it:

The sons of Adam are limbs of each other,
Having been created of one essence.
When the calamity of time affects one limb
The other limbs cannot remain at rest.

We should all try to make a better future and to expand friendship, justice and freedom. All people need to feel responsible and enjoy the opportunity to participate in and lead that sacred deed. I’m positive no wise human being will condemn an effort to eradicate racial discrimination and discrimination in the US.

7- Terrorism is an anti-human tool in the hands of global powers in order to cause insecurity and rifts, as well as to impose their will and policies on nations and governments.

I regret to remind you that most of the known terrorist groups across the contemporary world have either been or are formed and reinforced by US security services, or have, halfway through, started to serve their goals.

Fundamental fight against terrorism would mean cutting the terrorists’ financial resources and the intelligence, financial and arms support of US security bodies, as well as those of US allied governments.

The public expectation from Your Excellency is to make the public, and particularly the nations oppressed by terrorism, happy and thankful by taking such a measure.

I long for a day when the idea of arrogance, which is the root cause of terrorism and a great number of human society’s problems is transformed into humane thought.

8- The developments and the current existence of America today is the result of immigration of a variety of nations to that land. The presence and constructive effort of the elite and scientists of different nations, including the million-plus population of my Iranian compatriots has had a major role in the development of the US. It is necessary that the spirit of the policies ruling the US, value respect toward the diversity of nations and races. In other words, the contemporary US belongs to all nations, including the natives of the land. No one may consider themselves the owner, and view others as guests or immigrants. Care needs to be taken toward the same persons responsible for the current problems in the US not to infiltrate and divert the nation.

Mr. President,

It’s will not be an instance of over-demanding that Your Excellency invest into fighting the root cause of corruption and support the oppressed people, who are typically in the service of building the US.

C. And the final point:

1- Enjoying a country developed, powerful, rich and effective in international relations, is what any nation would long for, but this wouldn’t mean forming empires and interfering in others’ affairs, or boasting and exercising hegemony toward other nations.

I believe that the US land enjoys enough of natural resources and God-given wealth for making a prosperous, developed and sustainable life, so that no encroachment toward others’ resources will be needed. The US nation deserves enjoying all facilities and opportunities and having a sublime and stable life, via a constructive, fair and equal interaction with other nations.

You can rest assured that efforts to spread human behavior, to accept and respect the rights of other nations and to try to establish justice have always been admirable. Creating opportunities for constructive job for American youth, resolving people’s severe problems, making structural reforms and building America within the geography of the United States are welcome by the community of nations and ahead of them, the Iranian nation.

2- Women depict God’s beauty and are God’s most beautiful and valuable gift. Respecting women and dignifying them, is a sign of magnanimity.

The great men of history have paid the highest level of respect to women and recognized their God-given capabilities. Women’s role in the life and perfection of human society is special and in the best and highest form. Women’s management in domains of science, society, culture, etc. has been among the most precise and excellent.
We all understand the deep concept of unrivaled motherly love, the unique kindness of a sister and the irreplaceable position of a wife.

I hope women in all societies, including that of the US, while at utmost persistent esteem and respect, effectively and constructively participate and lead in building the ideal society.

It’s needless to remind of the glorious history of the great Iranian nation, which has seen numerous ups and downs. No trace is left on earth of the enemies and the malice and the vengeful ill-wishers toward the Iranian nation. However, the Iranian nation is alive and progressive, having successfully gone through and passed all minor and major historic events, as it will in the future. The Iranian nation possesses a bright future. I suffice to a point: please note that the image US media provide of the Iranian nation has never been and is not indicative of the facts regarding the great and honorable Iranian nation.

Mr. President,

With the good people of US, you currently have a landmark opportunity to kick off fundamental reforms and strive on the path, to be the initiator of huge change and leave a good reputation behind.

I hope the lengthy letter, which was proportionate to the nature of a fundamental and constructive talk, hasn’t tired you.

I pray to God The Merciful for all nations and also for the people of US glory, prosperity, peace, freedom, justice and welfare and for Your Excellency, success in performing the heavy duty of reforming the structure of the US system and in responding to people’s demand.

And peace on the righteous servants of God
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
In service of the Iranian nation t-ahmadinejad-writes-lengthy-letter-to-trump/

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Israel has decided it will take some disputed land in the ocean that has oil and gas, which Lebanon has asserted belongs to them. -maritime-triangle-disputed-lebanon

The dispute is over an 800-square-kilometer triangular maritime area, which both countries are claiming they have the right to extract oil and gas from.

more later.

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Read something that Sweden is preparing for nuclear war and also fallout from a nuclear plant in Norway. Who is eff-ing with Sweden? Russia apparently. It has been said that Russia wants Scandanavia and would start trying to annex Sweden, Norway, Finland. I will look into this further, but you should be aware of things going on pertaining to us directly.

You know recently another Russian sub was spotted off the Georgia coast, this was after the one that was off DC, went to Groton, CT, then back down to Cuba. When the war on us does begin, this is one prophetic scenario of how it will go down. The person who hypotheses this is the son of a former Naval Intelligence Officer, who is already undergoing federal harassment because he is trying to warn people, so I will withhold his name. Here is how war may happen in the US.

1. The Alaskan Front will see the Russians attacking the lower 48 from Alaska after our most northern state is quickly overwhelmed.

2. The Central American Front will witness a conglomeration of 33 Central and South American states (i.e. CELAC) which will combine military strike forces, backed by Russian military supplies, weapons, technology and strategy. These forces will push north through Central America and will attack America from the south.

3. The Southeastern Front will witness an amphibious invasion following the successes of the first two fronts in which major American military assets will be deployed away from the Southeast to defend against the scissors attack from America’s Northwest and the Southwest.

4. In a secondary and delayed attack, CALEXIT backed Chinese forces embedded in American ports (e.g. Long Beach), who have entered the country in cargo ships, will be unleashed to attack key military bases in California. At the same time, Chinese soldiers, who are embedded in the Sierra Madras will join forces with the Latin American forces as they sweep northward through Mexico and will dramatically burst through the border and then fan out to the north, west and east.

5. The fifth part of this attack, the Fifth Column, will be carried out by terrorists who have already gained entrance into the United States. Key assassinations and critical infrastructure sabotage will be carried out by these forces.

6. Russian forces will come out of the Arctic and sweep down through Canada and will attack the U.S. through Minnesota. This will allow the Russian led forces to cut the United States in half at the Mississippi River.

7. The lights will be turned out in the East, and will be particularly centered on the Eastern seaboard.

Central America

The 33 Central and South American nation organization known as CELAC are combining forces and will form the vanguard of an attacking Army moving north and entering the United States through Mexico.


Nicaragua’s quoted former Sandanista leader, Daniel Ortega, who reinstalled himself in 2007 as the Nicaraguan leader stated that “We are very grateful and very much appreciate the Russian people’s support of our country.” Ortega has accepted the arrival of two Russian strategic bombers and added that more will be on the way as Russia announced that Nicaragua has announced that it will accept routine Russian patrols in both its Caribbean and Pacific ports as well as participating in the joint training of military personnel. Russia and Nicaragua have moved in the direction of a strategic economic and military relationship. In October 2013, for example, Nicaragua and Russia signed a memorandum of international security cooperation


Argentinean President, Cristina Fernández is determined to develop close economic relations with Russia as the left-wing liberal Argentinean leader has invited Russia to invest in fuel projects in an obvious attack upon the Petrodollar. Fernandez also cut a deal with Putin which previously supported Russia’s grab of Crimea in exchange for Russia’s support of Argentina’s quest to annex the Falkland Islands

Equador, Venezuela, Bolivia

Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa praised Russia as a “great nation”, while visiting Moscow in October of 2013. Putin was indeed praise-worthy because he promised to invest $1.5 billion into new domestic energy projects in Ecuador. Correa also stated that his country was planning on buying Russian military equipment. Russia has signed several billion dollars of contracts with Venezuela and supplies Bolivia, among other countries from the region with military weapons. The military package includes attack aircraft and helicopters.


Brazilian Defense Minister Celso Amorim, stated that “More than buying military equipment, what we are seeking with Russia is a strategic partnership based on the joint development of technology.” Amorim’s statement is consistent with the fact that Brazil, South America’s most populous nation, has announced that it is planning to purchase short-to-medium-range surface-to-air Pantsir S1 missile batteries and Igla-S shoulder-held missiles from Russia. Previously, Brazil has purchased 12 Mi-35 attack helicopters. Russia and Brazil have also signed an agreement for Brazil to acquire 36 attack aircraft

El Salvador/Latin America

Leaders from the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) and Russia declared their intention to establish a means of continuous dialogue “to discuss and synchronize positions on international issues.” CELAC includes thirty-three countries in the Americas, but the United States and Canada are excluded. El Salvadorian President, Sanchez Ceren, has signed an agreement with Putin entitled “Federal Law On Ratification of the Agreement on the Foundations of Relations” which pledges economic and military cooperation.


CALEXIT Allowing Embedded Chinese Soldiers in West Coast Ports, Solar Energy Farms and Inland Ports-A Staging Area From Which the Chinese Will Attack the West.CALEXIT supporters include the following: (1) The Mexican Consulate; (2) La Raza; (3) Various Mexican drug cartels; (4) Former members of the Obama administration (eg Eric Holder); (5) George Soros personnel; (6) The Bank of China; (7) Chinese military controlling the Inland Ports and the solar energy farms through Chinese military front groups like Cinta; and, (8) The United Nations and others.
Since 1997, Chinese officials have bribed and bought off senior American government officials. In 2015, the Chinese control of the Long Beach Port was completed.China will control California’s food supply when CALEXIT becomes a reality. The Chinese can bring in any type of personnel, undetected, and this means Chinese military and eventually . Along with the paramilitary operations exposed by Judicial Watch and Marlon Brock, Paul Preston informed that the Chinese Military is buying up massive amounts of abandoned buildings from which they can bring in their military.

Oroville Dam

Oroville Dam. If the dam, as many predict, does not survive the coming spring runoff, the fertile agriculttural lands between the dam and Sacramento will be temporarily gone along with its farmers and ranchers. The Chinse courtesy of the Feinsteins will buy up this land for pennies on the dollar. People between Oroville and Sacramento need to realize that there is now a political motive to allow the dam to fail.

Phase Five: The Fifth Column

The Fifth Column, designed to sabotage critical infrastructure and carry out key assassinations of resistance figures in the media as well as uncooperative politicians, was mostly put into place last summer during the “immigration crisis” which was used as a cover to embed these forces inside of the U.S.

There is incontrovertible evidence that criminal drug cartels, like Los Zetas, have not only used MS-13 gangsters as hit men and child sex traffickers, but so has the Juarez Cartel and the Barrio Azteca to enforce their will, but Los Zetas have also conducted training in parts of Central and South America, and have even allowed MS-13 gangsters to lead in operations as when “El Comandante Kilo” operated in San Fernando on behalf of Los Zetas. This training consists of two parts, military training and assassination (i.e. future Red List applications). In plain corporate language, the Mexican drug cartels are outsourcing paramilitary activities such as assassinations and terrorism.

Paul Williams, a former FBI Consultant, wrote a book shortly after 9/11 and stated that reliable reports had reached United States officials that al Qaeda operatives were able to get at least two nuclear suitcase bombs into the United States. Williams went on to state that bin Laden had previously used his vast wealth, derived from control of Afghanistan’s poppy trade, to pay off high ranking MS-13 leaders. Williams further asserted that bin Laden paid as much as $50,ooo to smuggle sleeper agents into the United states. Williams is not alone in this belief as the author of Because They Hate: A Survivor of Islamic Terror Warns America,Brigitte Gabriel, stated that there are terrorists coming through our southern border due to the cooperation and joint efforts of MS-13 and Hezbollah and they are intent on introducing a Hiroshima event on American soil! A very disturbing and recent report from the International Assessment and Strategy Center stated that MS-13 is moving away from handguns to the use of AK-47’s, along with grenades, rocket propelled grenade launchers, and light anti-tank weapons! The same think tank also reported that the MS-13 gang recently acquired multiple shoulder-fired SA-7 anti-aircraft missile launchers obtained from an open arms market in El Salvador from left over former civil war stockpiles. MS-13 is equipping its forces with these weapons as they can easily knockout helicopters and airplanes from the skies and these weapons can be obtained for a mere $15,000. This is chump change for a gang associated with the drug cartels. The same report went on to state that MS-13 has begun to smuggle drugs, weapons and human beings for the Zetas. MS-13 members are being trained at Zetas camps outside San Salvador and the training includes high level military training. Think TET offensive from the Viet Nam War. MS-13 is well-armed enough to take over cities by knocking out the headquarters of local police forces in a simultaneous series of attacks in which WMD’s are introduced on American soil.

Back in 2010, an internal memo was leaked from the Tucson Police Department which stated that Islamic terrorist groups are commencing operations in Mexico and forming alarming ties with the country’s brutal drug cartels. In turn, the drug cartels are now associated with Hezbollah. The memo also references a large weapons stockpile in Mexico as evidenced by the 2010 Tijuana arrest of Hezbollah militant Jameel Nasr, who was given the job of establishing a well-armed Hezbollah network in Mexico and South America. Nasr was apparently bringing this terror network north when he was captured. The memo also discussed the April 2009 arrest of Jamal Yousef in New York, which exposed a huge cache of assault rifles, hand grenades, explosives and anti-tank munitions. According to the report, the weapons were stored in Mexico, but only after being smuggled from Iraq by members of Hezbollah

Attack from the Northern Tundra

For how many years have it has been reported that there was a Russian build up at the North Pole. Not only are there vast amounts on mineral wealth, occupying the North Pole is equivalent to playing King of the Hill. As Russia can attack in any direction. The Naval War College practiced this scenario and found there is no defense against this incursion.

Phase Seven: Turning Out the Lights on the Northeast

In October/November of 2013, some expressed extreme outrage at the fact that President Obama was allowing our enemies, the Communist Chinese and the Russians, who had both threatened to nuke the U.S. several times over Syria, to participate in the GRID EX II drills in November of 2013. By doing so, we handed off the keys to our power grid to our enemies.

It has been widely reported that the Russians are deploying and disseminating to its allies (e.g. North Korea), EMP weapons.

It is the belief of many military strategists that the Chinese and Russians want to capture the Eastern seaboard intact. Taking down the grid would accomplish this goal. Further, in 2013, 360,000 foreign troops trained for urban warfare in the Northeast.

why do you think the UWEX drills are still ongoing? And what are the UWEX drills? They are drills in Texas in which a multinational occupying force is fighting a guerrilla war against American military units gone rogue. Welcome to America.

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Why have we given a former deep water military base to China?

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There have been propechies of when Jesus will be back. There is something that is called the Day of Appearance, it is prophecied to occur in 9/2034. People will see him, it will be a warning, but he will not be back walk on the earth at that time. The day when you will know he is back is prophecied to be 10/31/1939.

In 1939 there is a harmonic convergence on that same day, astrologically.

Interestingly enough, the Illuminati [the ones who are running things now, with the Shadow Govt./Deep State] was formed in 1776, the year of the first American Revolution.

And here is a prophecy that someone had.

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There is a Traitor Among Trump's Staff

Defend the Truth, Expose the Lies

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Russia can use Iranian bases to launch strikes against Isis in Syria. It does however set a precedent. IF they want to later use those bases for strikes against anything else, like US foreign interests, they might be able to do so. EZEKIEL Chapter 38 - when that war does begin the US will be fighting Russia. The US has also placed new sanctions in Iran, which does not endear them to us.

Then there is also the issue of US deployed missile systems elsewhere over there. lear-war

Viktor Poznikhir, the deputy head of operations of the Russian general staff, said at a disarmament conference in Geneva.The US has also deployed its THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) missile system in South Korea, in an alleged bid to shoot down North Korea’s short, medium and intermediate range ballistic missiles. “The presence of the global ABM system lowers the threshold for the use of nuclear weapons, because it gives the US the illusion of impunity for using strategic offensive weapons from under the protection of the ABM ‘umbrella,’” Poznikhir said.

“The ABM shield is a symbol of the build-up of rocket forces in the world and a trigger for a new arms race,” he added. The Russian commander warned that the continued deployment of the ABM systems “narrows down the opportunity for nuclear reduction dialogue.”

REMARKS: Russia does not want a new arms race. They would like peace and sovereignty over their own countries. The US has forces on the Ukranian border.

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The draft was approved by Arab foreign ministers at an eve-of-summit meeting in the Jordan. The draft, which was drawn up by the Palestinian delegation, was approved by Arab foreign ministers at an eve-of-summit meeting in the Jordanian Dead Sea resort of Sweimeh. Arab League member states "reaffirm their commitment to the two-state solution and to the right of the State of Palestine to restore its sovereignty over the territories occupied in 1967, including east Jerusalem," the draft says. It calls on "all countries to respect UN Security Council resolutions that reject Israel's annexation of occupied east Jerusalem" and "not to move their embassies" from Tel Aviv to the Holy City.

Since taking office in January, Trump has indicated he is willing to break with decades of US policy by moving the embassy and being open to a one-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict if both sides agree it.

REMARKS: The logical worldly solution to the problem between Palestine and Israel is to create a two state solution. There is just one problem, God forbid that, and he forbid it a lonnng time ago.
Ezekiel 37

One Nation Under One King Ezekiel 37:15-37:28

15The word of the Lord came to me: 16“Son of man, take a stick of wood and write on it, ‘Belonging to Judah and the Israelites associated with him.’ Then take another stick of wood, and write on it, ‘Belonging to Joseph (that is, to Ephraim) and all the Israelites associated with him.’ 17Join them together into one stick so that they will become one in your hand.

18“When your people ask you, ‘Won’t you tell us what you mean by this?’ 19say to them, ‘This is what the Sovereign Lord says: I am going to take the stick of Joseph—which is in Ephraim’s hand—and of the Israelite tribes associated with him, and join it to Judah’s stick. I will make them into a single stick of wood, and they will become one in my hand.’ 20Hold before their eyes the sticks you have written on 21and say to them, ‘This is what the Sovereign Lord says: I will take the Israelites out of the nations where they have gone. I will gather them from all around and bring them back into their own land. 22I will make them one nation in the land, on the mountains of Israel. There will be one king over all of them and they will never again be two nations or be divided into two kingdoms.

[THERE WILL NEVER AGAIN BE TWO NATIONS OR BE DIVIDED INTO TWO KINGDOMS - there is no ambiguity in this, and by the way the tribes of Judah originally were the people some of whom today are Muslims. The Afghan Taliban originally came from the Tribe of Bani Isarel, which was in the lands of the tribe of Judah].

23They will no longer defile themselves with their idols and vile images or with any of their offenses, for I will save them from all their sinful backsliding, and I will cleanse them. They will be my people, and I will be their God.

24My servant David will be king over them, and they will all have one shepherd. They will follow my laws and be careful to keep my decrees. 25They will live in the land I gave to my servant Jacob, the land where your ancestors lived. They and their children and their children’s children will live there forever, and David my servant will be their prince forever. 26I will make a covenant of peace with them; it will be an everlasting covenant. I will establish them and increase their numbers, and I will put my sanctuary among them forever. 27My dwelling place will be with them; I will be their God, and they will be my people. 28Then the nations will know that I the Lord make Israel holy, when my sanctuary is among them forever.’ ”

Further Remarks: Regardless of whether you think the current day Israelis or Palestinians deserve the have the land in question, God is quite clear, he does not want TWO nations, TWO states, he wants only one. When two states are formed (if the US is involved in creating that, there will be retribution and punishment to the US, because God only wants one state).

God wants a one world order with HIM at the head of it, but mankind cannot create one. Man will be deceived, and the anti-Christ will be sitting in the Temple in Jerusalem, but Jesus will oust him after he gets back.

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Pakistan’s former army chief, Raheel Sharif, is set to become the first commander of a new Saudi-led counterterrorism coalition of mostly Sunni Islamic states, a move frustrating neighboring Shi'ite Iran in addition to prevailing domestic opposition and criticism. Sharif is likely to travel to Saudi Arabia as early as next month to take charge of what commentators increasingly refer to as the “Muslim NATO”, according to Pakistani officials and close aides.

They said that “putting in place the military structure” of the proposed 39-nation Islamic Military Alliance to Fight Terrorism (IMAFT), which will be headquartered in Riyadh, is among Sharif’s initial tasks.

REMARKS: Iran is in opposition to this alliance. I did not agree with the Operation Zarb E Azab, which Pakistan launched in Waziristan and the Frontier Provinces starting quite awhile back against the Pakistani Taliban, who at that time were NOT allied with Isis. They were not bothering anyone in Pakistan, they were in their provinces living their lives. The US pushed the drone issue, trying to hunt down people they wanted to execute, and Pakistan had to rise up and say, look we will do this ourselves, just get out of our lands. The Pakistani Taliban splintered off into several groups, some of them joined with Isis. This was as a result of Zarb e Azab, which the retired Army Chief supports. IF he leads a coalition forming a NATO like alliance with other Arab states, we can expect wars all over the Middle East, Isis continuing to garner support as smaller groups have to join them. If there is a full blown Sunni vs Shiite war, what side will the US stand on? Russia will ally with Iran.


Pakistan joined a US led boycott of a law to ban nuclear weapons.

More than 100 countries on Monday launched the first UN talks aimed at achieving a legally binding ban on nuclear weapons, as Washington led an international boycott of a process it deems unrealistic. India, Pakistan and China joined the boycott. Haley spoke in a group of some 20 ambassadors from US allies which are boycotting the negotiations, including Britain, France, South Korea, Turkey and a number of countries from eastern Europe.

The ambassadors of Russia and China were notably absent, but both major nuclear powers are also sitting out the General Assembly talks. Haley estimated that “almost 40 countries” were not participating. The push for a ban was announced in October by 123 UN members who say the threat of atomic disaster is growing thanks to tensions fanned by North Korea’s nuclear weapons program and an unpredictable new administration in Washington.

Britain, France, Israel, Russia and the United States all voted no, while China, India and Pakistan abstained. (they want nuclear weapons).

Those who wanted the ban were: Austria, Ireland, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa and Sweden, supported by hundreds of nonprofit organizations. alks/

REMARKS: Either agree unilaterally that ALL countries may have them, or agree that NO countries may have them. That would be fair. The countries that want nuclear weapons do not want to allow certain other countries to have them.

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Now, law enforcement is flipping that on its head with a bipartisan proposal to permit police to equip unmanned aircraft with deadly weapons.

The legislature's judiciary committee passed a bill this week that would make Connecticut the first state in the nation to allow the use of weaponized drones by law enforcement. North Dakota legalized police use of armed drones in 2015, but the law limits those weapons to less lethal technologies, such as rubber bullets and tear gas. The Connecticut measure contains no such restrictions

REMARKS: Bad policy. How long till they start assassinating people on the political hit lists?
Bad, bad, bad. And NO, this is NOT an April Fool's Day joke. This is real.

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As the Syrian conflict enters its seventh year, more than 465,000 Syrians have been killed in the fighting, more than a million injured and over 12 million Syrians - half the country's prewar population - have been displaced from their homes.

700,000 trapped in besieged areas.

4.9 Million living in hard to reach areas.

6.3 Million internally displaced.

In October 2015, the US scrapped its controversial programme to train Syrian rebels, after it was revealed that it had spent $500m but only trained 60 fighters.

Half the refugees 2.4 million are children

306,000 have been born as refugees

2 million children are without access to aid

200,000 children are living in besieged areas. 9966.html

Remarks: No easy answers, but given the number of people effected, especially children, the nations involved in the conflict need to come to a consensus of peace. 306,000 children born as refugees? Half the country's population displaced from their homes. How is any of this acceptable?

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North Korea is ready to retaliate any US or US, China led strike. navy-redeploys

Trump says that North Korea is looking for trouble, and if China wants to help that would be great, but if not the US is prepared to go it alone.


The President of Yemen calls on citizens to join against the Houthi movement. n-army-conclude-liberation-country


A Shia woman is on trial in Saudi Arabia for participating in a protest. They are not allowed to protest in Saudi.

"Okaz said prosecutors accused the woman during a hearing in Riyadh on Monday of offences including "destabilizing security, negatively affecting the social fabric, wreaking havoc, (and) inciting sectarian sedition."

Remark: What will her fate be? Beatings, imprisonment, and/or death. So you're glad you don't live there, well the freedoms you still have will be taken away if the new-world-order gets their way. Trump is the only hope you have to stop them.

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This weekend is the anniversary of the creation of North Korea and the birth of it's first leader, Kim Il-sung. Many believe since it is such a festive occasion, North Korea might want to show how far it has come militarily and launch a TEST bomb, to show it can compete with any adversary.

"The US-based monitoring group 38 North said on Thursday that the satellite images from the North’s mountainous Punggye-ri site showed it was “primed and ready” for what would be the country’s sixth nuclear test since 2006."

“Commercial satellite imagery of North Korea’s Punggye-ri nuclear test site from April 12 shows continued activity around the North Portal, new activity in the main administrative area, and a few personnel around the site’s Command Center,” 38 North said on its website."

South Korean officials were sceptical that a nuclear test was imminent this time. “There has been no unusual activity so far,” Roh Jae-chun, a spokesman for the country’s joint chiefs of staff, told reporters, according to Yonhap news agency.

In a phone conversation with Trump on Wednesday, China’s president, Xi Jinping, repeated calls for a peaceful resolution to the nuclear issue.

“China remains committed to the goal of denuclearising the (Korean) peninsula, safeguarding peace and stability on the peninsula, and advocates resolving problems through peaceful means,” the Chinese state broadcaster CCTV quoted Xi as saying. lear-test-satellite-images-suggest

Afghanistan? Former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf criticized the MOAB strike in Nangahar, and said it was the US's fault that the problem exists in the first place. Gilbudin Hekmatyar said he will be back in the public, and wants a political leadership role/position regardless if the current administration recognizes him. Former President Karzai even offered to help with the current situation. From the field there are reports that one man and his son were killed with the MOAB. The blast cause earth tremors far away from the site. Since Isis's main base is in Syria and Iraq, we should not be blasting Afghanistan, in my opinion.

