Thread: Brotherly Love - Malik Burns Barack

theo - 3/13/2017 at 11:44 PM

What I don't understand is what Malik has against his half brother Obama.

Malicious Malik: Attention-seeking half-brother of Obama posts image of ex-president's 'Kenyan birth certificate' while declaring his support for Trump in series of bizarre and bitter tweets -forged-birth-certificate.html

jkeller - 3/14/2017 at 12:10 AM

Why do you think this means anything?

theo - 3/14/2017 at 12:19 AM

It probably doesn't...just wondering why Malik is so negative.

jkeller - 3/14/2017 at 01:31 AM

Then your question should be answered by him.

Sang - 3/14/2017 at 03:58 AM

Maybe you could have Sheriff Joe investigate it.....

BoytonBrother - 3/14/2017 at 06:10 AM

just wondering why Malik is so negative.

I'd bet my bottom dollar he's unhappy with how his life turned out.

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