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NORTH KOREA - breaking news

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is preparing for nuclear war, according to a report released just moments ago at

[ru means Romania]

As the U.S. Naval fleet moves rapidly towards the Korean Peninsula and Kim Jong Un prepares to test a nuclear device promising a “day of the sun” in response to perceived U.S. aggression, some 600,000 residents of the North Korean Capital have been ordered to leave the city immediately.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un ordered 25 percent of Pyongyang residents to leave the city immediately.

In accordance with the order, 600,000 people should be urgently evacuated. Experts note that the evacuation will most likely be conducted due to extremely strained tensions in relations with the United States of America.

Reportedly, Pyongyang’s bomb shelters will not be able to accommodate the entire population of the North Korean capital. Therefore, 600,000 people – mostly individuals with criminal records – will have to leave Pyongyang to let others use bomb shelters.

It was also said that one modified Ohio type rocket carrier carrying 154 Tomahawk type missiles on board joined the US Navy deployed near the coast of the Korean Peninsula. The missile carrier is expected to arrive at the port of registration on April 18.

China has massed 150,00 troops on the North Korean border, reportedly in anticipation of a wave of refugees in the event of hostilities. On Wednesday morning China put its troops, including armored and mechanized brigades, on high alert and has threatened to take direct military action on North Korean nuclear facilities.

On Tuesday the United States Navy deployed submarine hunting aircraft off the coast of California, with some reports speculating that a North Korean submarine had been spotted.


It has to be translated, but this is the original article.

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Okay they are planning drills to simulate striking a missile base, which would be a reaction to any PRE-EMPTIVE STRIKE ANY OTHER COUNTRY USES ON THEM. That is what seems to be going on. So people should settle down and not accuse them of getting ready to do anything. They are practicing IF SOMEONE STRIKES THEM FIRST. g-a-missile-base/

Foreign Journalists have been invited. ady-for-big-event/

The reporters were told they could not take lighters, cell phones or laptops, and must be ready by 6:20 AM.

This is on his list of scheduled activities.

◇ Kim Jong Un Guides "Dropping and Target-striking Contest of KPA Special Operation Units - 2017" 04-13-0001;jsessionid=38A 766E701D6EAB44532E6D977D6C21D

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Well, since Kim Jung Un has invited journalists to watch his defensive drills, I guess we will be assassinating international journalists with a pre-emptive strike of real weapons as we start World War III. DOES ANYONE IN WASHINGTON UNDERSTAND THAT LAUNCHING REAL WEAPONS ON A NATION IS A DECLARATION OF WAR, AND A WAR WITH NORTH KOREA WILL BE A NUCEAR WAR?
WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE? ches-for-nuclear-trigger/ar-BBzP1Eu?li=BBnb7Kz

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South Korea’s Defense Ministry concluded Kim’s regime aims to “dump 31 tons of biological and chemical weapons into the South on Day 1 of war by using its long-range artillery and airplanes,” as cited by Dong-A Ilbo Feb. 27.

The newspaper added: “The number of expected fatalities due to such an attack will hit up to 2.8 million people. Even so, the South is significantly lacking air-raid shelters that are equipped for biological and chemical attacks.”

The above writer, Robert Park, is a founding member of the nonpartisan Worldwide Coalition to Stop Genocide in North Korea, minister, musician, and former prisoner of conscience.

REMARKS: 2.8 MILLION SOUTH KOREANS DIE ON DAY ONE. What do you think will happen when a nuclear war continues?

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N.K. says it will conduct nuke test when leader decides: report

SEOUL, April 14 (Yonhap) -- North Korea's vice foreign minister said that the country will conduct another nuclear test at any time upon the leadership's decision, a news report said Friday.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Vice Foreign Minister Han Song-ryol said that the situation on the Korean Peninsula was in a "vicious cycle," adding that Pyongyang won't tolerate a U.S. pre-emptive strike.

"If the U.S. comes with reckless military maneuvers then we will confront it with a pre-emptive strike" Han was quoted as saying by the AP. [Associated Press] "We've got a powerful nuclear deterrent already in our hands, and we certainly will not keep our arms crossed in the face of a U.S. pre-emptive strike," he said.

Han said that Trump's "aggressive" tweets were "making trouble," according to the report.
North Korea conducted two nuclear tests last year alone following those in 2006, 2009 and 2013. It has test-fired numerous ballistic missiles, including intermediate-range Musudan missiles. North Korea has claimed that its development of nuclear weapons is a deterrent against what it calls Washington's hostile policy toward it.

South Korea strongly warned that a major provocation by the North would invite "unbearably" strong punitive measures.

"If the North goes ahead with provocations such as a nuclear test or ICBM launch, we warn again that its regime will surely face unbearably strong punitive measures," the foreign ministry in Seoul said in a statement.

"The government is having necessary consultations with relevant countries including the talks held with China's nuclear envoy Wu Dawei this week to discuss stern reactions to the North's additional strategic provocations," it added.

North Korea does not want a war with the US. Japan and Canada are sending war ships to the area and plan to conduct joint military exercises. This is provocation to North Korea. If North Korea sent ships off our shores to conduct military exercises would we not consider that provocation and threatening? We do not have access to view the North Korean missile/nuclear program, there are no inspections of their work or facilities because they have their own sovereign state/republic. It is true one of the things North Korea will do in their SIMULATION test is what if they were to attack a missile base. Japan in response is seeking to remove 60,000 of it's citizens from South Korea to protect them.

What if ALL countries stopped sending warships and subamarines all over the world to bother other countries, and they just protected their own borders? No more wars, unless like in the 1980's Russia decided to try to annex Afghanistan, that is a direct war. All these other things are rude, inappropriate and provocative. Make good trade deals, leave other nations live their lives their ways in their own lands. That is the solution for peace. Now why can't people/countries do that? 006153315.html

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ISIS's Grand Mufti killed in Mosul, IRAQ -Mosul-Daesh-grand-mufti

Commander of Federal Police Forces Lieutenant General Raed Shaker Jawdat said on Friday that Abdullah Younis al-Badrani, better known by the nom de guerre Abu Ayoub al-Attar, and two of his close aides were killed as security forces lobbed a barrage of missiles at a militant position in western Mosul a missile attack carried out by the Iraqi Air Force military aircraft in Mosul as government forces, backed by allied fighters from Popular Mobilization Units.

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Russian jets Off Alaska, escorted away from Alaska. fighters-Alaska-Russian-TU95-Bear-bombers

The US military has intercepted a pair of Russian bombers flying off the coast of Alaska, a Pentagon official says amid escalating tension between Moscow and Washington over a recent US strike on Syria.

Pentagon spokesman Commander Gary Ross made the announcement on Tuesday, saying that two US Air Force F-22 Raptor aircraft had intercepted the Russian TU-95 Bear bombers within 160 kilometers of Alaska's Kodiak Island a day earlier.

The American stealth fighters escorted the Russian long-range bombers for 12 minutes before they reversed course and headed back to their base in eastern Russia, according to the official.

Ross said the intercept was "safe and professional," and there was no violation of US airspace and any international norms.

The Pentagon spokesman noted that Russia’s TU-95s are capable of carrying nuclear weapons, but there was no indication that the planes were armed.

New Appointee to the International Monetary Fund and Central Asian Banks - e-east-central-asia-department

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Remember those Russian submarines that were off our coastlines over the last few months, and most thought they were on intelligence gathering missions. Well a former Russian Defense Minister has said that Russia has been planting nukes to detonate that will create tsunamis for our coastlines.

Putin is planting 'mole nukes' in the sea to drown America in huge tsunami, Russian claims

Rob Waugh,Yahoo News UK 11 hours ago .

A former Russian defence ministry spokesman has made an extraordinary claim that Russia is burying nuclear weapons off the coast of America. Colonel Viktor Baranetz claims that the ‘mole nukes’ would be used to set off a tsunami which could swamp the American coast.

Baranetz made the claims in an interview with the Russian news outlet Komsomolskaya Pravda – claiming that the measures are a response to America’s vast military budget.

Baranetz said that the weapons were a tactic for ‘asymetrical’ warfare – where one side is significantly less powerful than the other.

He said: ‘Our asymmetrical response is nuclear warheads that can modify their course and height so that no computer can calculate their trajectory.

‘Or, for example, the Americans are deploying their tanks, airplanes and special forces battalions along the Russian border.

‘We are quietly “seeding” the U.S. shoreline with nuclear “mole” missiles. They dig themselves in and “sleep” until they are given the command…‘Oh, it seems I’ve said too much, I should hold my tongue.’ -tsunami-russian-claims-085657564.html

REMARKS: 'He should hold his tongue?', No, give him some wodka, Whippin' Post wants to know!
Okay, it really isn't funny, there are people who have give prophecies and they have seen tsunamis for the East and west coast. One of them is a friend of mine, who a couple of years ago, had a vision of a nuke coming to NYC from 240 miles out, but he thought the Iranians would be the ones doing it. Then there are those recent Gotham drills, that practiced for nukes hitting NYC, but we know our Aegis Defense system stops 99% of anything incoming in the air, so why were they so concerned? Because the nukes will come from submarines, such as the ones that were of our coastlines.

There is more but you could not bear it right now. The things that have come out recently from people sick of the globalists agenda are fascinating and terrorizing. I will say that if and when the wars come, the civil war is slated to come before the nuclear war and last 4-10 years. After that when the nuclear war comes, yes it will be Russia that blasts us, but only does so to stop an evil govt. from implementing the new world order. [Trump is not doing that, so Russia will not be nuking us during his administration]. Besides, the civil war would come first, before the nuclear war.

At that time after the nuclear war, the US will break down into separate groups of states, each group will have their own leader, we will not have the same governing structure we have now. No more one President, each region will have their own leader. We will not be back in the stone age, there will be internet, the south will go back to being their own group of states, "the confederate states", California will be their own group, as will Texas.

This is from someone who worked on a naval black ops program who says he came from the future. He identified the year he came from, he came back in 1998, he did disclosures in 2000, and he specifically said on a radio show (whose host is now no longer with that show - the govt. probably shut him up), on the show in 2000, he mentioned "in New York City that no longer has the two skyscrapers". In the year 2000 before 9-11 happened he spoke about New York City that no longer has the TWO skyscrapers. He would have had to come from the future to know that New York City was missing 'the two skyscrapers'. The dates he gave for the civil war and nuclear war did not happen during the years he specified. But sequentially, other things he spoke of did happen in the sequence he provided, things that were in the future of 2000. We are on a different timeline, that is why he saw the two skyscrapers gone in the year 2000, when the event on our timeline did not occur until a year later. He also spoke about Y2K, there were people who stopped that from happening, if they had not, the global financial collapse and other things would have occurred at that time. He spoke about other things such as CERN, and also the dangers in Pentium technology, and when in the future, the UNIX mainframes crash.

Regarding WWIII,
What he did tell about was that most the major cities in the US would be hit when the third world war starts and that Russia will be the one doing it. 100-200 cities, would be hit, he did not want to name the cities, but he did mention Jacksonville (inadvertendly), it just came out. Tampa was not hit. There are many other things, but the thing that leaves the most impression is, people need to realize, Russia will not be attacking the US people, they would be attacking the government who wants to create the new world order, they will be fighting against that being implemented worldwide. He explained it so that people can realize life will go on, and the lives that people will have after we are nukes will be better than what we would have had, if the new world order was implemented. Some people will live in cities and be controlled by the state and military, but others will live in smaller communities, living decent, honest lives. How many people will die in WWIII, In the US one third of the population of the country will die. One of the problems will be pandemic, because without infrastructure, some of the labs that house the biological weapons, well that stuff will get out and be in the air and water and kill people, epidemics that we have not had in hundreds of years will once again occur. Starvation, crop failures, not being able to truck produce and livestock foods all over as we do now, those will be things that will occur. It will be different in a post WWIII, but at least know we do not ALL die, life will go on there will just be less people and it will be different. The Bible tells you as punishment for transgressions, these things will occur, it's all in Revelations, Ezekiel.

I am not as terrified as I used to be because I am developing an understanding of what will happen and how. And if the choice is living enslaved under a new world order, whose head will be the anti-Christ, or living in a post WWWIII world, but still being free, well which would you choose as your future?

Since Trump is President, we are probably safe for at least the next few years that he is in there. If he is re-elected, we may be safe for 8 years, after that, if any of those who want the new world order are elected, then we are all fukked.

The civil war will probably come, unless Trump can Make America Great Again fast enough to save our economy. He is trying. We still need to be aware of things like Russia planting nukes in the ocean.

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HEADS UP on Afghanistan

Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani has announced the death of the Daesh terrorist group’s leader in the country during a joint raid with the US. On Sunday, Ghani said that Abdul Hasib was killed during a joint operation by 40 Afghan commandos and 50 US special forces last Thursday in the country’s eastern province of Nangarhar ani

REMARKS: Before you start dancing and celebrating, consider recently the ISIS message of the kinds of attacks it wants to see carried out in the US. When their leaders in other lands are assassinated, they become very inspired. So once again, if you want peace and security here, our foreign policy needs to be looked at and changed. Otherwise the reality is we go there, kill them, they come here and kill us.

Afghanistan is a sovereign nation, it's borders should be protected by Afghanistan and their forces. If the Afghan Taliban are more powerful than the current regime and take over those lands, than that matter rests with God. If is not for any other nation to go in and remain in a protracted civil war in ANY land. If we would have left them in power in the first place, Isis would NOT have gotten in there, gotten a foothold. Osama would have still been asked to leave as he was, after 9/11) and he would probably just be living in the NWFP areas he also loved or went back to other places he was comfortable in, to further his mission of world jihad and conversion to Islam. Is what is in place now, better than what he offered? We think we know how to run the world and all the countries in it. We do not. We need to get out of these other nations, let them govern and manage themselves or ELSE, face retribution and attacks in this country. They had a anti-terror exercise this past week at the World Trade Center. And we had Operation Gotham Shield where we had to plan in lower NYC got bombed with nukes, how would health care centers respond.

The prophetess, Annie who is in California, said there would be two more attacks on the Trade Center. It came to her in visions, and guess what, she said OUR govt. would be responsible for the first one. It would be an attack on the transportation system of NYC, bombing at or near the Barclay Center (which is a transportation hub), right there near Peterson Printing. Big Black smoke. It will be blamed on some other nation or terrorists. The second attack will be God's hand, and that one will take off the top of the Freedom Tower. Not sure if it is from earthquake, hurricane, tornado, God uses whatever he feels like using.

gina - 5/9/2017 at 09:21 PM

ISIS terror plots:

This could probably be a subsection thread of it's own. nd-kill-unsuspecting-people-with-false-advertisements-for-jobs-and-apartmen ts_05082017

ISIS Magazine Tells Muslims To Lure and Kill Unsuspecting People With False Advertisements for Jobs and Apartments

"Without a doubt, ISIS has changed the terrorism game. They’ve leveraged technology to initiate attacks in places that they cannot physically reach. In the past, a terrorist organization in the Middle East would have to recruit, indoctrinate, and train members in the their locale, and then try to sneak them into whatever country they wished to target.

And it’s opened the door to a wide variety of terrorist attacks that no one would have considered 20 years ago. Where once terrorist organizations were focused on grand gestures, like hijacking airplanes and blowing up buildings, the kinds of attacks that these people are pushing now look a lot less like 9/11, and more like the behaviour of a serial killer.

For instance, the latest issue of Rumiyah, an online magazine published by ISIS, is urging Muslims in Western nations to target civilians in a way that has never been discussed before. ISIS is telling them to lure and kill unsuspecting people through false advertisements for jobs and apartments. Several chilling quotes from Rumiyah were recently brought to light by the Middle East Media Research Institute:

As an example, one might advertise a job va­cancy that Muslims would not seek, or that may only appeal to men. After garnering a significant amount of applicants, one can then arrange the ‘job inter­view’ location and times, spacing out the applicants’ appointment times so as to give oneself time to subdue classified sections, or by means of online sites for clas­sified advertising, or by simply writing or printing out ‘For Rent’ advertisement posters which can be stuck on walls, lampposts, or in local store windows with­in the vicinity of the property in question, leaving a contact number that one can be reached on..

In order for the advertisement not to attract large families – thus making it difficult to initiate an attack, especially if one is alone in his operation – the advertisement should be for a small single room or studio apartment. This will help ensure that the viewer comes alone. It might even help to include in the ad that the apart­ment is ‘ideal for students…’

…Having a room specifically reserved for the disposal of the bodies of the targets is also important for the obvious reason of not alerting those intended victims entering the property after them. One must space out the arrival times of one’s victims, thus granting him the ability to initiate his attack while they are alone. One should not initiate his attack until the tar­get has fully entered the property and is comfortable, so as to avoid any struggle and prevent the chance of him fleeing…

…One should ensure that if there are any screams from his victim, they do not result in the operation being compromised. This can be resolved by simply having a background noise that drowns out any oth­er sounds, such as raising the volume of the televi­sion, radio, etc…

The article suggests that websites like Craigslist, Gumtree, Loot, and Ebay could also be used to post these ads. The author recommends that terrorists shouldn’t advertise items like cars, which wouldn’t “require the victim to enter one’s property,” and he suggests that the ads shouldn’t low-ball prices, “as this can at­tract the attention of authorities searching for stolen goods or possibly attract other suspicions.”

gina - 5/9/2017 at 09:23 PM

ISIS Terror Plans - Details:

Issue nine of the Islamic State (ISIS) magazine Rumiyah, which was released online on May 4, 2017, featured various suggestions to the group's sympathizers living in the West to kill non-Muslims amongst them.[1] One of the suggested tactics - taking Westerners hostage for the sole purpose of executing them thereafter – is detailed in the issue, and signals a new way through which ISIS is attempting to recruit Muslims in the West to carry out acts of violence on its behalf. The suggestion appeared in the magazine's "Just Terror Tactics," a recurring section of the magazine which had previously suggested other killing methods like arson, stabbing, and the use of trucks to "mow down" targets.[2]

On its face, the hostage taking tactic is nothing new to terrorist groups. In fact, the last decade is full of incidents where Westerners were taken hostages by jihadi groups from the Sahel to the Philippines – however, the main purpose from these operations was for prisoner exchange or for ransom. Al-Qaeda itself had called repeatedly to kidnap Westerners, for example, including to bring about the release of the late "Blind Sheikh," Omar 'Abd Al-Rahman.[3]

ISIS's call has an entirely different purpose, however. According to it, "The objective of hostage-taking in the lands of dis­belief [i.e. West] – and specifically in relation to just terror op­erations – is not to hold large numbers of the kuffar hostage in order to negotiate one's demands. Rather, the objective is to create as much carnage and terror as one possibly can until Allah decrees his appointed time and the enemies of Allah storm his location or succeed in killing him [i.e. the attacker]."

ISIS goes on to detailing the best locations and scenarios for taking hostages, while reiterating the notion that any undertaken operation that aims to trap people within any confined space is not meant at taking those people as hostages per se, but at killing as many of them as possible and as fast as possible before authorities arrive. Any remaining people, it notes, can then be used as human shields or to add up to the terror effect of the operation until the inevitable occurs (i.e. authorities storm the place, attacker is killed, etc.). "It is also essential for one to know that the aim is to kill as many kuffar as one possibly can, and as quickly as one can before the initial police response. After kill­ing those present one should keep a few of his victims alive as hostages to be used as human shields against the anticipated response of the kafir armed forces."

ISIS's image and any publicity gain from such operations is highlighted as well, where the article notes that after the initial killing spree comes to an end, any remaining "hostages" can then be used to buy more time to draw more attention to the attack and that it was carried out by a "soldier" of the Islamic State. It says: "However, in order for the operation to gain wide pub­licity and more effectively plant terror into the hearts of the disbelievers, one can keep some of his victims alive and restrained, making for a more lengthy and drawn-out hostage scenario. One may then notify the authorities, explaining to them that he is a soldier of the Islamic State and informing them of what he has just done."

The hostage killing act itself, the article says, is considered an act of worship to Allah, "The remembrance of Allah, and constantly re­minding oneself that this action is worship, and that Allah has obliged us to 'kill the mushrikin' wherever we find them..." appears at the top of the list of things to remember before or during an operation.

Below are excerpts from the article:

"Ideal Target Locations

"Ideal target locations for hostage-taking scenarios include night clubs, movie theaters, busy shopping malls and large stores, popular restaurants, concert halls, university campuses, public swimming pools, indoor ice skating rinks, and generally any busy en­closed area, as such an environment allows for one to take control of the situation by rounding up the kuf­far present inside and allows one to massacre them while using the building as a natural defense against any responding force attempting to enter and bring the operation to a quick halt. Similarly, characteristics of a good target location include low light conditions, as it grants one the ability to maneuver between the people, taking advantage of the confusion and killing as many of the kuffar as physically possible."

"Luring Targets

"Those residing in the lands of disbelief will surely note the ease and simplicity in achieving the confi­dence and trust of a disbeliever. Portraying oneself to them as harmless gives them the impression that they are secure and free from danger. This deceptive ap­proach of luring the kafir is something that can be easily accomplished through various methods, some of which will be detailed.

"Advertising a Job: Advertising a fake job by way of posting one’s ad at a local unemployment center will undoubtedly attract a response, and one may then fil­ter out one’s sought after target (i.e. any male kafir) by advertising a job that is likely to attract that type of person.

"As an example, one might advertise a job va­cancy that Muslims would not seek, or that may only appeal to men. After garnering a significant amount of applicants, one can then arrange the 'job inter­view' location and times, spacing out the applicants' appointment times so as to give oneself time to subdue classified sections, or by means of online sites for clas­sified advertising, or by simply writing or printing out 'For Rent' advertisement posters which can be stuck on walls, lampposts, or in local store windows with­in the vicinity of the property in question, leaving a contact number that one can be reached on. In order for the advertisement not to attract large families – thus making it difficult to initiate an attack, especially if one is alone in his operation – the advertisement should be for a small single room or studio apartment. This will help ensure that the viewer comes alone. It might even help to include in the ad that the apart­ment is 'ideal for students.'

"Second-Hand Buy and Sell Groups: Online sales by way of buy and sell websites such as Craigslist, Gumtree, eBay, the Loot, and others are an alternative means to luring one’s victims. In many cases, the col­lection of the product must be done in person – when the buyer and seller reside in the same country – es­pecially when the product being advertised for sale is high in value or large in size. The advertisement should specify that collection and payment is only available in person and that only cash is accepted. Also, the item being advertised should be something that requires the victim to enter one’s property. For example, a car wouldn’t require the target to enter the seller’s prop­erty as the vehicle would be expected to have been parked in the driveway or in front of the property.

"It is like­wise important to be realistic when advertising and not advertise something far below its valued price, as this can at­tract the attention of authorities searching for stolen goods or possibly attract other suspicions. The view­ing and collecting of the item should be arranged to be at the location where one seeks to carry out his operation. Upon the target’s arrival, one can then proceed to initiate his attack."


"In order to ensure the success of the operation there are a few important points to remember and some pri­or measures to be taken:

" The remembrance of Allah, and constantly re­minding oneself that this action is worship, and that Allah has obliged us to 'kill the mushrikin' wherever we find them, and to 'fight the disbelievers who are closest' to us.

"Having a location in which to execute an op­eration is a necessary requirement and every site where one is intending to initiate his massacre should have the appearance of the location which was used as a method by which to lure them. In practical terms, this means that if the method used to lure them was a false advertisement for a house or apartment for rent then the location should be a house or an apartment, and if the method used to lure them was a job applica­tion then the location should resemble, in some way, a place that relates to work, such as an office, even if that requires renting the premises.

"Having a room specifically reserved for the disposal of the bodies of the targets is also important for the obvious reason of not alerting those intended victims entering the property after them. One must space out the arrival times of one’s victims, thus granting him the ability to initiate his attack while they are alone. One should not initiate his attack until the tar­get has fully entered the property and is comfortable, so as to avoid any struggle and prevent the chance of him fleeing.

"It is essential to have a suitable weapon for one’s operation, i.e. a strong, sharp knife,1 and possibly a bat or a small club that one may use to subdue the victim by striking them over the head before slaugh­tering them.

"One should have present with him at the loca­tion some easy means of restraining the targets, such as handcuffs, which are widely available for sale to the general public. A more discrete alternative is to pur­chase what are known as plastic cable ties ('zip ties'), which are also commonly used as restraints.

"One should ensure that if there are any screams from his victim, they do not result in the operation being compromised. This can be resolved by simply having a background noise that drowns out any oth­er sounds, such as raising the volume of the televi­sion, radio, etc..."


[1] See MEMRI JTTM report Issue 9 Of ISIS's 'Rumiyah' Magazine Suggests Buying Weapons At Gun Shows To Carry Out Attaks, Lists Top Hostage-Taking Sites Such As Campuses, Movie Theaters, Swimming Pools, And Posting Fake Job, Real Estate Ads On Craigslist, eBay To Lure Victims, May 4, 2017.

[2] See MEMRI JTTM report Issue 3 Of Islamic State Magazine 'Rumiyah' Instructs Lone Wolves On Use Of Trucks To Target Outdoor Conventions, Markets, Parades, And Political Rallies, November 10, 2016.

[3] See MEMRI JTTM report Al-Qaeda Leader Al-Zawahiri Commemorates Veteran Jihadi Sheikh Rifai Taha, Urges Mujahideen To Attack Interests Of U.S., Jews, 'Crusaders' Coalition – Part II In Video Series, February 23, 2017; Al-Qaeda Leader Al-Zawahiri Says Americans Will Suffer 'Severe Consequences' If U.S. Executes Boston Bomber, Calls For Kidnapping Of Westerners, June 30, 2016.

Remarks: This would not have happened under Osama's leadership. This never was his style. I also hate to say this but people need to be more aware of their surroundings. Feeling Safe and Being Safe are NOT the same thing, as someone pointed out to me. Learn some hand to hand combat techniques, and get some tactical equipment. It's sad it has come to this, but it has.

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gina - 5/9/2017 at 10:00 PM


This is actually from yesterday. There has been a group of people, mostly from the Democratic camp that wanted Trump ousted, but they are doing a lot to make that happen. Former NSA employee Vance Davis agrees during an interview that there is a conspiracy to get Trump out of power. They have already tried using the usual tactics, the sleaze factor and that old interview with his lockerroom remarks, and he did not back down, then they tried to implicate him with other nations (and that still continues) trying to disrupt the election. There is one of three ways they want to oust him.

1) Use the 25 Amendment, claiming that he is not capable to perform the duties of his office. Problem is he is getting a lot done and is proving them wrong.

2) Start a war, then declare a national emergency and have Congress declare they need continuity of govt. so they take him out of power.

3) A deep state covert op blamed on persons/or groups. Read Rogue State and learn about things we have done in the past. erway-congress-holding-secret-meetings-to-remove-trump-under-the-25th-amend ment/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=ex-nsa-agent-confi rms-coup-underway-congress-holding-secret-meetings-to-remove-trump-under-th e-25th-amendment -removing-trump/

Remarks: That's right certain congressional members instituted a petition to try to oust the President. The civil war may begin anytime in America. Trump is the last one who will fight to keep our Constitution in place, if he goes, the new world order can implement their one world government, and eventually the head of that order will be the anti-Christ. So if a war does break out, you better get ready and decide what kind of future you want. If you think you are old, so what, do you want to live under martial law for the 10, 20 years you have left? It is that serious.

gina - 5/9/2017 at 10:41 PM

NORTH KOREA How to Recognize the Trigger to When Nuclear War Would Begin

Yes we have all heard that it can happen at any time, but how will you know that We here need to be concerned?

"When you see a North Korean launch against the South… and they do some minor military attack every year, so you’ve got to be careful not to confuse those with a major artillery barrage on Seoul. If this ever starts you know you’re days away from nuclear war. People ought to get out of major cities that are major nuclear targets

Here’s how I think it’s going down. I think there will be an attack against South Korea. The North Koreans have over two million troops… 20,000 artillery… they can level Seoul in a matter of three or four days. The only way the U.S. can stop that attack is using tactical nuclear weapons.

And that would give China the excuse to nuke the United States. U.S. is guilty of first-use, the U.S. is the bully of the world, Russia and Chinese unite to launch against U.S. military targets. Not civilian targets per say. There will be about 12 or 15 cities that are inextricably connected with the military that are going to get hit

You may have two days notice when that attack in Korea starts, before China launches on the United States.

And if you ever see everything blackout, because both Russia and China will use a preemptive nuclear EMP strike to take down the grid… before the nukes actually fall… anytime you see all electricity out, no news, nothing at all… that’s the time you need to be getting out of cities before the panic hits." know-youre-days-away-from-nuclear-war_02102014

REMARKS: You got that? if you see the 'everything' blackout, and the grid is down, get your go bag and get to a safe location. It is kind of like the warning for a world financial collapse, IF you hear on a Friday that the world computers have been infected with a virus, so they have to fix that, but everything will be fine by Monday, KNOW that it won't be fine. It means the financial collapse has happened, the bank will remain closed until a new currency is set up. If you have a gun safe, you should stash a reasonable amount of cash for what you may need during the impending civil unrest/war that can come.

These are the times we live in, you now know the triggers and what to watch for.

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gina - 5/11/2017 at 11:58 PM

It happens, and in a new world order, it will happen on a large scale, and not just to sex trafficked victims.

gina - 5/18/2017 at 08:02 PM

Trump will be going to Saudi Arabia to meet with Arabian rules and he is to give a speech on Islam -215150

Well, Donald is going to need to be educated about correct Islam, and correct Islam is not the version where Riyadh orders the slaughter of Shiites in Yemen. It is not the version where Isis says convert or die. It is not the version where some people want us to pre-emptively take out Iran just to prevent them from doing anything to Israel.

Trump will either become a great unifying source for Islam or will be a factor in inciting outrage. This is one of the pivotal roles for his Presidency. He is going right before Ramadan begins. His education on Islam will begin just before Ramadan, with his son-in-law a traditional Jew, there is no way he can avoid broadening his education. He is called to lead us through one of the most contentious times in human history. God uses whomever he wants and he chose Trump as America's caretaker and unifier of the world. No one could have imagined this.

gina - 5/18/2017 at 10:29 PM

There has been prophecy. From 4.8.16 Sequence of events:

The Dome of the Rock will be destroyed, that will start WWIII.

Russia will bomb Miami - the bombs will change the axis of the earth, putting it on a path with a comet 2 miles wide in diameter that will graze the earth, putting a gash in Puerto Rico, causing that tsunami for the East Coast. [3 hours after it gashes Puerto Rico, NY etc. will experience the tsunami].

North Korea will invade the US from the Gulf of Mexico.

Just passing on the info. for those who need to know.

[the Russian bombing, North Korea invasion and comet causing the damage and death to Puerto Rico and the tsunami that takes out the east coast ALL will happen on the same day].

After those things, there would be more attacks (nukes) on NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco.

Timing: The prophecies are God is holding back these things and will look at the US's actions 3 years from September 2016. If repentence occurs, these events can be further delayed. What will happen after the catastrophes is that the govt. will try to create order, but it will be a set-up. Those who go to centers to try to get aid either food or medical help will eventually end up in the FEMA camps to be killed. If you want to live and be free, you have to go rural and fend for yourselves. That's just the way it will be. They will want to implant the RFID chips to use for mind control. The situation will be so bad many will accept a one world govt. to try to ensure that they do not have to go thru anymore nuclear war. The anti-Christ will be the one to head that govt.

Yellowstone - the main caldera will blow but it will not unzip the entire thing, it will not destroy the world, God will hold most of that back from happening.

Nibiru - Planet X will not be coming to our planet.

Now you know what the future holds.

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gina - 5/20/2017 at 12:29 AM

Regarding Trump's visit to Saudi Arabia, here is a press conference from their Foreign Minister on a few things they will discuss audi-FM-s-press-conference-ahead-of-Trump-s-visit.html

Here's a little reality in Israel for when he goes there and tackles the Israeli Palestinian SItuation. The Saudis want the 2 State Solution. n-of-activists-establish-freedom-camp/

gina - 5/20/2017 at 08:23 PM


Well it went pretty fast from the sword dancing welcoming ceremony you saw on CNN and Fox. Then it was get down to business time.

United States President Donald Trump has closed an arms deal with Saudi Arabia worth almost $110 billion, and extending up to $350 billion over 10 years. The pact includes a $6 billion contract to assemble 150 Lockheed Martin Blackhawk helicopters in Saudi Arabia, an official statement about the deal said. The deal also includes a $1 billion THAAD missile system and contract for four multi-mission warships worth $11.5 billion, according to an unnamed official cited in media. ite-House ounder-speaks-at-CEO-business-forum-in-Riyadh.html

AND Hassan Rouhani has been re-elected as the President of Iran.

The Islamic State killed 19 people in Syria.

5,000 refugees left Libya headed for Italy. ugees-Mediterranean-International-Organization-for-Migration

More later.

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gina - 5/22/2017 at 11:48 PM

Now I can't criticize his goings on in Saudi or the Middle East. He wants to promote "lasting peach".

Wonder if he will bring peaches to Saudi and Palestine. Arabs and Palestinians eating peaches.
Got to love it.

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gina - 5/22/2017 at 11:53 PM

His next stop after visits in Jerusalem and the Holy Lands, is the Vatican and the Pope on Wednesday. After that it's a NATO summit and he winds up his tour with the G-7 Conference.

He did stop at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem and placed a prayer. He is dedicated to trying to make a difference, because God granted him his chance to do that.

This summer July 2nd, there will be protest marches in 50, that's right fifty cities bankrolled by the Democrats.

The event planners state: “The best way for Democrats to participate in the #Resistance into electoral wins is by doing one thing, organizing,” said Democratic Congressman, Keith Ellison, who is a member of front groups for the Muslim Brotherhood according to Trevor Louden and his publication, The Enemies Within. The largest terrorist group in the world is the Muslim Brotherhood and this supporter, an American Congressman is calling for violent protests this summe . Resistance Summer is now starting and will take the Democratic Party’s message of fairness and quality to activists on the front lines and all Americans looking to get engaged.” It should be noted that Congresswoman, Maxine Waters, endorses a violent set of protests for this summer with the purpose of taking President Trump from office. Why isn’t Waters being arrested for inciting riots?

every major city will be the sight for major protests against Trump with the purpose of removing him from office. Violence will not be ruled out as a “legitimate expression of the need for change”. The mere fact that our major cities are a powder keg waiting for an explosion, this summer could be seen as the summer that the heretofore cold civil war will turn white hot.

Also demonstrations in 90 cities against the so called Russian interference in the elections. ce-and-civil-war/

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LeglizHemp - 5/23/2017 at 12:08 AM

Ariana Grande bombing

sounds like 2 suicide bombers who couldn't get layed if they payed for it

gina - 5/23/2017 at 12:27 AM


Bilderberg 2017 split on Trumps future This year’s Bilderberg conference in Chantilly, Virginia from June 1st through 4th may very well decide Donald Trumps future. Impeachment, open battle or a new modus vivendi with the establishment are all on the table

Meeting is at the Westfield's Marriott. -june-in-chantilly-va-usa/

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nebish - 5/23/2017 at 11:50 AM

Ariana Grande bombing

sounds like 2 suicide bombers who couldn't get layed if they payed for it

So tragic.

It's an extremely difficult task to try and get ahead of plots like that to stop them.

The push-pull that goes on between civil liberty advocates citing constitutional concerns against the security and data collection proponents makes one wonder if we are doing enough to track people attempting to plan an attack or if we are violating too much in that process.

gina - 5/23/2017 at 09:29 PM

ISIS plans for the US?

"In Mosul for instance, where Iraqi military units have nearly finished rooting out every ISIS element in the city, security forces have uncovered chilling documents left behind by the terror organization. These documents reveal that ISIS has been using human guinea pigs to test chemical weapons, which experts fear may be used to spike food supplies in the West.

The experiments were recorded in a stash of papers found hidden in Mosul University after Iraqi special forces recaptured the city from IS fighters.

They reveal one victim was fed thallium sulphate – a colourless, tasteless salt that can be dissolved in water – and began to suffer fever, nausea, and swelling of the stomach and brain before dying in agony ten days later.

Isis described the chemical as an “ideal lethal poison” and claimed to be in “possession of an ample amount of the solution to fill demands”, according to the documents, which were verified by British and US forces and later obtained by The Times.

Terrorists also injected a nicotine-based compound, said to have no antidote, into another victim who passed out within seconds and died hours later. Ingredients for the poison are contained in cigarettes and vaping supplies, while thallium sulphate is available for sale in many countries including the US.

News of these horrific experiments was unveiled a week after the media reported that ISIS is currently organizing a new chemical weapons research unit.

The Islamic State militant group (ISIS), on the back foot in Iraq and Syria, is bringing together its top chemical weapons experts in the border area between the two countries with the aim of creating an elite “chemical weapons cell,” U.S. intelligence believes. The cell, according to a U.S. official speaking to CNN, consists of the jihadi group’s most senior specialists from the territory it controls in Iraq and Syria."

U.S. intelligence believes the jihadi group is creating a chemical weapons cell in the Euphrates River Valley, away from their de facto capital of Raqqa. Between Mayadin in Syria, and the town of al Qaim, an Iraqi border town. The official said the barren border area is now considered the de-facto capital of ISIS territory, with potentially thousands of ISIS militants there. Bakr al Baghdadi H moves between al-Hajin in Syria and al-Ba'aj in Iraq,” the official told Newsweek in March. eriments-human-guinea-pigs-a7747156.html

gina - 5/23/2017 at 10:07 PM


Duterte placed all of the southern region of Mindanao, which makes up roughly one third of the country and is home to 20 million people, under martial law, spokesman Ernesto Abella said in the nationally televised briefing.

He said martial law would be in place for 60 days, in line with constitutional limits on the use of military rule. Abella said Duterte would cut short his trip to Moscow, cancelling a planned meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, and return to the Philippines.

The announcement came after security forces battled dozens of IS-linked gunmen in a Marawi, a city of about 200,000 people in Mindanao, on Tuesday. Marawi is about 800 kilometres (500 miles) south of Manila, the nation's capital. Defence Secretary Delfin Lorenzana said one policeman and two soldiers were killed in the clashes, which began when security forces raided a house where they believed Isnilon Hapilon, a leader of the infamous Abu Sayyaf kidnap gang and Philippine head of IS, was hiding.

REMARKS: Abu Sayyaf has ties with the Al Qaida group from Osama's leadership.

gina - 5/25/2017 at 12:15 AM


Tehran declares it's Ballistic Missile Program is NON NEGOTIABLE. They want it for defensive as well as offensive reasons, the same as any other country does.

"“The Iranian nation has decided to be powerful. Our missiles are for peace and for defense … American officials should know that whenever we need to technically test a missile, we will do so and will not wait for their permission,” Rouhani said in a news conference, broadcast live on state TV." c-missile-program-non-negotiable

Remarks: Ezekiel Chapter 38 warns the countries in the next world war. Iran and Russia are aligned. China funds our economy, and North Korea just does not like our provocations and military practice maneuvers near their country. Let's hope Trump can work some peace at least for now.

gina - 5/25/2017 at 12:30 AM

G7 Summit and Emergency UN Meeting

scroll down 202-22-17.pdf

UNITED NATIONS alks-north-korea-nukes.html

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gina - 6/1/2017 at 12:24 AM

Taking a little time off due to Gregg's passing. But this is quite distressing. had-2-guns-was-a-doctor

A police report said authorities seized a Glock 23 pistol, a Bushmaster assault-style rifle and 90 rounds of ammunition from Moles' vehicle.

Moles served in the U.S. Navy from 1992 to 2006. He was a hospital corpsman, and was in the reserves in Erie for the last nine years of his service. He received several honors, including a Navy Reserve Meritorious Service Medal and a Pistol Marksmanship Ribbon.

REMARKS: First that cache of weapons found before the inauguration, now this. It is sickening; and the press complains that Trump wants foreign diplomats to call him on his cell phone. Is it any wonder, he cannot trust what goes on in Washington, there are those who want to do a coup. He knows it, and he still has to govern anyway.

gina - 6/1/2017 at 12:33 AM

P.S. AFGHANISTAN: The blast in Kabul that injured 80 and killed over 300 was NOT done by the Afghan Taliban. They refuted doing it; many say Daesh/Isis did it. There are some Afghan intelligence analysts that say the Haqqani network was involved. I think Isis is probably responsible.

gina - 6/4/2017 at 10:39 PM

Firstly, I wanted to take time off from news regarding terrorism, due to Gregg's passing but this is time sensitive and has come to light. It involves the lives of people who are currently imprisoned (some are US lives), and their lives could be cut short due to the Afghan government planning on taking actions of executing some of the prisoners it has in custody. Something needs to be said.

AFGHANISTAN -haqqani-network-over-truck-bombing/28526018.html

"Fears for Western hostages being held by the Taliban arose on June 2 after the Taliban threatened retaliation if the Afghan government executes Taliban prisoners in revenge for this week's devastating truck bombing in Kabul.

Media have reported that President Ashraf Ghani has signed orders to execute 11 Taliban and affiliated Haqqani network militants on death row, despite the Taliban's denial that it was involved in the bombing that killed at least 90 people and wounded hundreds on May 31.

The Taliban threatened "harsh exemplary attacks" in a statement on its website, including the killing of foreign hostages it holds, if the government executes the 11 prisoners.

The Taliban currently is holding two American University of Afghanistan professors, an American and an Australian who were kidnapped last year.

The university on June 2 pleaded with the Taliban to release Kevin King and Timothy Weeks, saying they "are innocents. Both came here to teach young Afghans, helping them to contribute to the rebuilding efforts of Afghanistan."

The Taliban is also holding Canadian backpacker Joshua Boyle and his American wife, Caitlan Coleman, who had two sons in captivity after being kidnapped in Afghanistan in 2012.

The government's reported move toward executing the Taliban prisoners reflects the conclusion of Afghanistan's main intelligence agency, the National Directorate for Security, that the Haqqani network, a group affiliated with the Taliban, was responsible for the bombing, AFP and Reuters reported.

The news agencies said the government has drawn up a list of prisoners from the groups to be executed based on that conclusion.

Some protesters on June 2 were demanding the execution specifically of Anas Haqqani, son of the Haqqani network's founder, who has been held by the Afghan government since 2014.

But a government source told AFP that Anas was not among the 11 prisoners the government planned to execute."

The Afghan govt. says it has information from their intelligence service that not only was the Haqqani group responsible for the blast but that they acted on instructions from Pakistan's ISI. i-and-taliban-prisoners-after-kabul-attack/

Comment: The ISI does not support, endorse or carry out truck laden bombings. Those are hallmarks of Isis or Al Qaida.

REMARKS: Perhaps our new Foreign Policy people can find out what is going on and stop the executions of everybody. The attack in Kabul which killed 90 people and injured 350 was NOT performed by Afghan Taliban. The Afghan authorities believed the Haqqanis were responsible for the attack, others believe ISIS was involved. IF the Afghan government executes Afghan Taliban prisoners as punishment for an attack they did not commit, religiously, they would have a right to avenge the deaths of these people. They prefer prisoner exchanges, and since one American and her Canadian husband are being held hostage, it seems better to do a prisoner exchange than executions. Isis is having a field day, they did and claim responsibility for the attacks in London, including the most recent one where they ran over people, than got out of their van(s) and went into restaurants and clubs with knives trying to kill more. Having a civil war in Afghanistan does not solve the problem of Isis incursion into those lands, nor does it help keep the Afghan government in charge.

Bombing begets bombing. It is not coherent foreign policy.

BY the way, the bombings at a funeral were NOT done by the Afghan talibs, so somebody ought to find out who is trying to destabilize Afghanistan. -kabul-explosions/

[Edited on 6/4/2017 by gina]

gina - 6/6/2017 at 09:10 PM


Yes there is much that should be said regarding the attacks in London, but right now Isis is calling for more attacks in France.

"“A message from the soldiers of the Commander of the Faithful in France to the French people: O people of France, demand that your government stop its campaign against the Islamic State, otherwise we will carry out invasion and invasion operations, Horror as you have already lived in the city of Paris and Nice,” a translation of the French comment states. “Peace be upon those who have guided. Soldiers of the Islamic State in France.”

The latest statement comes only hours after Nashir called upon other would-be jihadists Sunday to “kill the civilians of the crusaders” during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan." ror-attack-ramadan-greater-reward-terrorism-a7774061.html

An Isis-linked media agency has called on would-be extremists to carry out even more Ramadan attacks on members of the public in “low tech” knife, gun and vehicle assaults.

COMMENT: In correct Islam, Muslims are to avoid war in the month of Ramadan. The thing is this, all the Muslims know if a Muslim dies during Ramadan, there is reward for him. If someone is legitimately martyred during Ramadan, yes there is a reward for him; but chasing people in a café and stabbing them and getting shot is not generally considered by most to be martyrdom. The two points are 'where is the battlefield' when civilians are killed in their villages and houses. The second point is that Isis considers no one to be innocent because of the Al Qaida belief that regular people vote for their leaders, their leaders bomb, shoot, kill Muslims all over the world, so they are responsible for that. The Afghans do not believe that, they take care to avoid civilian casualties.

Foreign policy is one of the problems with these attacks. Second is even if all the foreign troops were taken out of all the Muslim countries, there would still be the belief which Isis has that they feel they must kill or convert all non Muslims UNLESS they pay the jizya tax then they can live among the Muslims.

Once again, I stress the need for scholars to be involved in these problems, because in the Quran, it plainly says there must be no compulsion in religion, and on Judgement Day there would be no fear among the Jews, the Sabians or Christians if they had followed the guidance given to them. It does not say, convert, or be beheaded.

UPDATE: 2,000 trapped in Notre Dame -France-Cathedral-latest-video

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gina - 6/6/2017 at 11:27 PM

LONDON 6.6.17 jihadis-in-UK-security-powers-used-less

23,000 people in the UK they believe could carry out attacks. That is pretty staggering. Worse than that was what they found in a park today. Remember I told you about the one photo after the bridge attack when people in Hazmat suits were checking it. Well now here is one of the possible reasons they are concerned. mask-weapons-stash-found-London-park

The Met Police Tweeted the picture after officers carried out a sweep of an east London park earlier today. The tweet said: "This cache of weapons and a gas mask were found in Beckton Park, Newham, during the Met's crackdown to stop knife crime." The tweet said: "This cache of weapons and a gas mask were found in Beckton Park, Newham, during the Met's crackdown to stop knife crime." The discovery of the mask led to speculation over why on Earth such an item would be stashed with dangerous weapons, which also included a baseball bat, metal hook, hammer and secateurs.

MAN JUST ARRESTED AT HEATHROW AIRPORT IN CONNECTION WITH MANCHESTER ATTACK. terror-arrest-manchester-bombing-suspect ce-arrest-17th-man

Notice the Hazmat suits and the person arrested and his big blue suitcase that he was seen carrying around for days. What was in that suitcase? Where is it now?

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Raqqa, the Isis capital and stronghold is going to be attacked from three sides. -war-Kurdish-soldiers-liberation

SEIZE IN NOTRE DAME, FRANCE ire-Paris-s-Notre-Dame.html -France-Cathedral-latest-video

Hamman al Alil, IRAQ

Civilians in Mosul are taking matters into their own hands and have formed a vigilante group, kidnapping and assassinating Isis members. They blindfold them, shoot them in the head killing them, then burn their houses down. They have 650 people who are members and/or like them. ihadis-dead-revenge.html

Remarks: Is this the future for cities/towns? Countries that cannot protect their citizens, so citizens take matters into their own hands using the same tactics that so called terrorists have been using on them? Isis has not been able to launch huge attacks, but do they have to in order to disrupt life and safety? If they keep launching random attacks, authorities cannot adequately protect against that. This seize in Notre Dame, they yelled it was in revenge for what is going on in Syria.

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Isis launched an attack on the Iranian parliament and the shrine of the Supreme leader of Iran who led the uprising that deposed the Shah in 1979. Isis wants Iran to become a Sunni state, Iran is composed of Shiite Muslims. For this reason, Iranians believe that Saudi has a role in this. This will require an expanded update, but just reported is that North Korea fired more than 1 missile towards South Korea. ent-shrine/story?id=47882328

There MAY very well be people who are interested in Iran being embroiled in sectarian war.
Check out the oil deals going on. There are those who would are interested in conquest, nuff said. aneh-/Economy/Economy
6 million barrels a day ver-come-true
Iran re-iterates that Saudis desire to rule over the region will not happen. ss-to-fight-terror-jointly
Putin offered condolences and affirmed their readiness to help Iran fight terrorism. There were other articles that said Hezbollah was also ready to fight against Isis if they want to launch anything large on Iran.

NORTH KOREA o-ship-missiles-skorea/ar-BBCfLLZ

South Korea's Office of Joint Chiefs of Staff said in a statement the projectiles were launched Thursday morning from the North Korean coastal city of Wonsan.

Comment: Being that we have THREE warships over there, this is not good.

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For those who sit and strategize and wonder how can they know what Kim Jung Un will do next? Just look at his schedule!
If it is in Korean look for the English tab.

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The US has bombed Al Shabaab in Somalia, and Saif al Gaddafi, Moammar's son has just been released from prison. This is also confirmed by an audio recording from his lawyer, Khalid Al-Zaidi. ntan-170610190700610.html addafi-freed-his-lawyer-says-in-audio-recording.html

Abu Bakr al Siddiqi Batallion released the info. on it's Facebook page. He was released upon request of the Parliament in Tobruk lShabab-training-center-Sakow-Somalia

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TEHRAN (FNA)- Arab media outlet reported that ISIL in a meeting with the predominately Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) showed intention to hand over Raqqa city to the SDF and leave the city for Deir Ezzur via a safe corridor.

Al-Sharq al-Awsat daily reported that a delegation from the Tribal Council of the ISIL held territories met with the SDF in the town of Ein Issa in Tal Abyadh countryside, adding that the ISIL delegation offered to hand over Raqqa city in return for safe exit towards Deir Ezzur at the meeting.

Commander of the Russian military forces in Syria Col. Gen. Sergei Surovikin said on Saturday that his soldiers are closely monitoring the situation in Raqqa.

"The command of the Russian military group in the Syria is closely monitoring the situation in the area of Raqqa, where we observe the militants freely leaving the city and its suburbs," Surovikin added.

Local sources reported on Tuesday that ISIL was planning to announce Deir Ezzur city as its new capital in Syria after the US-backed SDF inked an agreement with the ISIL that allows militants' exit from Raqqa city without a battle.

The sources said that while the US and the SDF permitted ISIL terrorists to leave their capital city of Raqqa without clashes, the Takfiri terrorists were moving towards Deir Ezzur in groups.

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Iran is said to have proof of the US supporting ISIS.

TEHRAN (FNA)- Deputy Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Mostafa Izadi announced that the country is in possession of evidence and documents proving Washington's direct support for the ISIL terrorist group.

"We are facing a proxy warfare in the region as a new trick by the arrogant powers against the Islamic Republic," Izadi said on Sunday.

"As the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution (Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei) said, we possess documents and information showing the direct supports by the US imperialism for this highly disgusting stream (the ISIL) in the region which has destroyed the Islamic countries and created a wave of massacres and clashes," he added.

In relevant remarks on Friday, Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani condemned the Wednesday terrorist attacks in Tehran, and said that Washington is behind most of the terrorist acts in the world. "The United States has aligned itself with the ISIL in the region," Larijani said on Friday, addressing a funeral ceremony held for the victims of ISIL's Wednesday terrorist attacks on the Iranian parliament and the holy shrine of late Imam Khomeini in Tehran.

He reiterated that Washington has demonstrated that it is the international ISIL.

Three male assailants fired several rounds at the guards protecting the parliament building in Tehran on Wednesday morning. The assailants opened their way into the parliament's administrative building while shooting at the guards. A similar attack took place at the holy shrine of the late founder of the Islamic Republic, Imam Khomeini, parallel with the parliament attack.

17 people, including the parliament's guards, were killed and 52 others were wounded in the twin attacks.

The ISIL claimed the responsibility for both attacks.

REMARKS: If they have documents....

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RE: LONDON BRIDGE ATTACK attackers-was-protected-mi5?akid=15720.53614.SP5xHQ&rd=1&src=newsle tter1078160&t=14

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US Coalition Confirms Death of Isis Grand Mufti in Syria th-of-senior-leader-Turki-al-Binali.html

Coalition forces killed Turki al-Binali, the self-proclaimed ‘Grand Mufti’ or chief cleric of ISIS in an air strike May 31 in Mayadeen, Syria,” the coalition said in a statement, using an acronym for the extremist group.

Remarks: Scholars are a big deal in all religions.

A mosque in the capital of the United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi was renamed on Wednesay to “Mariam Umm Eisa” – meaning mother of Jesus in Arabic.

The name of the mosque, previously known as “Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Mosque,” was changed by order of Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammad bin Zayed al-Nahyan to “consolidate bonds of humanity between followers of different religions”. osque-after-Mary-mother-of-Jesus.html

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gina - 6/20/2017 at 09:49 PM e-Virgin-Mary-is-honored-in-the-Quran-.html

Maryam -- may peace be upon her -- is the only woman with a chapter named after her in the Holy Quran. In the Islamic faith, Muslims believe that God purified Maryam, and chose her above all women in the world, to give her the good tidings of a pure son, Prophet Jesus.

“And [mention] when the angels said, “O Maryam, indeed Allah has chosen you and purified you and chosen you above the women of the worlds. O Maryam, be devoutly obedient to your Lord and prostrate and bow with those who bow [in prayer].”” (Al Qur’an 3:42 – 3:43)

The Quran honors Maryam with an entire chapter named after her (Surat Maryam). The holy book also tells the story of her birth and her noble lineage, her upbringing under Prophet Zakaria, in a chapter that is named after her family name (Surat Aal Imran).

The story of her birth was a unique one. Her mother, the wife of Imran, had been barren all her life and had reached an old age when she became pregnant with Maryam.

The mother made a sincere pledge to Allah, that if she were granted a child, that she would dedicate that child to His pure service.

“But when she delivered her, she said, ‘My Lord, I have delivered a female.’ And Allah was most knowing of what she delivered, ‘And the male is not like the female. And I have named her Mary, and I seek refuge for her in You and [for] her descendants from Satan, the expelled [from the mercy of Allah ].’" [Quran 3:36]

Then the Quran narrates that Allah has “accepted her with good acceptance and caused her to grow in a good manner and put her in the care of Zechariah” [Quran 3:37] and bestowed Maryam with His favors and blessings.

Surat Aal Imran continues to narrate that whenever Prophet Zakaria entered the “Mihrab” or the prayer area in which Maryam secluded herself for worship, he’d find fruits that were out of season.

Given that Zakaria was her guardian, and thus the only man allowed to enter her prayer area, He would ask her, "O Mary, from where is this [coming] to you?" She said, "It is from Allah. Indeed, Allah provides for whom He wills without account." [Quran 3:37]

The birth of Jesus

“[And mention] when the angels said, "O Mary, indeed Allah gives you good tidings of a word from Him, whose name will be the Messiah, Jesus, the son of Mary - distinguished in this world and the Hereafter and among those brought near [to Allah ]. [3:45]

Her faith and obedience to Allah were tested when an angel came to her to give her the glad tidings of a child. “She said, ‘How can I have a boy while no man has touched me and I have not been unchaste?’"

“He said, Thus [it will be]; your Lord says, 'It is easy for Me, and We will make him a sign to the people and a mercy from Us. And it is a matter [already] decreed.' [Quran 19:21]

Known for her piety and chastity among her people, it was difficult for Maryam to face her society with a child out of wedlock.

She withdrew from her family to a place toward east of Bethlehem, distancing herself completely from society. Alone and heavily pregnant, she gave birth to Jesus. In her misery she wished that “Would I that I had died before that, and become a thing forgotten!” (Al Qur’an 19:23)

Her supplication to Allah had set an example to all humankind, and granted her a special status among all the woman of the world.

It is narrated that Prophet Mohammad said: “The best of the women of the world are four: Maryam bint ‘Imran, Aasiyah, the wife of Pharaoh, Khadijah bin Khuwailid, and Fatimah bint Muhammad the Messenger of Allah.”

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And for those who did not know, the Prophet of Islam, peace be upon him did marry a Jewish woman. a-Bint-Huyyay-Prophet-Mohammed-s-Jewish-wife.html

Saffiya was the daughter of Huyay ibn Akhtab, the leader of Bani Nadheer, one of three Jewish tribes living in Madinah at the time.

Her father, brother and husband were killed in a war between Muslims and Jews. So, how did Saffiya end up marrying Prophet Mohammed, the man behind the death of her father and her other male relatives?


The story narrated in Islamic history says that when the Prophet came to Madinah he had to apply treaties with its three main Jewish clans. It did not take long until two Jewish tribes broke the treaty, by wrongfully killing two Muslims. The Prophet came to them seeking blood money for those killed as the treaty stipulates. But the tribes of Bano Nadheer and Banoo Qaynuqaa had refused.

As a punishment, the prophet ordered them to depart Madinah and gave them a specific time to do so. But they didn’t. Instead, they fortified themselves and remained in place. So the Prophet ordered their forceful eviction.

They moved to Khaybar, but remained to incite hostilities against their neighboring Arab clans. The Muslim army later conquered Khaybar, and it was during that war that Saffiya’s father Huyyay, her brother, husband and all other male relatives were killed.

She then became a captive, as per a general rule in that era in which the women of the enemy were taken as captives.

Given that she was the first lady in her tribe, it is narrated that it was not going to be suitable to let Saffiya marry any normal Muslim man.

Thus, it is narrated that the prophet presented Islam to her, and she willingly accepted it. He then released her from slavery and married her.

Marrying the Prophet

By marrying Prophet Mohammed, Saffiya became a Mother of Believers, just like his other wives. It is narrated that Prophet Mohammed had apologized to her several times on the killing of her father and relatives, explaining why he had done that.

Given her beauty, several wives of the prophet, were jealous of Saffiya.

It is narrated that Saffiya said: “The Prophet (peace be upon him) entered my house when it had reached me that Aishah and Hafsah used to say they were dearer to the Messenger of Allah than me, and that they were his wives and cousins.”

When she mentioned this to the Prophet, he said to her: “You should have told them, ‘How can you be better than me when my husband is Mohammad and my father is Haroon and my uncle is Moses?’“

Comment: Moses was the Prophet's Uncle. Yes Moses who went up on the mountain and came back with the tablets upon which were the Ten Commandments, that Moses.

gina - 6/20/2017 at 09:58 PM

And there was a Christian King who helped the Muslims. ristian-king-who-saved-Muslims.html

Abbysinia back in those days. yssinia_map_(Fidem_Pacis).png

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Hezbollah Operatives In NYC rrested-in-new-york-pre-operational-surveillance-of-terror-targets-extensiv e-bomb-making-training-grenade-launchers_06192017

Acting Manhattan U.S. Attorney Joon H. Kim said: “Today, we announce serious terrorism charges against two men who allegedly trained with and supported the Islamic Jihad Organization, a component of the foreign terrorist organization Hizballah. Recruited as Hizballah operatives, Samer El Debek and Ali Kourani allegedly received military-style training, including in the use of weapons like rocket-propelled grenade launchers and machine guns for use in support of the group’s terrorist mission. At the direction of his Hizballah handlers, El Debek allegedly conducted missions in Panama to locate the U.S. and Israeli Embassies and to assess the vulnerabilities of the Panama Canal and ships in the Canal. Kourani allegedly conducted surveillance of potential targets in America, including military and law enforcement facilities in New York City.

Moreover, it appears that both men are being charged with weapons violations involving the use of rocket propelled grenade launchers and machine guns, often the weapons of choice for Jihadi-style attacks in the middle east, as well as against Western targets

As well, one of the individuals has received extensive bomb-making training, highlighting the possibility that any future attacks would likely have considered the utilization of remotely detonated improvised explosive devices and/or suicide bombers similar to what we saw in Manchester, England last month.

"pre-planning operations"....

gina - 6/24/2017 at 08:35 PM

US drone strike said to have killed an AQ leader in Yemen

A U.S. airstrike killed Abu Khattab al Awlaqi, a senior leader of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, and two of his close associates, U.S. Central Command announced Thursday rstrike-military-officials-say.html

Most of the Muslims will take names of others. Umar bin Al Khattab was quite important in early Islam.

How Umar ibn Al Khattab became Muslim.This is the story of how one of the greatest Muslim leaders of all time became a Muslim. This is the conversion story of ‘Umar ibn Al Khattab (Radiallahu Anhu).

‘Umar ibn Al Khattab was a feared and well respected man from the Banu Adi clan from among the Quraish. He came from a middle class family from Mecca. Well known for his determination and fearless nature; he became one of the early opponents of the religion of Islam.

During the days prior to his acceptance to Islam; the religion was being taught in private. There was fear of persecution from the Quraish. The Muslims would meet in homes, and would learn the religion from Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu alayhi wa alihi wassalam).

There were few men that had carried so much honor and fear in Quraish. ‘Umar ibn al Khattab was one of them. That is why, Prophet Muhammad SWS once made a Dua(invocation) to Allah:
“O Allah! Give Islam strength through one of the men you love more: ‘Umar ibn al Khattab or Amr ibn al Hisham(Abu Jahl)”

Umm Abdullah(Radiallahu Anhum)was running one day and had the plan to leave Mecca because of the persecutions. She ran into, fellow tribesmen, ‘Umar ibn Al Khattab who asked her, “Why are you running around?” She responded, “You have caused us too much pain for worshiping Allah.” To her shock ‘Umar ibn Al Khattab told her, “have peace on your journey.” Umm Abdullah told her brother that she ran into ‘Umar ibn Al Khattab, and her brother responded “He’s going to kill us.” Islam began to soften the heart of ‘Umar ibn Al Khattab.

One day ‘Umar ibn Al Khattab went to visit the Haram. Once there he saw the Prophet praying in front of his eyes. Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu alayhi wa alihi wassalam)was reciting Surah Haqqah(the Reality). Soon after listening to it he said “By Allah, this is poetry as the Quraish have said.” Right when he said this; Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu alayhi wa alihi wassalam) recited:

That this is verily the word of an honoured Messenger
It is not the word of a poet, little is that you believe!” (69:40-41)
Surprised by the verses, he said to himself “He must be a soothsayer.” Another accusation made by the Quraish. As soon as he said that; the next verses were recited:

“Nor is it the word of a soothsayer , little is that you remember!
This is the Revelation sent down from the Lord of the ‘Alamin (mankind, jinns and all that exists)” (69: 42-43)
Later on in life, when speaking of this moment, ‘Umar ibn Al Khattab said “This is when Islam entered my heart.”

REMARKS: Terror related attacks are cause and effect related. We kill others in other lands, then they send people here to kill us. This is a concept so simple even a child can understand that. Each country has it's own sovereignty and sovereign borders, but the US and others go to other countries and decide who lives and dies. This is wrong. Let each country take care of their own. If Yemen or Saudi Arabia fell to Al Qaida, then Al Qaida would rule them until and IF the common people did not agree and rose up to defeat them. That is what our foreign policy should be. To date it is not. Hezbollah sends operatives to NYC to pre-plan and surveill to launch attacks here and people do not understand why. Our Foreign Policy is provocative and causing these things to occur. Hezbollah are Shiites, they are not part of Al Qaida or Isis, and even they are pissed off enough to come here to plan to eff us up, does no one comprehend how angry countries in the Middle East are at US Foreign policy?

Syria did not ask us to come there, Assad did not want us or invite us there to fight Isis. Russia and Iran back the Assad regime, so why are we there?

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Terror dry run? So soon after Hezbollah operatives arrested doing surveillance in NYC, hmmm. ry?id=48301913 -34.html
First look at side of A train that derailed in #nyc It's heavily damaged, sources say it's ripped open like a can of tuna @ABC7NY More at 5. The New York City Emergency Management Department said the event was a partial derailment and power outages occurred on A, B, C and D trains.

Remarks: "Power outages and derailment just weeks before major construction work is to begin. "
Comment: People have said that one of the doors was missing on the train, either it came off upon impact, or did somebody blow the door off?

Benjamin Williams ‎@i_benjammin
1/ NYC morning shenanigans: @MTA A Train broke down and caught fire @ 125th. They didn't let anybody off (except 1 cart) until smoke came...

Comment: One of the doors came off, the train caught fire,one of the wheels came off, 500 people got off down in the tunnel to try to walk to till they could get to a station to come back above ground. an.html
Keyvan Chamani, 28, was sitting by the door of his car watching YouTube videos on his phone when “everything went crazy.”

His first thought was that there had been an explosion. But it soon became clear that it was an accident, he said. The door, only feet from where he sat, had been knocked off his car as the train crashed into a wall.

“It definitely hit the wall because the door ripped out,” he said. “Smoke filled the entire car"

“People were screaming. People were throwing up because the smoke was so thick,” Mr. Kopp said on Tuesday morning as he stood on the street corner above the 125th Street station. His shirt was covered in dirt from having climbed off the train into the tunnel.

“I thought, this is it. I thought we’re going to burn alive in here,” he said.

He wanted to get off the train. After another passenger kicked through a window on the door at the end of the train, Mr. Kelly climbed on to the tracks looking for a way to escape. But about 20 minutes later, workers guided him and other passengers off the train and on to the platform at 125th Street, where the front car was in the station.

Mr. Lhota said that the smoke and fire reported by riders was the result of garbage on the tracks that was set ablaze in the crash.

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US/SAUDI Declaration of War on Qatar With Blockade

That's right, Saudi, US and the other nations allied with them initiated a blockade preventing food and other supplies from getting to Qatar. Iran has been trying to help them out, which of course means the US will want to further sanction Iran. -of-war-Blockade-Saudi-Arabia-Iran

Remarks: Telling them they have to shut down Al Jazeera? That in and of itself is ridiculous, but denying food to the Qatari people, remember how well that worked in Lebanon? It was one of Osama's most grievous complaints against America, causing little children to starve to death.

Russia has already responded to US sanctions on them by issuing a ban on foreign US imports. d-Imports

Russia has renewed retaliatory sanctions against the European Union after the bloc extended bans against Moscow over the Ukraine crisis. President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on Friday, extending the counter-sanctions until the end of 2018.

The decree extends a ban on Western food imports for another 18 months. On Wednesday, the EU formally extended its economic sanctions against Russia, which were imposed in July 2014 after the Crimea region separated from Ukraine and rejoined Russia after holding a referendum on the issue.

In a related move, Russia on Friday said it was suspending its contributions to the Council of Europe for 2017.

Further Remarks: We cannot issue blockades on other countries which result in the deaths of their people. It is morally and ethically wrong, and yes it can lead to war. Each country has their own sovereignty and their own borders. We do not run the world, nor should we aspire to do so. Our foreign policy must change to be one of cooperation not provocation.

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gina - 7/3/2017 at 09:04 PM

Not only will you get current events, but also prophecy because many of them are relevant to what is going on and what is to come. This one is spooky. From 6-30-17

Martin Banner - He received prophecy about 9-11 in 1998, he was given the date the attack would happen, and he was also told that many years ago, Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, began his war on the same date back then when he was alive. Martin Banner he is receiving more info telling us we are at the end of the age. Prophetically, He also saw an ICBM hit Columbus, Ohio, and a second strike for New Orleans. He also saw a third one, he thinks this will be coming soon.
Daniel Reveals When the Second Coming is coming - people will be forced to accept the Sunday Sabbath, the Pope will become the head of the NWO.

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gina - 7/11/2017 at 08:06 PM

The Syrian Observatory has reported that Abu Bakr Al Baghdady, the head of the Islamic State is dead.

Hassan Nasrullah, the head of Hezbollah had this to say.

The secretary general of the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement says the US created the Daesh terrorists and gave regional states the green light to fund and support the Takfiri militant group.

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah made the remarks during a live broadcast from Beirut on Tuesday evening following the Iraqi victory over the Takfiri Daesh terrorist group in the northern city of Mosul, which marked the end of the nine-month battle for control over the extremists’ former stronghold and Iraq’s second largest city. l-liberation-Daesh-terrorists-Middle-East

REMARKS: Many do not realize that there are segments of Al Qaida, who joined Isis. Two of Osama's children joined them and went to Iraq to fight. Isis may regroup, other fighters may join them, and a new leader will emerge. There are hadiths (which are sayings, wisdom) passed down from the time of the prophet of Islam, which say jihad will not end until Judgment Day. Armed forces can win the battle, but the war? The war is larger than most people realize, and while few outside of Isis members supported them and their fight because of their brutality and unyielding steadfastness to their jihad, people should understand there is a war between secular law and God's law. There is only one God, he is the same for the Muslims as he is for the Christians, and the Jews, he is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. He is not in favor of 'marriage equality', abortion rights, a financial system based on usury and many other things that secular law embraces. So this war that Isis has with everyone, yes it is their war, but God also has a war in in mind, you just have not seen it yet. He described it throughout the Bible (injeel in Arabic).

There are people who are given prophecies, some are correct, some are not, but when you hear of them, make note of them and be aware. God allows some horrific things such as 9-11 which he could have stopped. He allows it to punish people and countries he feels have transgressed his laws. Many believe it was an inside job, God allows that also. Mankind has free will, those who seek to do evil have free will and choose to do that, their punishment will come later from God who told people that punishment was his to launch on people. What did the million plus Iraqis have to do with 9-11 that we launched war on them killing millions of them? God avenges the blood of the innocents, but he does it in his way and time. Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi is gone, he is only one person fighting against secular law. That fight does not end with the death of one person.

Can any of the resistance fighters actually implement a true state in accordance with God's laws? I doubt it. Mankind is not that spiritually evolved yet. Warlords are religious tyrants, that is not better than any other tyrant. Yet resistance to secular law will continue, it did not stop with Osama leaving the operational command of Al Qaida, it did not stop with Mullah Omar's death, or Hakimullah's martyrdom, etc etc.

So the armies of the world can celebrate a battle victory, but the war, no that is not over. next/

But even if the Islamic State is losing, nobody ought to rest on their laurels. Countless civilians remain vulnerable and in need of aid, at risk of hunger and disease as well as the violent reprisals of militants. In Mosul, dozens, perhaps hundreds, have perished amid coalition airstrikes.

“Civilians escaping right now speak of horrific experiences. They have been caught between aerial bombardment, artillery, snipers and car bombs. They live in fear; they hide in their homes without food or water,” said Iolanda Jaquemet, a spokeswoman for the International Committee of the Red Cross, to my colleagues.

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gina - 7/11/2017 at 08:39 PM

ISIS Confirms the Passing of Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi

TEHRAN (FNA)- The ISIL terrorist group confirmed in a statement that its notorious ringleader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has died.

According to the Arabic-language al-Nashrah news website, the ISIL also announced in the statement that it will soon declare the name of al-Baghdadi's successor.

It also called on ISIL members to remain in their bases and continue resistance. The statement didn’t explain if al-Baghdadi has been killed in the battleground as claimed by Russia last month or died of natural causes. In a relevant development on Monday, the Iraqi security forces in Western Mosul have found a document showing that ISIL commanders are under a strong ban to avoid discussing the death of al-Baghdadi or releasing any information in this regard.

local source in Iraq's Salahuddin reported on Thursday that the ISIL terrorist group has arrested scores of its members in the Eastern parts of the province for speaking about the death of al-Baghdadi.

The source said that the ISIL has arrested over 20 of its members in the villages of Eastern Makhoul in Salahuddin for making public remarks about al-Baghdadi's death.

The terrorist group has accused them of promoting an internal sedition.

According to the source, ISIL members are confused over the ban on speaking about al-Baghdadi's death, specially after the terrorist group was forced to arrest its members.

A well-informed local source in Northwestern Iraq reported earlier this month that ISIL has burned Abu Qatibeh alive on charges of implying the death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the terrorist group's ring leader, in his sermon on Friday Prayers in the town of Tal Afar.

The sources said that only a few hours after arresting Abu Qatibeh on charges of internal sedition, the terrorist group burnt him in front of tens of people in the Central part of Tal Afar.

"Abu Qatibeh, who was a close friend to al-Baghdadi, implicitly endorsed earlier revelations about the death of ISIL's ring leader and cried for him in his Friday Prayers sermon, which raised several questions. ISIL kept mum on the issue at first, but later arrested him and executed him on charges of sedition," the source went on to say.

gina - 7/11/2017 at 08:54 PM

It is now a crime for anyone in the Emirates to sympathize with Qatar? Cholera is taking a hold on 300,000 people in Yemen, and the Saudis want to isolate Qatar with the US, their strategic partner. Maybe Qatar needs to do a Brexit and become their own state. athising-qatar-995310

gina - 7/11/2017 at 09:19 PM


GENEVA: A 10-week cholera epidemic has now infected more than 300,000 people in Yemen and claimed more than 1,600 lives, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said on Monday, a health disaster on top of war, economic collapse and near-famine in the impoverished country.

“Disturbing. We’re at 300k+ suspected cases with ~7k new cases/day,” Robert Mardini, ICRC regional director, said in a tweet. The World Health Organization (WHO) has said there were 297,438 suspected cases and 1,706 deaths by July 7, but it did not publish a daily update on Sunday when the 300,000 mark looked set to be reached. A WHO spokesman said the figures were still being analyzed by Yemen’s Health Ministry

In the past week, a first few cases have appeared in Sayun city and Mukalla port in Hadramawt region in the east. Yemen’s economic collapse means 30,000 health workers have not been paid for more than 10 months, so the UN has stepped in with “incentive” payments to get them involved in an emergency campaign to fight the disease.

REMARKS: Do they really need more Saudi clusterbombs?

gina - 7/20/2017 at 12:15 AM

US Involved with Torture Prisons in Yemen run by the United Arab Emirates? -as-us-interrogating/

gina - 8/3/2017 at 08:28 PM


Recently the Trump administration was considering decreasing troops in Afghanistan. For the last few months there has been fighting everywhere by many of the groups. Most recently, there has been an upsurge in attacks.

There are TWO MAJOR differences between the Afghani Taliban and Isis. The Afghans just fight to get foreign troops and personnel off their soil and out of their lands. Isis wants to take over Afghanistan and surrounding countries and establish a worldwide caliphate. The Afghan Talibs never wanted to fight outside their own borders and go anyplace else, they still don't, Mullah Omar understood, and it is in the Quran, that God places rulers over people and people must accept his decree, which they have done. They do not like or agree with Ghani, but they do not actively seek to oust him either, nor did they do that to Karzai. Isis has a different belief. They believe they they must take people out of power who do not live according to the Sharia.

8.3.17 THURSDAY 6 hrs ago
The bridge had been connecting Balkh’s Charbolak district and Jowzjan’s Faizabad district. Insurgents planted bombs around the Gurjak Bridge destroying it. The Afghan Talibs deny doing that, though others have attributed it to them.

8.2.17 - WEDNESDAY Attack on NATO convoy - Yes the Afghan Taliban did that attack whereby two US soldiers were killed. The convoy however was not the primary target. They were targeting an intelligence office in the area. Afghan intelligence quick reaction force base in the Shor Andam area of Daman district. Two US soldiers have been killed by a suicide bomber who targeted a convoy of foreign forces in Afghanistan's southern province of Kandahar, according to security officials.NATO confirmed in a statement the convoy was targeted on Wednesday in an attack that did "cause casualties. The suicide bomber was Asadullah Kandahari, who drove his bomb laden pickup truck into the convoy. [combined news sources].

8.2.17 WEDNESDAY ISIS Attacks the Jawadia Masjid (Mosque) - a Shia Mosque

The terror group issued a statement late on Wednesday claiming that the attack on Jawadia mosque was carried out by two of their suicide bombers identified as Umair Asim and Tayyeb Al-Khurasani.-[ Khaama Press] “around 50 Shias killed and wounded 80 in an attack b IS fighters on a masjid in Western Herat per Amaq. “At around 8:00 p.m. a terrorist attacked was carried out on a mosque in the third security district of Herat city” per Herat police spokesman Abdul Ahad Walizada (AFP). “Based on our initial information two terrorists were involved, one of them wearing a sucide vest, who detonated himself while the second one was armed with a rifle. They are both dead”. The attack took place in the middle of the evening prayers when the masjid was packed with 300 worshippers. The attacked first fired on private guards outside the masjid before entering, when inside he fired on praying worshippers until his rifle jammed, then he blew himself up. Later on local residents attacked the police station with stones and set it on fire, per Jalani Farhad, the provincial Governors’s spokesman.

7.31.17 MONDAYISIS attacked the Iraqi Embassy in Kabul.
A suicide bomber blew himself up outside the gates of the embassy on Monday before three gunmen stormed into the building, setting off a four-hour firefight that ended after Afghan security forces killed all attackers.

7.28.17 FRIDAY Ghor Taywara had fallen to talib forces five days ago, Afghan soldiers re-took the territory killing 59 talibs.

7.26.17 Tuesday At least 26 Afghan soldiers have been killed and 13 wounded in an Afghan Taliban attack on a military base in Kandahar province, according to the defence ministry, in the latest blow to struggling security forces. The attack happened late on Tuesday in the Karzali area of Khakrez district. At least 21 other people went missing and seven were kidnapped, per General Dawlat Waziri, Afghan defence ministry spokesman.

7.24.17 Monday At least 35 people have been killed and more than 40 wounded after a suicide car bomb targeted a bus carrying ministry staff in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, officials said. The bus was carrying staff of the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum when it was attacked, per Deputy Govt. Chief Executive Mohammad Mohaqi. .Najib Danish told reporters that two Afghan employees of the Iraqi Embassy died in the attack, and three police were injured.

There are many more battles going on all over the country, the fighting is everywhere.

[Edited on 8/3/2017 by gina]

gina - 8/3/2017 at 08:46 PM


The press has taken note of something that has occurred as a consequence of the bombing on the Jawadia Masjid, the Father of one of the girls was killed. It is significant because she is among a team of girls selected to compete in a Robotics competition in the US. Originally the girls were not allowed to come here, but this girl, pleaded to Trump to help make it so they could come.

"We want to take the message of peace to America and convey that Afghanistan is not only the country of war, and there are girls who chase their dreams in robots and education," she told AFP at the time. Officials would not give their reasons for initially refusing the visas. A US travel ban is in place for six Muslim-majority countries but does not include Afghanistan."

He intervened and they were granted permission to come. Now she is beyond grief stricken. aptain-killed-isis-attack-herat obotics-contest-victories-visas

REMARKS: The Quran tells you there must be no compulsion in religion. Isis members killed guards to get in the masjid during prayers, then began shooting people till his rifle jammed and then he blew himself up. This is their interpretation of Islam. No one else holds this vision of Islam. While different groups are fighting each other, they have lost sight of who the greater enemy is, and that is Satan and his minions who want a one world order. Isis should put aside the differences in their beliefs with other Muslims and wait and then unite under one banner to fight the anti-Christ. They are so focused on converting people now, they need to look at the bigger picture.

What should the US do? Again, you must get scholars involved, they must negotiate peace among the different groups over there, and do not pillage the resources of that country for the gain of foreign investors. The wealth in Afghan lands belongs to the Afghans, it must stay in their hands. The Afghan Taliban were not opposed to developing oil in their lands, they even said in an article that they would protect it, but it should not be run for the benefit of foreign investors. Any lasting peace in Afghanistan must involve all the people.

[the word mosque means whiskey house, the word masjid means place of prayer].

[Edited on 8/3/2017 by gina]

gina - 8/8/2017 at 06:24 PM

AFGHANISTAN 8-8-17 Afghanistan

US military contractor Erik Prince has advised the administration of President Donald Trump to deploy Western mercenaries to Afghanistan to save both manpower and money.

Prince, who founded the notorious private military company Blackwater USA, now called Academi, has proposed a two-year plan for about 5,000 professional killers and under 100 aircraft, bringing the total cost of the failing US war to less than $10 billion a year, according to documents seen by the Financial Times.

Prince, a former Navy Seal, said on current spending, the Afghan military campaign would cost the US $45 billion this year and $50 billion the next.

Prince, who expects to present his revised and updated plan to the White House, is critical of Washington’s approach to Afghanistan, whose US-led NATO mission has rotated through 17 military commanders in 16 years.

Prince proposes that the mercenaries be paid $500-$600 a day and would be drawn not only from the US, but also from the UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Australia and South Africa.

The proposal was reportedly offered at the request of Steve Bannon, Trump’s chief strategist, and Jared Kushner, his son-in-law and senior adviser.

REMARKS: Hire mercenaries to send to Afghanistan? Afghanistan does not belong to Blackwater or the US. Murdering Afghans is not going to Make America Great Again. If the US does this, it will hasten the Islamic Prophecies of the coming of the Mahdi emerging from the land of Khorasan, which back in the time of the prophet, peace be upon him, was the part of Iran that joins Afghanistan. The Mahdi will not just go and stay in Afghanistan, no, he will go to Saudi Arabia, and then the war of Islam vs. the West will really begin, and the prophecy from the Bible, where 200 million Muslims march up from Egypt to secure, and conquer Jerusalem will begin. The oil fields in Saudi will be torched, and there will be migration of all the peoples from Yemen and those lands, and guess where they will migrate to? Al Sham (SYRIA). When he returns, Jesus will also go to Syria, woe to anyone stupid enough to send a mercenary after him.

gina - 8/10/2017 at 12:29 AM

While we have been focused on the back and forth volleying between North Korea and the US, there is something else we should be mindful of.

49 minutes ago
A Russian surveillance aircraft has made a low altitude flight over the Pentagon, the Capitol and other US government buildings in Washington. skies-washington

The Russian Air Force Tupolev Tu-154 made its flight on Wednesday as part of the Treaty on Open Skies, which allows military aircraft from the US, Russia and 32 other nations to engage in aerial observation flights on each others' territories, in a move which is aimed at promoting transparency.
The Capitol Police issued an alert prior to the flight noting that an “authorized low-altitude aircraft” would be passing over without announcing its origins.

The recent flight is scheduled to be followed by another one over US President Donald Trump’s property in Bedminster, New Jersey, where he is currently vacationing.

According to a law enforcement source, US Air Force personnel were on board the Russian plane, which has the capability of engaging in various intelligence-gathering operations.

REMARKS: Not about this. But I will say remember Watergate, when they said they needed to send in plumbers to do that sort of work at the hotel? And now they need HVAC, which are plumbers that also do heating and air conditioning at the White House. Donald should hire an independent, have him come and inspect the work that is done, and watch him check out the heating/ac work, also have an independent person come and sweep the place and make sure they are not putting in unauthorized surveillance of him.

gina - 8/10/2017 at 10:50 PM

SEATTLE - What's going on there? been-circling-seattle-for-weeks-and-nobody-knows-why_08092017

"For the past two weeks the residents of Seattle have been witnessing a very strange occurrence. Day after day, a nondescript aircraft has been flying circles over their city, and the government hasn’t fully explained why it’s in the area. It’s been identified as a CN-235, and it’s only marking is an Air Force serial number. What we do know about the aircraft is that it is decked out with highly advanced surveillance equipment.

The heavily modified USAF CASA CN-235-300 transport aircraft was outfitted with elaborate information-gathering hardware, described in all of its apparent detail by the Drive. The aircraft’s callsign is SPUD21, and was in the air as recently as Friday on one of its patrols. Its equipment includes microwave and ultra-high frequency satellite communications gear, as well as a multitude of cutting-edge sensors. It is unmarked, save for the USAF serial on its tail: 66042. SPUD21 flies its missions out of Boeing Field, operating via Clay Lacy Aviation, rather than Boeing’s military ramp.

Though it has an Air Force serial number, it’s been difficult to pin down which government agency is operating the plane. The Drive contacted all of the usual suspects including NORTHCOM, Joint Task Force North, the U.S. Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC), U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM), and Wright Patterson Air Force Base. None of them would give a straight answer.

Despite denying it initially, eventually AFSOC confessed to owning the plane and claimed that it was engaged in a training mission. However, AFSOC was still pretty tight lipped about the mission. “They would not elaborate or did not know what unit the aircraft belonged to specifically or exactly what type of training it was doing and who else was involved.”

At this point, “training” sounds like a poor excuse. If it was something that innocent, why didn’t the military admit it right away? There’s no reason to hide something like that. Which has to make you wonder if this strange plane is really on a training mission, or if something very serious is going down in Seattle."

Remarks: I have no idea why they would be over Seattle. The only thing I am aware of is people are concerned about nefarious elements of our own govt. possibly planning to blow up the Oroville Dam cutting off water to 130 million people and taking the gold that lies in that area, but I don't want to spread gossip ( ) even though there is very good video footage of things going on there.

If the US has a 'national emergency' created by forces/entities outside this country, then we go into a mode where the govt. has more control over everything; in the event that the event is done by rogue elements within our govt. they could launch their Continuity of Govt. plan (a nice way of saying martial law on a national basis) upon this country. There are anomalies going on, STILL in Colorado (the next center of government if and when the New World Order takes over), and other places, etc. etc. What the next disaster will be is anybody's guess.

gina - 8/10/2017 at 11:18 PM

EARTHEX2017 August 23rd

An exercise sponsored by FEMA and the U.S. Department of Energy set to take place on August 23 called EarthEX2017 will wargame responses to catastrophes such as mega earthquakes, cyber terrorism or high altitude electromagnetic pulse attacks. despread-power-outages-across-u-s-that-would-bring-society-to-its-knees_081 02017

gina - 8/12/2017 at 03:54 PM


Many people are prophesying these days, many of them have the same things to say, except this one was different. It was about the US launching a missile against a plane here in the US, the plane had blue and white on it, and there is ONLY one that does, it could be Air Force One.

We know the globalists want Trump out of power. We know they would do anything to make that happen. We had that pastor from Africa, Rodney Howard Brown speaking to actual Senators in DC recently when one of them told him that there were people in DC who were going to see to it that Trump was out of power.
Roger Stone and the newly formed 45 Group

This may be how they will do it; then they can blame Russia or any other nation and use it as a pretext to go into full blown war.

Lyn Leahz received some prophecies recently one of which was that there would be actual Russian subs that would launch nukes during the Christmas holiday season causing a tsunami for the New England coastline. Then we have John Moore, former military man who gave lectures at meetings saying that 8/17 and 9/26 were dates the military were given to stay away from the coastlines, because with the solar eclipse, the magnetic pole shift, the asteroids coming around but not hitting the earth, the risks of tsunamis was greatest on those two dates than any other time.

Many are receiving messages regarding California - earthquakes - land changes, Los Angeles (nuke) and Chicago (nuke - from Russia). People in these areas cannot just uproot their lives, but they need to be aware, if disaster is coming, have some kind of plan to leave if you can relocate.

I will put up the prophecies because people need to be aware of them. Those who are called to move/relocate will know it. The others, just like in the time of Noah, will laugh and scoff.

[Edited on 8/12/2017 by gina]

gina - 8/13/2017 at 08:40 PM


Saudi Arabia wanted to strike at Irans National Security

TEHRAN (FNA)- The documents released by the Yemen Cyber Army after it hacked the Saudi Foreign Ministry in May showed that former Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal in a letter to Chief of the Royal Court Khalid al-Tuwaijri has proposed adoption of a plan to harm Iran's national security.

The Saudi Foreign Ministry was hacked by the Yemen Cyber Army in May, and a copy of its information was sent to FNA and another one to the whistleblower website WikiLeaks.

In the letter, Faisal mentions an article in a Persian-language daily, Keyhan, that has covered the Saudi rulers' cruelty against its population and the existence of several torture and interrogation centers in Saudi Arabia.

Then the former minister proposes different means and methods to stir unrest in Iran with the help of opposition forces, social media, newspapers, magazines and websites.

The former Saudi foreign minister says he has received a letter from the Saudi embassy in Tehran that has offered 7 ways to foment unrest in Iran and damage the country's national security.

The 7 ways are as follows:

1. Launching propaganda campaign on events happening in Iran,
2. Shifting media focus on Iran's role in Arab states,
3. Establishing TV channels, in addition to the present Saudi media outlets, and inviting experts for negative campaign against Iran,
4. Setting up Persian-language analysis and news networks,
5. Using Salafi TV and Radio networks and sending religious missionaries to Iran,
6. Preparing and briefing Saudi pilgrims on how to influence Iranians,
7. Receiving aid from Iranian dissidents to gain intelligence from inside Iran and using them to fight against Iran's political system and movements in the region.

At the end of the letter, Faisal writes that proposal number five is not possible at present, given Iran's high intelligence superiority over its internal affairs.

He also says that with regard to proposal number 6, care should be taken in order not to inspire anyone with the idea that the Hajj rituals are turning political.

And on using Iranian dissidents, he says, the Saudi spy agency should decide.


Nawaz Sharif calls for Revolution (Civil War) Within Pakisan trek-ends-170812203751166.html

Pakistan's former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has called for "a change and revolution" as he ended a four-day procession from Islamabad to Lahore. Addressing tens of thousands of supporters in his party's eastern stronghold on Saturday, Sharif criticised the Supreme Court for his removal, saying he would "not sit at home now" and would "change the fate of the country".

"This country belongs to 200 million people and not the few who ousted me, disrespecting your vote." "Who are those people who have disqualified me? Are they themselves qualified?" he asked the crowd, which responded with chants of "Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif".

REMARKS: Funny that he feels the same way Pervez Musharraf felt. He wants to fight for the sovereignty of his country against special interests. The politics in Pakistan is worse than in Washington. And then you have foreign countries who have their own desires and agendas for the country (like that oil in Balochistan that the US and certain foreign partners would like to 'help' Pakistan manage), not to mention their nuclear arsenal.

gina - 8/16/2017 at 12:25 AM

NORTH KOREA - Kim Jung Un said the ball was in Trump's court. General Mattis said if North Korea bombs Guam, then it's "game on".

This is interesting. Enginer used in North Korean missiles were developed for Russia's use. -missiles-were-intended-only-for-russia-kiev.ashx

KIEV:Ukraine's space agency said Tuesday that the engines used for North Korean missiles were made at a Ukrainian factory for Russia's use only. "Such engines were made up to 2001 by Ukraine's Yushmash" for space rockets, Ukraine's acting space agency chief Yuriy Radchenko told journalists. The engines and the rockets "were made at Yushmash in the interests of Russia," he added.

IRAN - Iran is threatening to resign from the non-nuclear agreement from 2015, reportedly within hours iif the US continues imposing sanctions on them. "Those who try to return to the language of threats and sanctions are prisoners of their past delusions," he said in the televised address. "If they want to go back to that experience, definitely in a short time -- not weeks or months, but in the scale of hours and days -- we will return to our previous situation very much stronger."

Rouhani said Trump had shown he was an unreliable partner not just for Iran but for U.S. allies. "In recent months, the world has witnessed that the U.S., in addition to its constant and repetitive breaking of its promises in the JCPOA (nuclear deal), has ignored several other global agreements and shown its allies that the U.S. is neither a good partner nor a reliable negotiating party," he said.

Rouhani also spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin Monday night, vowing to build on their joint military efforts across the region."Tehran welcomes the active presence of Russia's investors... in major infrastructure projects including in the fields of industry and energy," his office said. raw-from-nuclear-deal-if-us-keeps-imposing-sanctions

REMARKS: Iran and Russia are aligned. As are Syria and Russia, we can no longer issue threats against countries we could have overcome in earlier times, because they have back up these days and no one really wants 'mutually assured destruction' which is what a Russia, US nuclear war would bring.

SYRIA - I think there will not be an escalation in war over there or Turkey, because this is the time the Saudi Royal family vacations on the French and Mediterranean Rivera, war will just have to wait. Before you say 300 suitcases, remember that's for 150 people which means, 2 suitcases per person, even I as a commoner would need more than 2 suitcases. They travel light. -arrives-in-turkeys-bodrum-with-300-suitcases

However; Saudi is still involved in tactical operations, even in their own land. emolished

AFGHANISTAN - The Afghan Taliban are asking Trump to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. They still have hope. The Taliban letter, which sought to flatter Trump for initiating the Afghan policy review, also warned against handing it to "warmongering generals."

"You must also not hand over the Afghan issue to warmongering generals, but must make a decision where history shall remember you as an advocate of peace," Taliban’s letter said, addressing Trump. "We have noticed that you have understood the errors of your predecessors and have resolved to thoroughly rethinking your new strategy in Afghanistan," it added.

The letter also offered a long list of complaints against Afghanistan's US-orchestrated unity government.

It also referred to a newly formed coalition of disgruntled warlords formed at a meeting last month in Turkey as an opposition bloc to Afghan President Ashraf Ghani.

US Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction said in its most recent report that the Taliban militants hold sway in nearly 50 percent of the country. The war in Afghanistan is the longest in US history with a cost of about $1 trillion. More than 2,400 Americans have died and another 20,000 have been wounded in the country since the invasion in 2001.

[Edited on 8/16/2017 by gina]

gina - 8/16/2017 at 12:41 AM


EXPANDED REPORT IRAQI SHIITES READY TO JOIN ISIS e-militias-pledge-to-take-part-in-next-daesh-fight.ashx?utm_source=Magnet&a mp;utm_medium=Recommended%20Articles%20widget&utm_campaign=Magnet%20too ls

BAGHDAD: Iraq's Shiite militias announced on Monday they will participate in the next major battle against Daesh (ISIS) after the Iraqi forces' victory in Mosul last month. The spokesman for the government-sanctioned umbrella - known as the Popular Mobilization Forces or PMF and mostly made up of Shiite militias - says the participation of the militiamen is "essential" in the upcoming fight for the town of Tal Afar, west of Mosul. About 150 kilometers east of the Syrian border, Tal Afar was once home to both Shiites and Sunni ethnic Turkmen. "Today we want to speak loud and clear that [the PMF] are actively involved in Tal Afar military operations and will participate in all areas where operations are taking place," Ahmed al-Asadi told reporters in Baghdad.

REMARKS: Sectarian war in Iraq is leading to the Shiites merging with Isis (Sunnis) against the foreign troops (US). Civil War in Iraq.

VENEZUELA a-pose-risk-to-us-says-cia-chief/

CIA Director Mike Pompeo claimed Venezuela is overrun with Iranians, Hezbollah, Cubans and Russians in response to questions about Donald Trump’s statements about US military intervention.
Pompeo appeared on Fox News Sunday where he responded to comments made by President Donald Trump on Friday, in which he said there was “a possible military option” for Venezuela. The CIA head said he believes Trump’s comments were an effort to “give the Venezuelan people hope and opportunity to create a situation where democracy can be restored.”

REMARKS: It's not our country, not our problem. The only nation we should be building up is our own.

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LUKE - 8/16/2017 at 02:45 AM

Gina,most of these spaghetti head's round here are programed to only rattle on about Trump,& hail Obama as the best since sliced bread.Sad but true.As we know life is but a vapor,and a thousand years a day to God.What one say's does not fall into the time line of human's.As simple mind's are at a disadvantage to digest and grasp the picture as a whole.I'd like ta say thank you for taking the time to post all that you do.And could give a rat's as* less ,what minor league comment's follow from most around here.Little people with small mind's.Shrug it off & keep on truckin!
LMAO! Watch and read what follows this post.They are as predictable as right as rain.On the other hand.Most of em might be out tearing down confederate statue's at this time.

PhotoRon286 - 8/17/2017 at 03:39 AM

Gina,most of these spaghetti head's round here are programed to only rattle on about Trump,& hail Obama as the best since sliced bread.Sad but true.As we know life is but a vapor,and a thousand years a day to God.What one say's does not fall into the time line of human's.As simple mind's are at a disadvantage to digest and grasp the picture as a whole.I'd like ta say thank you for taking the time to post all that you do.And could give a rat's as* less ,what minor league comment's follow from most around here.Little people with small mind's.Shrug it off & keep on truckin!
LMAO! Watch and read what follows this post.They are as predictable as right as rain.On the other hand.Most of em might be out tearing down confederate statue's at this time.

Holy crap, are you an idiot.

Learn wott an apostrophe is all about, moron.

I realize you didn't go past the fourth grade, but hell, spell check on your computer should fix half your mistakes.

gina - 8/17/2017 at 11:21 PM

C'mon now Ron, cheer up. I like Trump for a lot of his ideas, but I know he is a newbie for international politics and has a lot to learn. I don't think we should live in a country of revisionist, politically correct history.

Wars happened, slavery happened, but slavery has been around since they wrote the Bible, people had slaves and servants then. Nobody complains about that, they just complain about the South and anyone who had anything to do with that point in history. I know there were terrible things that happened during the slavery years here, but in some cases it was not terrible for those working on the plantations, they were more servers than servants (servants are usually treated as lowly subjects, are demeanded etc.), there are cases where some of the workers assisted and helped take care of the households. They cooked, they cleaned, they helped with the children. Today we call them housekeepers and they get paid or get free room and board, and people even take them on vacations with them. Highly paid musicians (in the 200 - 300+ million dollar income range) have nannies (who they don't call slaves) and they do the same things helping them manage their lives.

Robert E. Lee defended a way of life which was in place at that time. Those in the south at that time, also had the mindset that he had. The Northerners were in an industrial age, without plantations, so their outlook was different. The slavery/civil war was a clash of cultures, if the slaves had been white, nobody would have a chip on their shoulder today, it would have been though of as wealth wars, the haves using and abusing the have nots.

Yes those who worked the fields had it bad. Their jobs were rough, their housing was not the best, but culturally at that time, people believed that the servants/slaves were intellectually inferior to their bosses. Look at today, what does this civilized advanced world think of people in Africa who still cannot read, write, live in villages, with no education, no internet, with starvation and overpopulation in their lands? Should we say they are that way because they are stupid, or because the world has let them remain that way? Maybe instead of 'liberating' countries who don't want to be liberated, we should help bring the poor of the world up to reasonable living standards, teach them how to dig wells for fresh water, and how to grow food and irrigate their crops. The missionaries aren't going to do it all; where's the rest of humanity in the responsibility for it?

[Edited on 8/17/2017 by gina]

[Edited on 8/17/2017 by gina]

gina - 8/19/2017 at 08:31 PM

PROPHECY: 8-14-17 Lyn Leahz show

North Korea will destroy 35,000 sailors in battle, Pacific Ocean Then US does retaliates and Russia and China are covertly helping North Korea. Congress declares war on Russia and China.

LUKE - 8/20/2017 at 03:55 PM

Gina,most of these spaghetti head's round here are programed to only rattle on about Trump,& hail Obama as the best since sliced bread.Sad but true.As we know life is but a vapor,and a thousand years a day to God.What one say's does not fall into the time line of human's.As simple mind's are at a disadvantage to digest and grasp the picture as a whole.I'd like ta say thank you for taking the time to post all that you do.And could give a rat's as* less ,what minor league comment's follow from most around here.Little people with small mind's.Shrug it off & keep on truckin!
LMAO! Watch and read what follows this post.They are as predictable as right as rain.On the other hand.Most of em might be out tearing down confederate statue's at this time.

Holy crap, are you an idiot.

Learn wott an apostrophe is all about, moron.

I realize you didn't go past the fourth grade, but hell, spell check on your computer should fix half your mistakes.

wot ew alkin bout noW runnie

BrerRabbit - 8/20/2017 at 04:17 PM

culturally at that time, people believed that the servants/slaves were intellectually inferior

True. That attitude is still going strong in the present. You still believe that, as does Luke.

gina - 8/20/2017 at 09:26 PM

We all know some people have higher intellects than others, it is not necessarily due to race. There are very intelligent black people who contribute to humanity, just as there are whites etc. What I will say is if two people who have low intellect have children, the DNA those children get may reflect that, and thus they will be lower achievers. It is like if two people with retardation create a child, there is a greater likelihood their child will suffer the same thing as they have, the likelihood you will get a rocket scientist out of that coupling is not very high. Smart people breed other smart people.

[Edited on 8/26/2017 by gina]

gina - 8/20/2017 at 09:30 PM


The US is planning on conducting joint war drills.

"North Korea has warned the United States and South Korea against holding a planned joint military drill in the region amid the current high tensions. North Korea’s official Rodong Sinmun newspaper warned Washington and Seoul that conducting the war games next week would be like “pouring gasoline on fire,” media reported on Sunday.

“The joint exercise is the most explicit expression of hostility against us, and no one can guarantee that the exercise won’t evolve into actual fighting,” read an editorial carried by the newspaper. The US and South Korea are set to launch the Ulchi Freedom Guardian (UFG) joint military drill in South Korea on Monday. The drill, which involves tens of thousands of troops from the two countries, is viewed by Pyongyang as a threatening act of hostility and also as a rehearsal for a military invasion.

“The Ulchi Freedom Guardian joint military exercises will be like pouring gasoline on fire and worsen the state of the peninsula,” the editorial warned. “If the enemy provokes, [our military] will retaliate resolutely and strongly to make it regret bitterly,” said General Jeong Kyeong-Doo in his inauguration speech.

Pyongyang in response said that it would launch missiles into the waters near the US Pacific island of Guam, where US military troops are stationed and some 160,000 US citizens live. Last week, however, North Korea, which is under mounting international pressure over its missile and military nuclear programs, “postponed” the move.

REMARKS: We keep conducting war drills and expect North Korea to just sit back and do nothing. We need to stand down. We KNOW how to wage war, how much practice do we need?

gina - 8/20/2017 at 09:52 PM


Tomorrow Trump will deliver his Strategy for Afghanistan. rategy-monday/article/2632081

[Edited on 8/20/2017 by gina]

[Edited on 8/21/2017 by gina]

BrerRabbit - 8/20/2017 at 10:08 PM

There are very intelligent black people who contribute to humanity, just as there are whites etc.

Clever dodge. Yes or no, do think that the white race is intellectually superior to the black race?

Yes or no.

Bet you can't answer yes or no. You will shuck and jive with another lecture on DNA, or how great the slaves were treated.

gina - 8/20/2017 at 10:17 PM

I don't think you can categorize an entire race of people like that, but I do think there are more black people in the world than white people, and in rural areas of Africa where they are still living in villages without the advancements white people have, then yes we are more intelligent than them.

BrerRabbit - 8/20/2017 at 10:24 PM

Pretty good try, looks like a chicken **** "yes" to me. At least your charlottesvlle nazi pals have the guts to say what they are.

gina - 8/20/2017 at 11:20 PM

New Harbinger Cycles

Check out the 8:00 minute mark. Two thousand years ago, in Isaiah 9:10 it was written about a nation what would be punished. In 1980 when they created the One Year Bible, this is the verse that corresponds with 9-11-01. Coincidence?

His new book first glimpse of the paradigm comes out 9-19-17

If you have no read the Harbinger, you need to because it explains how and why NYC was attacked, and how it will ultimately be destroyed.

[Edited on 8/20/2017 by gina]

gina - 8/21/2017 at 12:04 AM
12 events that will happen from 8-21-17 thru 9-30-17

Listen to the whole thing but highlights are:

9-21-17 9-21-17 Tel Aviv and US events UN Int’l Day of Peace, Trump gives speech. "Things will unravel in time, there will be a staged event in Tel Aviv on that day". (on the scale of 9-11-01?)

One of the biggest ones is Yom Kippur 9-29-17 The Day of Atonement, and the emergency of the raising of our debt ceiling expires.

9-30-17 If our govt. does not get a budget together or raise the debt ceiling again, we have the govt. shutdown.

gina - 8/21/2017 at 12:15 AM


Congressional Expert, Peter Vincent Pry warns about Shining Star Satellite, North Korea - that they can strike us with an EMP

So warned Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, executive director of the Congressional Task Force on National and Homeland Security and chief of staff of the Congressional EMP Commission. We have no missile defense system to stop this thing, because Obama cancelled the program that could have stopped it.

Learn More: t-north-korea-satellites-orbiting-u-s-could-be-used-for-surprise-emp-attack /

[Edited on 8/21/2017 by gina]

BrerRabbit - 8/21/2017 at 01:40 AM

What I will say is if two people who do not have low intellect have children, the DNA those children get may reflect that, and thus they will be lower achievers.

Interesting. So following your logic, would the converse hold? That if two people who do not have high intellect have children, the DNA those children get may reflect that, and thus they will be higher achievers?

gina - 8/21/2017 at 10:11 PM

They might be if they do not want to live the pathetic lives their low intellect parents do; but by and large, those with higher intellect have smarter children than those with less intellect. You've heard the phrase stupid people shouldn't breed haven't you? I'm sure you and everybody can find plenty of examples all around them as examples.

Muleman1994 - 8/21/2017 at 11:26 PM

What is the difference between a white supremacist and an Islamic Extremist Terrorist?
The left condemns one but not the other.

BrerRabbit - 8/22/2017 at 12:50 AM

Your statement:

by and large, those with higher intellect have smarter children than those with less intellect

is in direct conflict with your other statement:

What I will say is if two people who do not have low intellect have children, the DNA those children get may reflect that, and thus they will be lower achievers.

gina - 8/26/2017 at 04:52 PM

What is the difference between a white supremacist and an Islamic Extremist Terrorist?
The left condemns one but not the other.

I have problems with both of those designations, because the neo Nazis claim to be white supremecists but really they are just very hate filled people. Islamic terrorists are not really Islamic anyway, they are just fascists with falseness in their doctrine.

Any group that believes they are superior to another group, could temper that with compassion and plans and programs to allow the lesser people to live with dignity. I know America tried this when we created the housing projects for poor, uneducated black people to have housing. They were new apartment structures and then we provided food (food stamps) for them and their children. The people were not appreciative, they destroyed their housing creating drug and violence laden ghettos creating the stereotypes people have today. The projects are full of crime, violence. It did not have to be that way. The elites have noticed these things and they have a plan for everyone.

They want to de-populate the world so that there are only 500 million people left in it. That is the number of people who can work, maintain the planet and it's resources (food, water, fuel). Everybody else has got to go.

People nowadays are getting caught up and trapped in these movements that are being run and directed by the power elite. Black Lives Matter is being controlled from behind the scenes by George Soros. The goal, create race riots, civil war, martial law, round up people and get them in the concentration camps to control and then kill them; and people are falling for this hook, singer and line, like the poor dumb fish in the pond who sees bait, grabs it, and then is no more.

People need to stop fighting against each other and recognize the real threat and that is the new world order.

gina - 8/26/2017 at 04:59 PM

The biggest terror we face is not from Isis or North Korea or Russia - though there is prophecy that Russia will nuke us eventually to stop the anti-Christ from taking over America. They are a Christian nation, and that means there will be lots of opposition to them. But right here, right now this is what we are up against.

"Bill Ayers and George Soros are teammates that have one thing in common. They want people like you to die."

PART 1 roups-are-destroying-america-from-within/


"The short answer to the question of what do they want, what is their final objective, can be answered very succinctly. They want you are your type dead. They plan to murder you and people like you and have stated so in the past."

Former FBI informant, Larry Gratwohl, while appearing on The Common Sense Show, revealed that he testified in a court of law that Ayers and Dohrn had direct involvement in a terrorist plot which killed San Francisco police sergeant, Brian V. McDonnell, by a bomb made and planted by these Weathermen Underground terrorists.

Grathwohl also revealed that he asked Ayers, the founder of the radical 1960’s Communist revolutionary group known as the Weatherman Underground, in a meeting of about 25 well-to do Weatherman, most with advanced degrees from Ivy League Universities, what the Weathermen planned to do when they achieved their goal of a communist take over the government.

Grathwohl stated that Ayers paused for a moment and then said that it was likely that about 50 million Americans will have to be re-educated in concentration camps located in the American Southwest and that about 25 million would have to be eliminated, meaning that they would have to be murdered. Please keep in mind that these numbers would be greatly inflated today because Ayer’s statement was made to Grathwohl in 1968.

The Soros and Ayers movement have two primary goals:
1.The destruction of the Constitution of the United States
2.The elimination of anyone who is not onboard with the new regime, as per Larry Grathwohl.

These radicals want you dead! Some may ask, “Dave, who are they, which groups of people are most risk”? The DHS report, known as the MIAC report provide some valuable insight to this question.

•Ron Paul, Bob Barr and Chuck Baldwin supporters.

•According to this Homeland Security report, all it takes to fit the terrorist profile is to have general anti-government feelings or prefer local/state government to federal control over everything.

•Anyone favoring the 10th Amendment and States Rights.

•Second Amendment Supporters.

•Those opposed to abortion.

•Those opposed to unrestrained immigration.

•Christian conservatives.


•Those concerned with the loss of US sovereignty.


Do you fit into any of the above categories? The subversive leaders like Bill Ayers and George Soros want you dead and they want to reduce the population of these categories of American citizens by murdering tens of millions. These are the words of Bill Ayers, these are not my words" nt-you-re-educated-or-dead/

gina - 8/26/2017 at 05:30 PM

THE STAGES FOR INTERNAL WAR IN AMERICA - How They Do it tion-against-the-people/

The first stage of a revolution, is a war of ideas and a campaign for the truth.

Certainly, fake news is at the center of this. The Russian collusion delusion also fits intot his paradigm. Stage one is about the control of the narrative.



Stage two of a revolution consists of civil disobedience. This stage has to do with george Soros and paid protesters. This is about a contrived racially motivated civil war. Yes they WILL TRY to do it thru a race war.

1. The passage of the John Warner Defense bill removed all the firewalls between the people and subjugation by federally controlled troops. A scant few spoke out and nobody resisted.

2. The passage of the NDAA, eliminated all due process as it permitted the administration to arrest and indefinitely detain any American without due process. This is what makes the Jade Helm political “Red List” extractions legal and subsequent population relocation legal. A scant few spoke out and nobody resisted.

3. Obama’s declaration, through Executive Order 13603, proclaiming the authority seize control over any and all assets in the country and to invoke slave labor at Obama’s whim. A scant few spoke out and nobody resisted. This is the blueprint for the total takeover of the US should the globalists ver recapture the White House.

4. Obama’s announced intention to seize all “military grade weapons”. Obama’s definition of a military style weapon is anything that can shoot a bullet. You will soon be reading that all newly produced firearms have a microchip in them so they can be tracked. Any totalitarian regime can cut the legs out of a revolution by disarming the people. When the American people are under the control of Jade Helm, I predict that gun confiscations will begin through Executive Order. A scant few will speak out and nobody will resist.


When Stalin’s forces were dragging a third of the Russians out of their homes, it was too late for the Russians to fight back because the ideological base of resistance, and a sense of collective action, through civil disobedience, had not been built. THIS WAS THE STALINIST OBJECTIVE OF JADE HELM.

Remember, any kind resistance to tyranny will not succeed unless there is an attitude of defiance towards the tyranny. Tyrants require minions to carry out their tyranny.

Stage one is about regaining control of the White House with a globalist President. This is why trump faces, either assassination or impeachment on fake charges. The newest allegations that Trump is a racist is a part of this plot against the people.

Stage one is nearly complete. Stage two is underway and our Constitution and the people, as a whole are under attack. When Trump is out of the way, stages two and three will commence with a vengeance.

BrerRabbit - 8/26/2017 at 07:36 PM

I'm surprised they allow you internet access in there. How are you pulling this off? Sneaking into an unstaffed nurse's station?

gina - 8/28/2017 at 11:42 PM


An investigative report by a Bulgarian journalist says Saudi Arabia and the UAE have supplied Eastern European-made weapons to armed groups in Syria and Iraq using different intermediaries and diplomatic cover to mask their points of origin and final destinations.

The report, authored by Dilyana Gaytandzhiev, claims Saudi Arabia, UAE, the US military and several countries have used Azerbaijani state-owned airlines Silk Way Airlines to transport large quantities of weapons that ended up in the hands of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, known as ISIS) group, Kurdish fighters in the Middle East and armed groups in Africa.

"At least 350 diplomatic Silk Way Airlines flights transported weapons for war conflicts across the world over the last 3 years," says the report, published in Trud, Bulgaria's largest circulated newspaper.

"The state aircrafts of Azerbaijan carried on-board tens of tons of heavy weapons and ammunition headed to terrorists under the cover of diplomatic flights."

According to the report, "Saudi Arabia has purchased huge quantities of Eastern European weapons and exported them using Silk Way Airline's diplomatic flights.

"In 2016, 2017 there were 23 diplomatic flights carrying weapons from Bulgaria, Serbia and Azerbaijan to Jeddah and Riyadh".

Gaytandzhiev says in the report: "The Kingdom [of Saudi Arabia] does not buy those weapons for itself, as the Saudi army uses only Western weapons and those weapons are not compatible with its military standard.

"Therefore, the weapons transported on diplomatic flights end up in the hands of terrorist militants in Syria and Yemen that Saudi Arabia officially admits supporting."

Citing leaked documents that detail flight paths and weapons cargo of the diplomatic flights, the report shows one aircraft loaded with mortars and anti-tank grenades including SPG-9 and GP-25 which were later discovered by the Iraqi army a month ago in an ISIL warehouse in Mosul.

A joint investigation by Al Jazeera and the New York Times revealed a joint CIA-Saudi operation that supplied weapons to Syrian fighters by shipping through Jordan.

Many of the weapons, the investigation revealed, were stolen by Jordanian officers of the General Intelligence Department. sfers-170827115154085.html

Remarks: The US sends weapons overseas through the Direct Sales Program under the auspices and control and authorization of the State Department. If we want to make America Great Again, we should stop sending weapons that end up in the hands of those who murder native people in their own countries as well as US peacekeeping forces in those places.

gina - 8/29/2017 at 09:47 PM

NORTH KOREA - There was a meeting today regarding North Korea's disregard for the decisions of the United Nations. They sent a missile over Hokkaido, Japan last night and that cannot be tolerated. If we strike them, you know they will retaliate, IF the mainland of the US gets hit, here could be consequences you have not even imagined.

The United Nations was given the authority to take over the country in times of civil unrest (ie. civil war) or national emergency. The troops they would be using as their army are foreign troops, which is what was practiced in Jade Helm 16, using foreign troops against US citizens to quell any insurrection that might occur. It would be instilling martial law. The deep state people want that, they are behind the Antifa violence and protest marches. For those who do not like Trump, bear in mind he is the one thing standing between you and martial law in this country, because the democrats want the one world order ushered in; the way they will do it is to provoke a civil war or take advantage of natural disasters, or wars from other places upon the US or it's allies. r-us-in-time-of-civil-unrest/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_cam paign=un-says-its-poised-to-take-over-us-in-time-of-civil-unrest

gina - 8/29/2017 at 10:21 PM


South Korean President Moon Jae-in has pushed for a new plan for a rapid war with North Korea and an overhaul of the country's defense industry to overwhelm and crush the North's government, the South Korean newspaper The Chosun Ilbo reported Tuesday.

The Defense Ministry briefed Moon on an "aggressive wartime action plan led by our military," the paper reported, citing sources from Cheong Wa Dae, the South Korean equivalent of the White House.

For some time, South Korea has been training a "decapitation force," reportedly with the help of the US Navy's SEAL Team 6, but now an increasingly bold North Korea may demand quicker action.
South Korea's new plan identifies more than 1,000 targets for precision missile fires and sites for marines to drop in and quickly kill North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, the paper reported. 2232777.html

Remarks: While the UN met peacefully to discuss what to do about North Korea, Kim Jung Un fired another missile today. I don't think this is going to end well for anybody. ballistic-missile-to-counter-s-korea-us-drills

[Edited on 8/29/2017 by gina]

BrerRabbit - 8/29/2017 at 11:10 PM thx

BrerRabbit - 8/29/2017 at 11:12 PM

What did you do to get the password to the hospital internet? Some orderlies will do anything for some action looks like.

gina - 9/2/2017 at 08:13 PM

Don't resort to such things Brother, it would be beneath you!

BrerRabbit - 9/2/2017 at 10:19 PM

Hahaha! Touche. Well, the fact that we all keep returning to the Whipping Post speaks volumes about our character. The one thing we all have in common, we are Whipping Post slummers.

gina - 9/3/2017 at 10:56 PM

We are all on the same planet facing the same things. This is awful. Betting on Hurricane Irma. The greatest terror we face may be from those right here in America who want to bring in the new world order.
Houston Evacuees Taken to Walmart Tidwell Road, FEMA Center.
No More civilian help able to be used. The military has taken over.
UN helicopters
Walmart and the RFID and the govt.

[Edited on 9/3/2017 by gina]

gina - 9/5/2017 at 08:53 PM

NORTH KOREA - "preparing to send the US more gift packages" b-sanctions-S-Korea-UN

Han Tae Song, the ambassador of North Korea to the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, made the remark on Tuesday, while addressing the UN-sponsored Conference on Disarmament.

“The US will receive more 'gift packages' from my country as long as it relies on reckless provocations and futile attempts to put pressure on the [Democratic People's Republic of Korea] DPRK,” the North Korean official said without elaborating. rheads-north-korean-icbm-reportedly-9185938

gina - 9/8/2017 at 12:00 AM

We are having X and M class solar flares right now. This is stuff we have been using up in space. Maybe we shouldn't be doing this. ith-nuclear-weapon-force-2017-9
Tamitha Skov

gina - 9/10/2017 at 11:13 PM

I know you are wondering if there will be a 9-11 story, and actually I have a new one you have not heard, but in light of the current problems the people in Florida are facing, I think we need to have a little sensitivity to that; HOWEVER this year information has come to light with the hypothesis that HARVEY and IRMA have been artificially created storms. No I am not going to say our govt. did it, although they have the technology to do it.

I have seen some streaming videos showing anomalies coming from Antarctica which effected the Jet Stream. What's down there? There is a lot of information. Some say an alien base is there, others say it is the place of the abyss where Satan has been kept until his 1,000 years was up and then he is free to roam thru the world messing people up. The question is why are weather anomalies coming from there?

For those who think weather CANNOT be manipulated, scientists KNOW that it can.
Michio Kaku interview CBS
History Channel
Holes in Heaven
harp damaging the ionosphere nce-uaf-takeover/
UAF takeover of Haarp

REMARKS: It is NOT just the United States that has HAARP stations active and uses them. Russia has at least one, Norway has one, and it is believed there are 20 more around the world. So ostensibly another nation that is angry with us could effect our weather, cause storms, earthquakes etc. Using the weather as a weapon is immoral, unethical and should not be accepted. Does the US do that? Sadly to say the answer is yes we have, it was done in Viet Nam, in Iraq and other places to gain advantages over the other troops. Where is this from? Our military believes they will "own the weather" by 2025.

My belief is that God owns everything, the earth, the sky, the planet, the resources. Mankind wants to control everything. Mankind kills, quarrels, covets, and at some times God smites man using one group against another allowing victory until he punishes with his weapons, which are wind, water, fire. He needs no nukes. Those so called "rods of God" we have up in space are an arrogant blasphemy to him, and if he allows our power grid to be taken down at some point in time, that would be his answer to our effing around up in space and with his atmosphere that he created to sustain the planet and us. The atmosphere provides the sun and water to grow crops, but mankind wants to control that with Monsanto. God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. He told you what would happen on the earth, plagues, pestilence etc. He just did not tell you that mankind is the one that will cause them, he will just allow it to happen to teach mankind a lesson. There are some videos that suggest Harvey, Irma and Jose and Katia were caused by manmade technology manipulating the weather. God knows best. All you can do it try to get out of the way if you see one coming, and pray and reaffirm your allegiance to him, he will make a way out of your situation where there seems to be no way, just believe.

RE: 9-11-01?

Yes 9-11-01 was caused by multinational states who plan to take away state sovereignty to institute their one world order so the antichrist can take over and be the world leader. How else could he do that unless state sovereignty was taken away? How do you take away state sovereignty? By having wars and taking down governments and regimes, then combine them with other countries. The global financial crisis will necessitate a need to consolidate resources among the countries creating blocs of countries pooling their finances together to stay afloat. Britain had to leave the European Union for financial reasons. That is the start of it.

[Edited on 9/10/2017 by gina]

gina - 9/11/2017 at 10:33 PM

No this is not the news story that I mentioned which you have not heard. I really have to consider if I bring that out at this time. Meanwhile on this day I will share this from John Kiriakou. Who is he?

John Kiriakou is a former CIA counterterrorism officer and a former senior investigator with the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. John became the sixth whistleblower indicted by the Obama administration under the Espionage Act - a law designed to punish spies. He served 23 months in prison as a result of his attempts to oppose the Bush administration's torture program. -victim-of-september-11th-too

gina - 9/12/2017 at 09:25 PM


The UN approved it's strongest sanctions to date on North Korea. North Korea has answered.

Han Tae-song, the ambassador of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) to the United Nations, made the comments on Tuesday at the UN-sponsored Conference on Disarmament in Geneva.

“The Washington regime fired up for political, economic, and military confrontation,” said the diplomat, accusing Washington of being “obsessed with the wild game of reversing the DPRK’s development of nuclear force which has already reached the completion phase.”

He categorically rejected "the latest illegal and unlawful UN Security Council resolution.”

The North is “ready to use a form of ultimate means,” Han said without elaborating. “The forthcoming measures by DPRK will make the US suffer the greatest pain it ever experienced in its history.” S-UNSC

REMARKS: What do you suppose a "form of ultimate means" and "the forthcoming measures by DPRK will make the US suffer the greatest pain it ever experienced in its history." Sounds like war drums to me, and this time any war means nuclear.

gina - 9/14/2017 at 11:59 PM


North Korea has threatened to use nuclear weapons against neighboring Japan and “sink” the island country.
“Japan is no longer needed to exist near us. The four islands of the archipelago should be sunken into the sea by the nuclear bomb of Juche,” North Korea’s official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) said on Thursday, citing a statement by the Korea Asia-Pacific Peace Committee.

The Korea Asia-Pacific Peace Committee, an affiliate of the North’s ruling Workers’ Party, said on Thursday that “A telling blow should be dealt to them [the Japanese] who have not yet come to senses after the launch of our [intercontinental ballistic missile] ICBM over the Japanese archipelago.”

“The army and people of the [Democratic People’s Republic of Korea] DPRK are unanimously demanding that the Yankees, chief culprit in cooking up the ‘sanctions resolution,’ be beaten to death as a stick is fit for a rabid dog,” the North’s committee further said on Thursday, as cited by the KCNA.

“Now is the time to annihilate the US imperialist aggressors. Let’s reduce the US mainland into ashes and darkness,” it went on to say. hes sponse-to-sanctions-fm/
They will redouble nuke missile tests in response to US sanctions. So where does it end?

REMARKS: As a policy, I do not believe in pre-emptively attacking any nation. With North Korea, there are a couple of things that need to be addressed.

1) Do they have the competency to launch weapons to accomplish their stated goals?

2) Is their technology reliable enough for them to be able to hit and decimate their targets, or are they a bunch of a-holes who couldn't hit the side of a barn?

IF they have the weapons and the technological competence to destroy Japan and/or Guam and/or hit the coastlines of the US, then something must be done to stop this. General Mattis will have to look these things and make a decision. The questions of how many lives could be lost IF we wait to blow them to hell till AFTER they have struck Japan, Guam or mainland USA, versus, how many losses would there be if we launch a pre-emptive strike need to be considered. There has been prophecy that 35,000 navy personnell would die if they hit Guam. Could this number be reduced by a pre-emptive strike on them?

[Edited on 9/15/2017 by gina]

gina - 9/15/2017 at 12:19 AM

NORTH KOREA 09-14-0004

They have rallies to hail how their leader is fighting back yankee imperialism. One writer recently said he knew how to solve the North Korean problem. Drip millions of free i-phones over the country for the poor peasants. Put a satellite up giving them FREE Wi-Fi internet access. When the common people see how the rest of the world is living, they will be pissed off enough to start their OWN revolution and take back their country. Yes that sounds wacko, but is it any more unreal than the leaflets we drop over Afghanistan? During the early war years, the mujahids laughed when they read them, now they just get pissed off because the war has gone on too long.

But consider the idea, the people in North Korea have no idea how people live anyplace else. Could some stealth planes drop leaflets over the country to get the people to see other things? Start a grassroots subterfuge movement. Hmmmm.


The United Nations security council will meet within hours – at 3pm ET (7pm GMT) Friday – to discuss the latest North Korean missile test.

On Monday, the council unanimously agreed to boost sanctions against the country, including a ban on textile exports and a ceiling on imports of crude oil.

Retired Vice Admiral Yoki Koda, of the Japanese maritime self-defence force, has told broadcaster NHK that the missile is likely to be the new intermediate-range Hwasong-12 – as used by North Korea in August, and the weapon Kim Jong-un threatened to use on Guam:

The flying time and the altitude and the flying distance and the time it flew … it flew just under 20 minutes and it landed in waters 2,000km east of Cape Erimo.

It is believed that the flight distance is about 3,400km … North Korea could have been aiming slightly north and was not aiming for straight in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. So that would reduce the possibility that it was a Hwasong-14.

The distance was similar to last time. If the missile flew on the same trajectory as last time, and if it had flown about 8,000km, it would have fallen north and it would have been near the Aleutian Islands.

It is flying a similar course as last time … I think it is quite likely that it was the second launch of the Hwasong-12.

South Korea’s central bank will also hold an emergency meeting, Yonhap news agency reports, “to review contingency plan to stabilise markets if necessary”. sile-over-japan-live-updates 4221944101.html
Photo of launch site.

[Edited on 9/15/2017 by gina]

gina - 9/17/2017 at 10:41 PM

Paul Begley 9-17-17

Published on Sep 17, 2017 also "Secret Meeting" Jared Kushner and the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman and other Arab Muslim leaders in Jerusalem "Path to Peace Middle East also Help Us Spread the Word also also also also also also Get Pastor Paul's New DVD "Rapture Ready" @ Link:

Tuesday General Assembly at the United Nations.

Paul Begley does a live show Sunday night 7 pm.

gina - 9/19/2017 at 04:24 PM


While President Trump was critical of Iran and it's pursuit of nuclear power and called on other nations to assist the US putting pressure on them, officials in Europe have a different opinion on the matter. tain-Iran-Nuclear-Deal

Senior Iranian officials also reject the idea of renegotiating the deal that was done in 2015.

"EHRAN (FNA)- Chairman of the Iranian Parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Alaeddin Boroujerdi underlined that Tehran may not renegotiate the 2015 nuclear deal with the world powers.
"No negotiations will be held for a change in the nuclear deal and the US is required to implement it as a signatory to the international document which is also backed by a UN Security Council resolution," Boroujerdi told reporters in Tehran on Tuesday.

He described the US demand for reviewing the nuclear deal as "illegal, unacceptable and illogical".
In relevant remarks earlier today, Iranian Supreme Leader's top aide for international affairs Ali Akbar Velayati underlined his country's strong opposition to the renegotiation on the internationally-endorsed 2105 nuclear deal with the world powers. "The Islamic Republic of Iran will not renegotiate the nuclear deal at all," Velayati told reporters in Tehran on Tuesday. Noting that the nuclear deal was the result of long negotiations between Iran and the Group 5+1 (the US, Russia, China, Britain and France plus Germany), he said, "Any doubt and buyer's remorse by any country about the agreement is not accepted at all and we don’t accept such proposals (for renegotiations)."

Also in April, Iranian Vice-President and Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Ali Akbar Salehi underlined that Tehran would never accept to renegotiate its 2015 nuclear deal with the world powers. "We are not supposed to renegotiate the nuclear deal. The negotiations have been held and we have said this on different occasions. Therefore, the nuclear deal will remain as it is and this will benefit all," Salehi said.

"Actually, there is no more room for renegotiating the nuclear deal," he stressed.

European Union's foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini, says the nuclear agreement signed between Iran and the P5+1 group of countries works fine and belongs to the entire world, not just the United States. “I have said many times that the agreement is working fine, [and] the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) [has] confirmed several times that Iran is fulfilling its obligations,” Mogherini said on Monday. k-Federica-Mogherini-Boris-Johnson-Mohammad-Javad-Zarif-JCPOA

Remarks: Sorry Donald, renegotiating the nuclear deal with Iran is probably not happening.

[Edited on 9/19/2017 by gina]

gina - 9/19/2017 at 04:38 PM

Additional Commentary:

The reluctance of European and other nations to want renegotiation on the Iran sanctions/deal for denuclearization has many sides to it. First, they believe Iran is complying with what was agreed to, so if they are not in default, why re-negotiate. Second point, many other nations want to to trade deals with Iran, whom they have come to know as a trusted trade partner. Example see below. Should we sanction Russia for doing deals with Iran? South Korea, one of our allies, whom we will defend with NATO troops against North Korean aggression is financing the deal between Russia and Iran, should we punish South Korea? We cannot.

We need to recognize Europe and other nations are in tacit agreements with Iran and other countries. We cannot stand there as the world's policemen and tell any or all of them what to do, especially because they have economic considerations, which are important to the well being and financial security of their own countries and their people. If nothing else, a re-assessment of all these nations and their trade deals would seem to be in order. nergy-ties

The Industrial Development and Renovation Organization of Iran (IDRO) and Russian Trade and Economic Development Council (RTEDC) signed an agreement in Tehran on Tuesday to expand cooperation in rail, oil and gas, renewable energies, and auto industries. The agreement also addresses a $2.5-billion financing for co-manufacturing of 1,000 freight, passenger and subway wagons during a 3-5 year period. The deal was signed in July by IDRO and Russia’s Transmashholding in Tehran.

Central Bank of Iran Governor Valiollah Seif aid in August that three European countries including Austria, Denmark and Italy are set to open €22 billion credit lines for financing projects in Iran which in addition to the €8-billion credit line to be secured by South Korea’s Eximbank the total value of loan deals will reach €30 billion after the implementation of the nuclear deal in 2016.

gina - 9/19/2017 at 04:48 PM

George Soros is still promoting the agenda of the New World Order's vision of eliminating state sovereignty and that begins by opening borders. Hungary was one of the nations who put up fortified fences to prevent the illegal, unwanted migration of Syrian refugees to their country. Soros wants a million people to be let in. This is how it starts, start with smaller countries, then build blocs of nwo countries to wield their influence on bigger nations. As someone of Hungarian heritage, I do not want that land trounced thru and taken over by the nwo. nti-Soros-blitz

"Last week a top official in the ruling Fidesz party, Lajos Kosa, said that this "Soros plan" includes Europe accepting a million migrants per year and the demolition of Hungary's anti-migrant border fences."

gina - 9/19/2017 at 10:08 PM

PROPHECY 9-23-17

The constellation that will occur on 9-23-17 may indicate the return of someone, but it will not be Jesus because all the other things preceeding his coming back have not happened yet. We have not had the 7 year war in Israel where at the 3 1/2 year point the only person who can get the peace treaty signed (will be a world political leader) will be the anti-Christ. The anti-Christ will then be heralded as a great man of peace. He will be able to do miracles, people will believe he is God, and the great deception will begin.

Jesus does not come back till AFTER this imposter is sitting there in Jerusalem in the Temple pretending to be him. Many other things have to happen before he comes back. After the Anti-Christ assumes power over the world, there will be a unification of the correct, rightly guided sects of all the religions,who are the ones who will assist Jesus. Jesus will be waging jihad, he will have to, his job will be to destroy and unseat the anti-Christ. He can't just go there and tell the beast, look I know who you are and you're not ME so get out.

There will have to be wars. The Bible tells you this in Ezekiel. Muslim prophecies specify it also. Many wars will happen. Just before Jesus destroys the anti-Christ there will be 80,000 troops chasing him from many countries, there will be a worse manhunt looking for him than there was for Osama. You have to realize, most the people in the world will be deceived. Don't be one of them.

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Sang - 9/19/2017 at 10:39 PM

Guess I picked a bad week to stop sniffing glue...............

gina - 9/29/2017 at 09:59 PM

Russia testing ICBM's in Siberia, but they are also willing to help resolve the North Korean crisis peacefully.

All India Radio News‏Verified account @airnewsalerts Sep 26

#Russian military test-fires intercontinental ballistic missile; launches drills in #Siberia. risis

Remarks: They take no crap, but they are not warmongers. They are also not impulsive, they plan, prepare and respond with cool heads. Trump wanted Russia and China to work towards solving the problem, maybe they will become great champions for peace.

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gina - 10/7/2017 at 06:08 PM

Since 9-30-2001 when a man was found at the Greyhound bus terminal in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with a suitcase full of C-4 and NYC subway maps, it has been clear that NYC was a target for Al Qaida, and apparently for it's affilliated organizations. Then there was that video that showed someone in a police uniform opening his shirt getting ready to detonate himself AFTER he pulls the pin on a pineapple handgrenade in Times Square; that was quite chilling considering how many people are in NYC at any given time. And yes we all remember the guy who wanted to blow up a truck in Times Square, the disenchanted man who was underpaid as a stock broker. Now this. york/story?id=50334173

It is clear NYC remains a top target. What can you do if you have to work there or travel there? Not much except make a plan to work/travel in other areas. There is considerable prophecy that NYC will be utterly destroyed and that is not even coming from Al Qaida or the Islamic State. Johnathan Cahn explained why in the Harbinger, other people who have received prophecies have seen it enduring two more huge bombing attacks, one at the Barclay/Transportation Center down near WTC, the second attack on the Freedom Tower, and then there are the floods. The Navy predicted it would be underwater when the land changes happen, along with the east coastlines everything east of I-81 will go underwater during the pole shift. Right now the magnetic north pole is actually off of London, it is not up there in the North Pole where it used to be and it is migrating to Russia.

Is New York City a viable place to live and work in the long run? No. Simple answer. Make your plans accordingly. No you don't have to run away in a week or a month, but long term make your plans.

gina - 10/7/2017 at 07:40 PM

RE: Blackwater Chief's Plan to Take Over Afghanistan - An Article from a former Mercenary who speaks out against it. e-erik-princes-plan-is-garbage-215563


Besides being offensive, Prince’s proposal is unworkable. I know because I’ve done these things. For years, I worked as a private military contractor in Africa and elsewhere. I built armies for clients, dealt with warlords, conducted strategic reconnaissance, worked with armed groups in the Sahara, transacted arms deals in Eastern Europe and even helped prevent a genocide in Central Africa. I use fiction to reveal the secretive world of mercenaries. It’s worse than people think.

Mercenaries are back, a dangerous trend occurring in the shadows. Their very lack of accountability is their main selling point; they offer plausible deniability and brute force to those too weak or squeamish to wage war. Customers are buying too, with mercenary proliferation in Afghanistan, Congo, Iraq, Nigeria, Somalia, Syria, Ukraine and Yemen. Clients include countries, extractive industry and even terrorists. This trend may one day alter international relations: When anyone can rent a military, then super-rich and large corporations can become a new kind of superpower. Worse, mercenaries can start and elongate conflicts for profit, breeding endless war. A world with more mercenaries means a world with more war, which is why Prince’s proposal is so dangerous.

Where will these mercenaries come from? According to Prince, all will be “brave Americans” who are “former Special Operations veterans.” More sales talk. To keep costs down, he will probably have to outsource to the so-called Third World, where military labor is cheap. When I was in the industry, I worked alongside other ex-special forces and ex-paratroopers from places like the Philippines, Colombia and Uganda. We did the same missions, but they got Third World wages. Private warriors are just like T-shirts; they are cheaper in developing countries. Call it the globalization of private force.

But do we want Filipino, Colombian and Ugandan mercenaries fighting our wars for us, their way? To them, military operations might involve massacring a village that could harbor terrorists. We might have to send in the U.S. Marines just to save the situation and America’s reputation, costing far more than the $40 billion Prince thinks he will save.

Prince assures us that nothing will go wrong. To avoid Nisour incidents in the future, he wants to place all mercenaries under U.S. military law, known as the Uniform Code of Military Justice. However, this resolves little. Take, for example, jurisdiction: What happens if a Guatemalan mercenary massacres an Afghan family while on an American contract? Does he go to trial in: a) Afghanistan b) U.S. c) Guatemala d) nowhere? No one really knows, and a good labor lawyer could probably shred the case in minutes.

Lastly, where has Prince been these past seven years? Why did he show up now? Like many mercenaries, he follows the money. After the Nisour Incident, he left Blackwater and helped raise a mercenary force for the United Arab Emirates. Now, he is working for the U.S.’s main geopolitical competitor, China.

Prince smells an opportunity in Donald Trump. His sister is Betsy DeVos, Trump’s secretary of education, giving him access to the White House. Prince is looking for a billion-dollar paycheck while wrapping himself in the American flag. No one should fall for his con.

gina - 10/7/2017 at 08:11 PM


More later but you are aware of Trump's plan to de-certify the iranian nuclear deal reached under Obama's administration. Now Oman is working with Iran to try to help ease the tensions and the situation. mpromise-us-via-oman

Remarks: Iran is not really a threat to Israel, and long ago, I put up the translation of the speech misquoted/mistranslated by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad where news outlets nationwide kept saying that he said he wanted to wipe Israel off the map, that is NOT what he said and the context was not correctly translated either.
Iran is their own sovereign Republic, I think we should just stop hurting their economy and provoking them based on fear of 'what-if' scenarios. They have not threatened anyone, they do not plan to, so why do we need to bother them? Because they 'could' develop nuclear technology that 'could' be used against Israel? Too much anticipatory anxiety going on in foreign policy.

"imam ghoft eeen rezhim-e-ishghalgar-e-qods-bayad as safhe ye ruzgar mahv shavad"

translation: "The imam said that this regime occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time".

The Imam referred to was Imam Khomeini. He was not referring to obliterating the country with nuclear weapons or hurting the Jewish people. It was the regime in power that he wanted ousted. The Persian word for map is nagsheh and he never used that word. So the translators were wrong.

Va Imam-e aziz-e ma
farmudand ke in rezhim-e
eshghalgar-e Qods bayad
az safhe-ye ruzegar mahv
shaved. In jomle besyar
hakimane ast.

Our dear Imam [Khomeini]
ordered that this Jerusalem occupying
regime [Israel]
must be erased from the
page of time. This was a very
wise statement.

He was talking about regime change, not nuclear war.

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gina - 10/31/2017 at 12:07 AM

AFGHANISTAN - US University Professor Gravely Ill - Prisoner Swap Desired to Save His Life

Kevin King, one of two US Afghan University professors is GRAVELY ill. If the US does not do a prisoner swap, he will likely die.

An American man held hostage by the Afghan Taliban for more than a year is gravely ill and in urgent need of care, the militant group has warned as it urged the US to accept its demands. Kevin King, 61, one of two professors at the American University of Afghanistan abducted at gunpoint in Kabul last year, is suffering from “a dangerous heart disease and kidney problem”, the Taliban said in a statement on Monday.

“His feet have begun swelling, he frequently loses consciousness and his health is worsening rapidly,”

The last sign of life from the professor and his colleague, Timothy Weeks, came in January when the Taliban released a video of the two looking dishevelled and visibly distraught, pleading with the president-elect Donald Trump to negotiate for their release.

The Taliban have not made public their demands for releasing King and Weeks, which the spokesman told the Guardian said had been shared with the US. However, in the video, the two men asked for a prisoner exchange.

Such a demand would probably involve Anas Haqqani, the brother of the Haqqani chief Sirajuddin Haqqani, who has been in Afghan government custody for three years, apprehended with a senior leader, Hafiz Rashid.

In a press statement, the American University of Afghanistan urged the Taliban to release their two teachers immediately.

“They are innocent victims of a criminal abduction. They came to Afghanistan to teach Afghan youth and contribute to building a peaceful Afghanistan. They have done no harm to anyone,” the university said.

Meanwhile, a Taliban commander in eastern Afghanistan told the Guardian the group considered teachers at the American University dangerous as they “change the minds of society”.

US forces have conducted at least one unsuccessful attempt at rescuing King and Weeks. Days after their abduction, a team of Navy Seals descended on a militant hideout in the mountains of eastern Afghanistan, missing the two men by a few hours, according to reports.

The Taliban said they had tried to treat King’s illness, “but since we are facing war conditions and do not have access to health facilities, we are unable to deliver complete treatment”. “If [the US] insists on delaying this matter and the illness of Kevin King becomes incurable, or he loses his life, the Islamic emirate will not be held responsible,” the statement said.

REMARKS: They really did not want to keep Bowe Bergdahl, they negotiated in good faith, and he was released unharmed. Kevin King does not have to die. He needs medical treatment, but since he is apparently in a rural area/safehouse situation, they cannot get him the proper medical treatment he needs. Do a prisoner swap, send a plane and airlift him to Bagram to get him medical care. Just my opinion.

gina - 10/31/2017 at 07:43 PM

ANTIFA, MS-13, and ISIS joining together? Seems so.

The goal: repeated terror attacks, destabilize the country so that martial law can be rolled out and then the New World Order gets to take over the US and subjugate us. nstitutional-republic-through-destablizing-terror-attacks/?utm_source=rss&a mp;utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=antifas-coup-to-replace-our-constitution al-republic-through-destablizing-terror-attacks

Approximately 5 days prior to the Vegas massacre, Antifa announced that they were basically going to what they had to do to begin a civil war in America and their planned date of infamy was November 4, 2017.

"At 3pm Pacific, approximately 7 hours prior to the Vegas massacre, I received a communication, from my best and most reliable source in which I was told that Antifa had previously joined forces with MS-13 and ISIS. At that time, I was in the midst of preparing for my radio and the information was so stunning, I did not have time to fully process the meaning.

Very early on, ISIS took responsibility for the Vegas attack. Shortly after the first claim of responsibility, ISIS claimed that Paddock was an ISIS convert. Very early in my investigation I was sent a photo of Paddock in which he had “13” tattooed on his neck. This was in obvious reference to MS-13’s new association with ISIS. The man with the unidentifiable face, ostensibly from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, who the FBI claimed was Paddock, was not Paddock. This body, found at the scene, contained no such tattoo in which the “13” tattoo was not in evidence where it should have been easy to see from the photo of the deceased. Further, the released photo of “Paddock” was obviously faked. Since when does the FBI release crime scene photos at the beginning of an investigation. The photo was a plant.

Paddock was the arms distributor for the event. However, was not an active participant. He was the Lee Harvey Oswald of the Vegas massacre.

Shortly after the event, I played a mainstream media interview Eric Paddock, the brother of Stephen, in which he stopped himself, on camera, in mid-sentence in which he announced that Stephen did not help…. He was arm….” Eric was about to identify his brother as an arms dealer and this would have blown the FBI narrative to hell. This Freudian slip made Eric Paddock a liability. You see, I have learned that Stephen Paddock did not make his millions from that ridiculous claim that he won big at video poker. That is not even a believable cover story. Eric’s slip of the tongue destroys the official narrative.

The truth of the matter is that Stephen Paddock was an “Air-America” type of pilot who trafficked, for the CIA, in drugs, guns and children and he did so with his home base being in the Philippines in which ISIS has a huge presence . In large part, ISIS funds itself with the illegal operations in the Philippines. This is who Philippines President Duterte was going after when he executed 2,000 drug dealers and arrested 3,000 online child-sex-traffickers. In fact, shortly after Duterte’s executive actions against ISIS, ISIS responded with massive attacks against several towns, villages and cities in the Philippines and even the mainstream media said ISIS was responsible. Putin covertly sent arms to assist Duterte. Today, has anyone noticed the cozy relationship between Duterte and China and Russia? The ISIS attacks were supposed to be a coup. The Paddock brothers were a part of this ISIS organization and it explains the “13” tattoo on his neck in reference to MS-13, ISIS and Antifa’s newest partners in crime.

And whatever happened to Eric Paddock? He was a loose end for the FBI to deal with. They could not kill him because even the most ardent MSM reporter would not have been able to minimize the obvious cover up. So, the FBI exposed his interest in his brother’s transport of trafficked children. Eric Paddock has been arrested for child porn. What a coincidence.

s I have been reporting for 4 years, former Sr. Vice-President of HSBC Bank uncovered a massive money-laundering scheme. The participating parties included the drug cartels. This brings in ISIS because as Judicial Watch revealed in 2014, ISIS was partnered, as was the Muslim Brotherhood, with the cartels. This also brings in the MS-13 gangsters because they serve as the hitmen for the cartels.

We know from John Cruz, that some of the laundered money went to the Clinton Foundation and Hillary used a major part of this windfall to run for President. We also know that Cruz approach the DA from the Eastern Division of New York with this information and the DA, one Loretta Lynch, refused to prosecute on the money-laundering. We also know that future FBI director, James Comey as a party to this activity because he was on the Board of Directors of HSBC Banks and authorized the money transfers. We further know, and I have previously demonstrated months ago, that Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller was involved because this money laundering operation on behalf of the Clinton Foundation opened the door to the Uranium One deal. I have previously published memos that put Mueller on the tarmac of a Russian airport delivering the first highly enriched uranium to the Russians. Clinton is estimated to have received over $190 million dollars for her President campaign. The key members of the Obama administration were just one big, happy organized crime family.

t this point, I want to be clear. I am accusing all of the aforementioned public figure of treason and sedition against the United States. Directly and indirectly, they were all involved in Vegas. They are part of a George Soros plot to overthrow this country through terrorism. One can only conclude that these people will be will-rewarded in the new “communist” government that will replace our Constitutional Republic.

One should take the warnings of Antifa’s November 4th date very seriously. This is the vehicle being presently used for regime change. Do not forget that Al Franken, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Diane Feinstein, Elizabeth Warren, et al, have been fingered by people like Trevor Louden, ex-CIA clandestine operative, Robert Steele and other former congressmen as identifying the aforementioned and 80 other member of our legislative branches who have taken support from front groups for the Communist Party and the Muslim Brotherhood. And let’s not forget about Hillary Clinton. Rejected by the American people, she wants desperately to be the President of something. The Clinton Foundation is a driving force in this treason.

These actors, and undoubtedly others yet to be unmasked are part of the coup. We are living a revolution and if you want to understand what is happening as it is unfolding, watch Antifa."

gina - 10/31/2017 at 07:50 PM

It's Not Conspiracy Theory anymore, it is well researched and documented. tary-takeover-in-the-event-of-civil-unrest-on-american-soil/

"SIS, MS-13, Antifa, the conspiratorial wing of the. CIA the cover up mechanisms of the FBI. the Clinton Foundation, the Paddock family, Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder, AG Jeff Sessions, VP Mike Pence, George Soros and his communist front groups (eg, BLM), CALEXIT (eg California Gov. Jerry Brown, various drug cartels, the Mexican Consulate, George Soros (2), Bank of China, the United Nations, La Raza, et al), former President Obama, Hillary Clinton, HSBC Bank, 80 Federal legislators who belong to Communist and Muslim Brotherhood front groups (eg. Franken, McCain, Pelosi, Feinstein, Boxer, Waters, Warren, K. Harris, etc.), James Comey, Robert Mueller, the Chinese government, the Russian government, and individual nations (eg Norway) of the UN Peacekeeping forces) and many others are just one big happy family. And what are they happy about? They are active and dedicated participants in the plot to destroy the Constitutional Republic of the United States and replace it with a brutal totalitarian government complete with UN troops in our streets and FEMA re-education camps. By the way, what you have read in this paragraph is just the short list."

Before you marginalize this bold statement, you might actually want to consider some hard core, irrefutable evidence. Let’s start with the mainstream media and Fox News.

From Fox News
UNITED NATIONS – The United States is announcing its support for a set of principles that give a green light for U.N. peacekeeping troops and police to use force to protect civilians in armed conflicts.

U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power told a high-level U.N. meeting Wednesday focusing on the responsibility to protect civilians that the United States was “proud” and “humbled” to join 28 other countries that have pledged to abide by the 18 pledges.

U.N. peacekeepers from these 29 countries are now required to act in cases where civilians are in danger.

“The Kigali Principles are designed to make sure that civilians are not abandoned by the international community again,” she said, recalling how U.N. peacekeepers left Rwanda before the 1994 genocide and Srebrenica before the 1995 massacre.”


While some of you were busy watching CNN, this is what happened under your noses during the two years of Jade Helm drills (ie JH 15 and JH 16).

The declaration of the United States government, as published on Fox News on October 29, 2017, is merely the legitimization of what has already happened. I published my warning over and over on this domain. First, my warnings were published in regard to the 2014 Central American illegal alien invasion where DHS and the UN were commanding Border Partrol personnel to admit MS-13 into the interior of the United States. The operation was so bold that at one of its headquarters, I previously reported that Congressman Jim Bridenstein was refused entry into Ft. Sill when he went to investigate. I also reported that foreign troops were training at known FEMA camp locations such as Camp Grayling in Michigan. I published pictures of UN vehicles on America soil, repeatedly and as late as this Fall.

Fox News has invited itself to this party a little late because in 2016, I published the following:


Camp Grayling is a FEMA camp facility in Grayling, MI., and was the sight of martial law training for the Michigan National guard which commenced on July 15, 2015, during the Jade 15 Operation. This facility also houses hundreds of UN military vehicles.

The foreign troops training at the FEMA Camp facility, Camp Grayling, are clearly UN troops who are undoubtedly training for the inevitable.

“United Nations “peacekeepers” may soon arrive and see action on American soil following the United States’ announcement of support for “a set of principles that give a green light for U.N. peacekeeping troops and police to use force to protect civilians in armed conflicts,” Military Times.”

My Buddy Tim and I had an opportunity to take a Camp Grayling Open House Tour in June of 2015 and I have several video clips of something you folks are not talking about. The videos are of the Multi Million Dollar Urban Assault “Village” located on the Camp Grayling Reservation way out in the boonies. This is not the Middle East Assault Village also located on the reservation…it’s the USA Village; Church, Post Office, Bank and every building found in a Small Town USA. To show that this village is real; Youtube Search “OP Blacksheep @Camp Grayling” You can see some of the actual buildings.

Anyway, I want to snail mail a memory stick with everything I have, Videos, Stills, Satellite over time to show upgrading the prison site has undertaken. Bottom-line the govt is dumping million$ into this Camp Grayling, to include many-many new barracks buildings. THIS IS WHERE those TROOPS are TRAINING THIS SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Editor’s Note: That would have been the summer of 2016).

On July 21, 2015, I published the following:

” WNEM TV in Michigan ran a story in which they noted that 3,000 Polish troops were training in the area. We have seen live combat drills in Flint, Michigan complete with explosions and troops movements. In fact, The Common Sense Show has produced documentation that could fill a book with regard to foreign troop activity on American soil.”… In May (2015), I received and published information from trusted sources, that 36,000 Turks assigned to NATO were in the process of being sent to a variety of Texas bases… I have also previously covered the fact that thousands of Danish soldiers trained at Camp Grayling in April (2015).

On my Youtube Channel [THE COMMON SENSE SHOW] Paul Martin has repeatedly stated that Turk soldiers have been reported in Northern Colorado. Paul and I have logged many hours exposing the all the foreign and UN troops in Northern Coloroda and in Southern Wyoming (eg Rawlins, WY). Speaking of Paul Martin, it appears that Paul has Russian intelligence officers looking for him as recently as last week. Please consider the following report where Paul shares this frightening even

Since Paul and I published this account, we have learned from our sources that these men were from Russian intelligence and were in uniform. The intent was obviously to intimidate and to basically announce “we are here, and there is nothing you can do about it, so shut up!”
The takeover of America has been well-rehearsed and has been underway for years: I published the following on May 18, 2015.
The Army has been diligently training to lock the country down into martial law. Specifically, I am referring to the Army’s building of a ‘fake” $96 million dollar Northern Virginia town which is being used to train the military to enforce martial Law. Of course, the government says that this is a foreign town being used to train our troops to occupy.We also hear this same worn out argument about Jade Helm training in that “we are training for the Middle East”. Does the following video look like the Middle East to you, or does it look more like Mainstreet America? If Jade Helm truly training for the Middle East, then someone needs to explain why the town has a Christian church, handicap parking spots, Washington DC subway logos, loading zone signs and road signs in English. I don’t remember seeing pictures of the streets of Damascus in which they display handicap parking signs and have a plethora of Christian churches.

As far back as 2011, I published the following account: Sherrie Wilcox of Knoxville,TN. Sherrie has seen and photographed DHS armored vehicles back in March with Russian soldiers manning the vehicles in eastern Tennessee and Western Kentucky. The following video details how Russians are training in DHS vehicles.

A recent Q Alert posted at, stated that the United Nations is preparing for what I have written about in the previous paragraphs.

This does not come from a high level source. Just an everyday average Joe. But a guy that works in the same industry, that always gave a hard time about the tin hat-stuff, recently returned from a Great Divide Concert at which a gentleman just passing by, stopped to mingle with this group of people. They had a couple of drinks, and this guy states, he likes America, he likes the people. He wished he could dance like, the Americans. Laugh.

He states he had been fighting beside US troops over past 6-7 years. And this is why I feel I need to tell someone over here in the states a lil something. He said he was from Norway. And he would be back in 3-4 months as a part of UN troops. He said there was nothing he could do. But felt compelled that he needed to say something, just to let such good people know what is coming. He said that they were going to be going door to door taking guns, or shooting to kill. They already had the lists of names, and addresses.

I have no reason to not believe the words from acquaintance. It actually pretty much freaked him out. He is rather overwhelmed from the conversation.

The players are in place and they are awaiting their predetermined signal. The plan is simple, yet comprehensive and relentless. The subversive groups plan to create as much chaos as possible. The stage has been set for UN intervention. Gun confiscation confiscation will be the first order of business. Ask yourself, what do you think they are going to do the members of the Independent Media. Gun confiscation will be followed by FEMA camp incarceration for “at risk people”

gina - 10/31/2017 at 08:41 PM

Attack in NYC today uns-down-4-bike-riders/ar-AAuhO52

A gunman emerged from a crashed Home Depot truck and opened fire after apparently plowing down four riders Tuesday afternoon on a Lower Manhattan bike path, eyewitnesses said. The NYPD reported one man was in custody after initial reports of gunfire set off a mad scramble in the downtown area. Police flooded the area shortly after the first shots were fired around 3 p.m.

“I thought it was Halloween (prank) or something,” said witness Tawhid Kabir, 20, of Queens. “I saw the gun running in a circle and I realized it was serious.” Video showed four bodies scattered alongside the path on the West Side off the Hudson River. The truck crashed into another vehicle at West and Chambers Streets.

“We thought the guns were fake and it was a Halloween prank,” said Stuyvesant High School student Laith Bahlouli, 14. “There was a car crash, and then he started to shoot.” Classmate Alif Rahman, 14, said they heard “four to six gunshots” and then spied two bodies covered with blankets by the NYPD. A child was seen sitting on the lap of an adult wearing a neck brace after the incident.

“We all heard the gunfire,” said witness Michael Corbin, who works at nearby District Council 37. “I heard distinctly five shots in quick succession.” Witnesses reported seeing a gunman firing from inside a Home Depot truck, and video showed a truck from the home improvement store sitting on a median.

“He shot about 15 times toward the pier and down West St.” one witness told the Daily News. There was no immediate word on deaths or injuries, although witnesses said two bodies were covered with blankets at the scene. Witness Frank Brito, 45, told The News he saw two trucks crash into each other and then a heavyset man in a blue tracksuit get out of one and chase someone, firing five or six times.

Reports of an active shooter came in about 3 p.m.

REMARKS: Awhile back within the last few years Isis did a video where they explained how they were going to conduct jihad and mowing people down in cities was one of the tactics. Home Depot truck? They rent trucks. If it was just a traffic thing, why would someone get out of a truck chase someone down and shoot 15 times?

He was running over pedestrians.

The mayhem happened at West Street and Chambers Street at 3:15 p.m. The suspect was shot and is in police custody, cops said.

Witnesses described a scene of terror, saying a man in a truck ran over two people before plowing into a school bus.

“Jesus! A car just ran over 2 people and then crashed into a school bus. I see two dead bodies and citibikes on the floor destroyed,” a Twitter user wrote.

The suspect then got out of his vehicle with two guns, another witness said.

“What happened was there was a car crash … he came out of one of the cars. He had two guns,” a 14-year-old Stuyvesant High School student said. “We thought it was a Halloween thing. He started running around the highway. There was another guy in a green shirt that was chasing him around.”

“I heard four to six gunshots — everybody starts running,” she added.

Video of the scene shows at least two people lying limp on the street. Photos show a smashed-up Home Depot rental truck and two mangled Citi Bikes.

Counter-terror police were searching the truck for explosives.


From February 2015 Isis said how they would do attacks. This was during the time of the heads being chopped off. So when you see these attacks people being run down and assassinated, well this is how they said they would conduct attacks.

"If you cannot obtain a bomb or bullets target the infidel directly whether American , French or any of their allies. Smash his head with a rock, slit his throat with a knife, run him over with your car, throw him to his death from a great height, strangle him, or poison him. If you cannot do that, burn down his house, car or business or destroy his crops. If you cannot do even that, spit in his face. "

And November 2015 Isis did make a video of what they wanted to do in NYC, and the local authorities said they had "no specific info", the freer press in the UK did not suppress the information. They want to do an attack in Times Square with someone dressed in a police uniform who will be a suicide bomber, who will also launch a hand grenade into a crowd. Seemed pretty specific to me. Now you have people being run over and shot and they will probably deny there is any terror link because they do not want to appear vulnerable. The bottom line is, these attacks can happen here and they cannot stop them. There are 11 million people living here, I don't know how many pass thru the city on any given day, all it takes is one or a few to come in and do an attack. Today, there was an attack, people being run over down near the World Trade Center. ork-City-new-slick-video-showing-suicide-bombers-walking-Times-Square.html

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[Edited on 10/31/2017 by gina]

gina - 11/2/2017 at 12:10 AM

RE: Isis inspired attack in NY. We now know the attacker is from Taskhent, Uzbekistan. Most the fighters from Uzbekistan (the older ones) are with Al Qaida. Tashkent is also the place where Ayman Al Zawahiri said Al Qaida purchased two nuclear bombs (this was a long time ago somewhere between 2002 and 2005). It was reported in the Independent in Britain. So the possibility of this current attacker or others having nuclear material (ie. a dirty suitcase bomb) is possible.

He wanted to hang an Isis flag in his hospital room, and he planned to go over the Brooklyn Bridge and run down more people. es/

He appeared in court. e-shackled-in-a-wheelchair/

Magistrate judge Barbara Moses read him his rights just after 6 p.m.Judge Moses also ordered him detained him after his lawyer, federal defender David Patton, said his client declined a request for bail. Patton said he will be directed to either the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn or the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan — but not returned to Bellevue hospital where he’d been recovering from his bullet wound.

Trump is considering sending him to Gitmo (to be tortured and interrogated and go before the military tribunal. gitmo-for-trial/

AND He was interviewed by Homeland Security in 2015. He came to the US on a Diversity Waiver Program which Trump says needs to be looked at.

Remarks: Okay so he is in custody, he does not even want bail, he probably wants to get the death penalty and die as a martyr, so now NY is safe right? It does not seem so.

[Edited on 11/2/2017 by gina]

gina - 11/2/2017 at 12:13 AM

Armed Isis suspect arrested at Port Authority Bus Terminal ort-authority/

Authorities busted a murder suspect who had pledged allegiance to ISIS after spotting the armed man at a Midtown bus terminal Wednesday morning, officials said. After being placed in custody, Passaro became irate and threatened cops stating “you are lucky I didn’t shoot you”, officials said.

According to officials, he is known to frequent the Al-Farooq mosque on Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn.

REMARK: Osama had (reportedly) at one time been in NYC at this masjid in Brooklyn, raising money for it.

AND -extradited-to-us/

A Brooklyn man-turned-ISIS recruiter and Twitter user has been extradited back to the U.S. to face his fate, authorities said Wednesday. Mirsad Kandic, a U.S. resident, was nabbed in Bosnia in June after living as an ISIS insurgent for nearly three years, according to newly unsealed court documents. ​In Brooklyn federal court Wednesday, the 36-six-year-old pleaded “not guilty” to various charges of providing material support and resources to ISIS through his defense attorney James Branden.

[Edited on 11/2/2017 by gina]

PhotoRon286 - 11/2/2017 at 12:21 AM

Armed Isis suspect arrested at Port Authority Bus Terminal ort-authority/

Authorities busted a murder suspect who had pledged allegiance to ISIS after spotting the armed man at a Midtown bus terminal Wednesday morning, officials said. After being placed in custody, Passaro became irate and threatened cops stating “you are lucky I didn’t shoot you”, officials said.

According to officials, he is known to frequent the Al-Farooq mosque on Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn.

REMARK: Osama had (reportedly) at one time been in NYC at this masjid in Brooklyn, raising money for it.

AND -extradited-to-us/

A Brooklyn man-turned-ISIS recruiter and Twitter ​propagandist has been extradited back to the U.S. to face his fate, authorities said Wednesday. Mirsad Kandic, a U.S. resident, was nabbed in Bosnia in June after living as an ISIS insurgent for nearly three years, according to newly unsealed court documents. ​In Brooklyn federal court Wednesday, the 36-six-year-old pleaded “not guilty” to various charges of providing material support and resources to ISIS through his defense attorney James Branden.

[Edited on 11/2/2017 by gina]

You are a joke.

gina - 11/2/2017 at 12:24 AM

You are entitled to your opinion. I think the events of the day are significant, newsworthy and noteworthy. The NY Post did a really good job covering it which is why I used their links.

PhotoRon286 - 11/2/2017 at 01:01 AM

You are a joke.

Have we invaded Iran yet???

How many years have you been spouting that nonsense???

Never will admit you are wrong.

Just like trump.

Lying, delusional, psycho.

You. Are. A. Joke.

gina - 11/2/2017 at 06:30 PM

I will update on Iran soon, but will say that they have been meeting with Russia and other nations to keep their trade agreements in place and their financial security secure. But right now we have things going on in this country that need to be addressed.

3 days till midnight - Soros puts billions of dollars into the Open Foundations that fund the other groups. They are funding and creating a race war in this country. It is all designed to bring down the government so that the New World Order can seize control of the country.

PhotoRon286 - 11/3/2017 at 01:30 AM

Citing a youtube video.

You are a joke.

You are going to "update us on Iran"?





gina - 11/4/2017 at 04:31 PM

What would you say you are? Just asking.

gina - 11/4/2017 at 05:13 PM

Massive EMP Drill for the US & Antifa Starting the Civil War
Cyber Command IT operated by Military Veterans
good advice

[Edited on 11/4/2017 by gina]

gina - 11/4/2017 at 06:33 PM

This is the group starting the protests which they hope will lead up to Civil War and the ousting of Trump/Pence n-to-overthrow-trump-regime-starts-saturday.html

You can see from the contact people of the main organization, reufse facism org, it looks like the same people from the Occupy Wall Street at least in NYC, since they are in/near the same location as the others were.

•Mailing Address:
305 West Broadway #185 New York NY 10013

They are anarchists.

[Edited on 11/4/2017 by gina]

gina - 11/4/2017 at 07:07 PM

The antifa and other groups will try to start a civil war, it will take them some time to do that. What can effect you more is an EMP. People need to prepare.

Good advice for EMP

gina - 11/5/2017 at 09:39 PM


11 princes, four current ministers, and several former ministers had been arrested in the anti-corruption probe ordered by Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud. yes even Osama's brother, Bakr, who is a well repected businessman and patriarch of the family was arrested. Big shake-up going on in Saudi. 03488.html al-treatment-for-any-suspended-official-in-corruption-cases-.html lionaire-prince-who-slammed-Trump


 Ibrahim al-Assaf, state minister and executive of Saudi Aramco
 Bakr Binladin, owner of construction company Saudi Binladin Group
 Saud al-Dawish, former CEO of Saudi Telecom Company
 Khaled al-Mulhem, former director general of Saudi Arabian Airlines
 Khaled al-Tuwaijri, former president of the Royal Court
 Adel Faqih, minister of economy and planning
 Amr al-Dabbagh, former president of the General Investment Authority
 Saleh Abdullah Kamel, chairman of Dallah al Baraka Group
 Saud al-Tobaishi, head of Royal ceremonies and protocols
 Alwaleed bin Talal, owner of Kingdom Holding group
 Prince Mitaab bin Abdullah, minister of the National Guard
 Prince Turki bin Abdullah, former governor of Riyadh
 Prince Turki bin Nasser, former head of meteorology, environment
 Waleed al-Ibrahim, chairman of MBC media group

[Edited on 11/5/2017 by gina]

gina - 11/8/2017 at 12:09 AM


While the kingdom undergoes multiple internal corruption probes, the war threats have escalated from the Houthis in Yemen, in response to the ongoing airstrikes by the Saudis.

"Yemen's Houthi Ansarullah movement, which aids the country's army in its fight against Saudi Arabia’s deadly military campaign, has threatened to launch more missile attacks on ports and airports in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in retaliation for the massacre of thousands of Yemenis. “All airports, ports, border crossings and areas of any importance to Saudi Arabia and the UAE will be a direct target of our weapons, which is a legitimate right,” the Houthi political office said in a statement on Tuesday.

We will not stand idly by, we will seek more radical means to prevent both the tightening of the blockade and all acts aimed at starving and humiliating the people of Yemen,” the statement added.
The development came a day after the Saudi-led coalition against Yemen announced that it had “decided to temporarily close all Yemeni air, sea and land ports.”

On Saturday, Yemeni forces, backed by popular Houthi fighters, had launched a Borkan H2 long-range missile at King Khalid International Airport in northeastern Riyadh, the first to reach the Saudi capital. The Houthi forces have launched a number of long-range missiles across the border in recent years. However, Saturday's strike appeared to be the deepest yet within Saudi territory.

In response to the unexpected Yemeni retaliatory missile attack, the Riyadh-led coalition announced on Monday that it would further tighten an already imposed blockade on the war-ravaged country by closing all land, air and sea ports in Yemen. The blockade even includes the United Nations-supervised relief supplies despite urgent appeals from the world body.

Saudi Arabia has also imposed a total embargo on Yemen, causing severe shortages of food and medicine. A recent cholera epidemic has been blamed on those shortages. “If these channels, these lifelines, are not kept open it is catastrophic for people who are already in what we have already called the world's worst humanitarian crisis,” said Jens Laerke, a spokesman for the UN humanitarian office, OCHA, in Geneva, Switzerland, on Tuesday.

Yemen’s al-Masirah television network reported that earlier on Tuesday Saudi warplanes had conducted nearly 20 airstrikes against residential areas in Haran district in Yemen’s northwestern province of Hajjah. Latest figures show that the war has so far killed over 12,000 Yemenis and wounded thousands more."

REMARKS: The blockade and embargos punish civilians, and result in the deaths of children who had nothing to do with the war.

gina - 11/16/2017 at 09:38 PM

SAUDI ARABIA - Corruption Probe Current Condition

A new report says Saudi Arabia has offered deals to detained princes and businessmen to fill depleted state coffers.

According to a report published in The Financial Time on Thursday, Saudi authorities were negotiating settlements with individuals held over allegations of corruption at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Riyadh.

The report quoting people close to the negotiations said that some of the suspects were keen to secure their release by signing over cash and corporate assets. “They are making settlements with most of those in the Ritz,” said one adviser, adding, “Cough up the cash and you will go home.”
People briefed on the discussions said one detained multi-billionaire businessman has been told to hand over 70 percent of his wealth to the state. One of his advisers said that he was inclined to pay. lman-Mohammed-bin-Salman

REMARKS: What is really going on here? Well one of the people detained is the head of Aramco, which is a Saudi Oil Company. Their value is estimated at 2 TRILLION US DOLLARS, AND they wanted to make a public offering of their stock available, then this unfortunate coincidence happens to the head of the company being detained by the Saudis. He was also contemplating doing deals with China and spoke at one of their economic forums in March 2017. ncial-times-report-2017-10

The others may be being neutralized for their investment holdings in US companies etc. What happens in Saudi does not just stay in Saudi, it effects international markets. -crackdown-171116182012681.html freeze-trading-accounts-as-part-of-probe

[Edited on 11/16/2017 by gina]

gina - 11/16/2017 at 09:44 PM


Their inflation is at 3,000%. They have one of the most oil supplies in the world. Remember the BP oil leak in the Gulf Of Mexico, IF that had not happened, BP oil would have been the first ones to get to that vein that led to Venezuela. What a coincidence that this did not occur.

So, which nice country will go in and help stabilize Venezuela, and how will their oil be partitioned?

Right now Russia and China have been financially helping Venezuela.

Venezuela’s official debt to Moscow stood at $2.8 billion as of 2016, with another $6 billion owed to oil giant Rosneft, which is closely allied with the Kremlin. That, however, is just a fraction of Venezuela’s total debt mountain, estimated at $150 billion. Around $45 billion is sovereign debt, another $45 billion is owed by PDVSA, and $23 billion is owed to China, according to estimates by private consultancies.

For a country with the world’s largest proven oil reserves — nearly 300 billion barrels, worth more than $15 trillion — such debt normally should be bearable. The country has just $9.7 billion in hard currency reserves, yet debt payments due in 2018 total $8 billion.

Rosneft is hoping PDVSA will swap the collateral it holds in that deal – an almost 50 percent stake in U.S. refining arm Citgo – for assets in Venezuela that would be harder for the U.S. to reach with sanctions. China, which made about $50 billion in prepayments to Venezuela for oil supplies in the past decade, has been reluctant to offer new financing, said Agata Ciesielska, an analyst at Eurasia Group. a-shores-up-venezuela-but-help-might-not-be-enough.ashx

Remark: Russia needs the wheat from Venezuela for food. They are not totally altruistic.

REMARKS: If Venezuela is in default, then there are less places for the US to get oil from aren't there? If certain Saudis who help prop up our stock market are effectively neutralized and their accounts frozen, could be impacts to not just our stock exchange but our banking too. One of those whose accounts are or will be frozen is heavily invested in Citibank, could it be the beginning of the banks that are too big to fail actually going down? Pay close attention to what happens in Saudi and Venezuela. There is a meeting at the UN on Monday.

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gina - 11/24/2017 at 11:30 PM



40 Million people live in slavery and forced work condiions. e-in-slavery-reports-say

France calling for an emergency United Nations Meeting il-emergency-meeting-over-slave-trading-in-Libya

CNN aired footage last week of an apparent auction where black men were presented to North African buyers as potential farmhands and sold off for as little as $400.

More than 340,000 have been killed and the US is considering sending 2,000 troops there.

Attack on Masjid kills 235, 109 wounded. -At-least--worshippers-killed-in-terror-att.aspx

It was a masjid affililiated with Sufis. "The Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis terrorist group have pledged allegiance to the IS group and have previously executed Soliman Harraz, a Sufi sheikh on November 2016; two Sufi shrines in Mazar village were also targeted with explosives."

There is a military operation going on right now, on the ground. y-operation-underway-against-North-Sinai-mo.aspx

The Grand Imam of Al Azhar, Egypt's most accepted and knowledgeable scholars have attended Al Azhar, has condemned the attacks. "The grand imam of Al-Azhar, Ahmed El-Tayyeb, has condemned the “barbaric attack” on a mosque in North Sinai on Friday which saw at least 235 worshippers killed."

During the Friday prayers at a Sufi mosque in Bir al-Abed, North Sinai, four 4WD vehicles drove up to the mosque. Reports said the attackers planted explosives and then opened fire on worshippers. .html

There are reports that they were dressed in military clothing. (Black, like mercenary assassins). pt-s-Sinai-kills-at-least-235

REMARKS: Sufis were mystics who strived for asceticism. There are many who are loved by even strict Wahabbis from al Qaida such as al Ghazali, Rumi, and I love Rabia al Adiwiyya. The Sufis regard Muhammad, peace be upon him (the prophet of Islam) as the perfect man who exemplified God's moral precepts. Many people who have no knowledge of Islam think it is all just about violent jihad, but that is not so. There is poetry, eloquence and great beauty in the knowledge that the ascetics have. Many of the Deobondis, who originated in India are familiar with the Naqshbandi sect of Sufism. I felt that sect required submission of the student to their teacher in an incorrect way where they were almost possessed by their teacher. Islam encompasses many sects (73) and many practices. Even the Salafis, whom Osama really liked were inspirational to groups of fighters in Libya and Algeria, the Salafist Combat and Call being one of them.

To be against someone's religious beliefs when you do not know or understand them is unfair. When these attacks occur, these bombings, it just reinforces stereotypes the world has about Islam and various groups and it is incorrect.

The Quran says do not fight anyone at the masjid unless they fight you there. I remember one reporter who questioned why the Pakistani Taliban used to bomb the Jamrud mosque, and they said to kill the Frontier Corpsmen, because they knew that they were preying they would find Pakistani Fighters to kill when they came out of the mosque after prayers. I do not think anyone can know what prayers are between a man and God, but these wars cause people to respond in ways they believe are correct.

I do not agree with bombing masjids/mosques or people at any place of worship, except perhaps a a temple dedicated to Satan, although people are supposed to have free will, so maybe even that is not permissible.

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gina - 11/26/2017 at 11:11 PM


Those detained there in the ongoing corruption probe are being detained at the Ritz Carlton in Riyadh. Several are so upset by it, they are willing to pay just to get out and resume their normal lives. Others are going to fight the charges.

The hotel itself has hosted high level dignitaries and those detained are being offered things they need, including access to medical treatments they may need and they can use the hotel's facilities as well as manage their businesses but of course the phones are tapped, they do not have privacy while they are working. They can have family members visit them, like any other prisoners but most are too shamed to be detained even in luxurious surroundings and have decided to forego that.

gina - 11/27/2017 at 01:02 AM


gina - 12/2/2017 at 01:21 AM


While you are contemplating and enjoying your holidays, there is information that there has been a coup going on right here in THIS COUNTRY, that a marine expeditionary unit went to Langley to stop a coup against Trump.

So what is involved in this group that is supposed to have went there.

I will have to look into this more, since there are those who say yes it happened, and those who say no it didn't. We do know one of the Saudi princes in detention owns 95% of the stock in Citibank, so one could question if there is a coup going on related to finance. Many say that this prince is loyal to the Clintons and donates heavily to their foundation.

Robert David Steele, former CIA Officer, has reported he thinks there is a counter coup in progress., that Trump has put into place to clean up things. He thinks 70% of the employees of the agency need to go as well as the contractors.
11-21-17 2500 isealed ndictments

[Edited on 12/2/2017 by gina]

gina - 12/3/2017 at 10:08 PM

While things apparently have been heating up at Langley, that's not the only place.

There reportedly has been a lot of air traffic (as in C130's helos etc.) coming into Miramar (US Navy Base near San Diego, CA).

This is not the only place, West Slope, Colorado has also had a noticeable increase in air traffic (same thing C-130's and helos).

Tanks have been noticed travelling in North Carolina, Mississippi.
Largest drill ever re: North Korea, 16,000 troops, 230 Jets, 6 Raptors, Vigilant Ace 18" scheduled for Dec. 4 to 8.

And the "UN peacekeeping forces" are working on massive construction projects in Colorado.

Many believe one of two events will be looming on the horizon, the attempt to impeach Trump which will lead to civil unrest and that revolution that they will not want to televise, and/or Hillary being held accountable for some of the things she has been accused of over the years.

[Edited on 12/3/2017 by gina]

gina - 12/3/2017 at 10:37 PM



They report hitting it.

The missile force announces the launching of a winged cruise missile ... towards the al-Barakah nuclear reactor in Abu Dhabi," the Houthis' al-Masirah news website reported on Sunday, without providing further details

Colonel Aziz Rashid, a spokesman for the Yemeni army, has told Lebanon's Al Mayadeen TV channel that the missile attack was a political and military response to the UAE's role in the destruction of Yemen. He insisted that the missile had hit the intended target.

The United Arab Emirates' state-run news agency has, however, denied reports of a Yemeni missile striking the under-construction nuclear plant. WAM said the UAE has air-defense systems that can protect it against such threats.

VENEZUELA - in response to the blockade going on in their country, they are going launch their own cryptocurrency. ency-maduro

The Iranian Navy is sailing to Venezuela. -is-sailing-to-venezuela-and-the-rest-of-latin-america-why/ t-again-in-2-weeks/
Talks were at an impasse regarding OPEC, will resume in two weeks.

[Edited on 12/3/2017 by gina]

gina - 12/14/2017 at 12:33 AM


Yes I know I did not comment on the attack in NYC this week. I felt that the local news covered the event sufficiently.

One of the things that bothers me is what has been going on in our country with this well planned, controlled, contrived plan to overthrow a fairly elected President. The new world order officials and their supporters still plan to oust him. What is disturbing is the information coming forth about the scope of the plans and plots to discredit Trump.

If America becomes Great Again, her people will experience not just optimism and enthusiasm, but prosperity. If that happens, America remains a sovereign state and the new world order does not want that. They want to control and rule the world. They want borders erased and they want a one world leader. To achieve this they need to create instability in many countries, overthrow their leaders and put in regimes that will go along with what they want. America has been a Super Power for a long time. That does not bode well for their plans. They know Trump will try to Make America Great Again, which is why they try to hard to ruin him. Even for those who do not like him, look at the tactics being used against him, do you want to be ruled by people who do these things? What kind of world will they create for you?

Look at some of how our government functions: e-intelligence-war-trump

Planning and plotting to undermine a President, creating false information to undermine him. That is the extent of what is going on.

gina - 12/14/2017 at 01:13 AM

JERUSALEM and THE MUSLIM WORLD rael-Palestine-Quds

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has invited all nations to recognize Jerusalem al-Quds as the capital of Palestine, blasting the United States for disregarding Middle East peace by moving its Israeli embassy from Tel Aviv to the occupied city.

The 57-member organization issued a communique at the end of an emergency summit on Wednesday, declaring that it would recognize "East Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Palestine and invite all countries to recognize the State of Palestine and East Jerusalem as its occupied capital."

The OIC rejected and condemned "in the strongest terms the unilateral decision by the president of the United States of America in recognizing Jerusalem al-Quds as the so-called capital of Israel, the occupying power."

Renouncing Trump's move as "null and void legally," the OIC members said the decision was tantamount to "an attack on the historical, legal, natural and national rights of the Palestinian people, a deliberate undermining of all peace efforts, an impetus to extremism and terrorism, and a threat to international peace and security."

The OIC reaffirmed its continued commitment to the so-called two-state solution for ending the years-long Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Some speakers, however, said the US was no longer deemed reliable to mediate any peace deal.

REMARKS: Trump should have some meetings with Jimmy Carter and get his perspective on this issue.

gina - 12/14/2017 at 01:18 AM


There may be more coming out regarding Obama's birth certificate. No apparently it is not settled.

"Corsi said that Zullo and Arpaio, working with Montgomery and the data he provided from CIA records, assembled a verified timeline during which the CIA allegedly committed its government breaches, which included utilizing a server in Jakarta, Indonesia, where Obama reportedly lived for four years as a child." te-disclosure-obama-birth-certificate-evidence/

Remarks: I do not know how Joe Arpaio fits into all of this, but it is interesting if part of the govt. (the CIA) was using servers in Jakarta to covertly send info. back to the Hawaii Dept of Health breaching their records to help (using NSA developed technology) a birth certificate to serve a political purpose.

If this is true, this is what America has come to. Winning elections at any cost, spying, lieing to get the job done. If this is true it is a far cry from the land our forefathers fought for.

DougMacKenzie - 12/16/2017 at 06:26 PM

Hey gina.

gina - 12/18/2017 at 12:02 AM

Nice to see you Doug. Even I too take a break from the updates.

gina - 12/21/2017 at 01:26 AM


There were reports, some in Fox news and others places November 28th regarding holiday threats from Isis. One is for New York City, and has a picture of Santa with a box of explosives next to him looking out on the shopping crowds.

One is for London - Regent Street and Oxford STreets.

France: The EIffel Tower.

One is for the Vatican, and St. Peter's Basillica, truck bombing was shown.

The National Cathedral in Washington, D.C.

Berlin, Germany is also named.

Vienna, Austria is named. -to-box-of-dynamite-in-times-square-7113897/ stmas/ ism-749239 burn-Christmas-markets lls-attacks-west

Remarks: How valid are the threats? I would say quite valid. The recent subway bombing in New York City is an example that people want to do this. The UK has had attacks before, as has France.

[Edited on 12/21/2017 by gina]

gina - 1/8/2018 at 11:58 PM

WHAT"S GOING ON UP THERE WITH SPACE X and their secret payload? There seems to be some musings that Sky Fortress is Engaged, and something is going on to prevent us from getting an EMP, or pre-emptively launching one on North Korea.

Some have said that we are at Defcon 1 - which means all out war. I think that seems like some dis-info. but a secret payload does make people wonder.

[Edited on 1/9/2018 by gina]

gina - 1/9/2018 at 12:45 AM


Seals in Sirte are reportedly tracking containers sent towards the US from ISIS. Dan Bongino is a former Secret Service agent who reportedly is trying to get confirmation on some of these things.
Tracy Beanz interviews Dr. Jerome Corsi regarding Qanon posts.

There are many people talking about Qanon and reading cryptic messages. I have not been following it, but there seems to be something going on.

[Edited on 1/9/2018 by gina]

[Edited on 1/9/2018 by gina]

gina - 1/9/2018 at 12:53 AM

Indictments coming to Americans that will Shock the World - Trump said he would take on corruption etc. and he seems to be doing that. Of course there is resistance, denial etc. We will have to see how it plays out.
part 1
Part 2 with Gerald Celente
Robert David Steele - former CIA Officer says Mike Pence's best friend is part of a pedophile ring. [from 2-16-17]
There will be an American Spring, 3 million people march on Washington to take down Trump and the govt. All of this is funded by the power elite. Mr. Steele says Cheney is still directing things within the govt. Now that is shocking.

[Edited on 1/9/2018 by gina]

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gina - 1/17/2018 at 12:55 AM

PROPHECY 1-14-18
Three people who do not know each other all receive prophecy, and two of them the same passage in Ezekiel is given to them.

What's the first thing to happen? Probably the quake for the west coast.

So a quake that destroys the Pacific northwest and Californa with the tsunami, and then the financial system collapsing. Yeah I think that would seem like the beginning of the Judgments.

[Edited on 1/17/2018 by gina]

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