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Mule NYE ThemePost ReplyHillbillyHank12/31/2019 at 06:11 PM
Mule-NYEPost ReplyHillbillyHank12/31/2018 at 11:31 AM
Favorite ABB Jazzy MomentsPost ReplyHillbillyHank8/5/2017 at 12:42 PM
Hep C concertPost ReplyHillbillyHank7/28/2017 at 02:04 AM
Warren had a great guitar tone at this timePost ReplyHillbillyHank7/22/2017 at 02:33 PM
RIP Claude Hudson "Butch" TrucksPost ReplyHillbillyHank1/25/2017 at 09:30 PM
Any Drummers Out There?Post ReplyHillbillyHank12/9/2016 at 11:09 PM
Is Jaimoe Playing Springfield Mo With Gregg This Week?Post ReplyHillbillyHank5/16/2016 at 01:05 PM
Is Jaimoe Playing Springfield Mo With Gregg This Week?TopicHillbillyHank5/15/2016 at 02:22 PM
ABB 8/31/12 Munckmusic free streamPost ReplyHillbillyHank1/18/2016 at 04:17 PM
Phil and Friends with DerekPost ReplyHillbillyHank10/18/2015 at 11:29 PM
Liz Reed with Jack Pearson and Jaimoe's band from Peach festPost ReplyHillbillyHank8/19/2015 at 01:59 PM
did anybody here ever see Blue Cheer?Post ReplyHillbillyHank9/1/2014 at 12:15 AM
Allman Brothers Band – 1991 & 1992 shows B&P for 7Post ReplyHillbillyHank7/30/2014 at 12:07 AM
FrogwingsPost ReplyHillbillyHank7/23/2014 at 11:48 PM
Led Zeppelin being sued by suriving member of Spirit over 'Stairway to Heaven'Post ReplyHillbillyHank5/19/2014 at 02:41 PM
Mule New Years center Loge Ticket for Face AvailableTopicHillbillyHank12/31/2013 at 12:59 PM
Allman Brothers 1.23.71 Late Show B@P Captskipper RemasterPost ReplyHillbillyHank7/10/2013 at 09:02 PM
Ratdog shake-up for PeachfestPost ReplyHillbillyHank7/9/2013 at 09:37 PM
40 Years Ago TODAYPost ReplyHillbillyHank6/12/2013 at 02:04 AM
Complete 2013 ABB Beacon Run b&p Flac for 10Post ReplyHillbillyHank3/18/2013 at 12:13 PM
Beacon Celebration Freebie for 3TopicHillbillyHank3/1/2013 at 01:05 PM
Tom Dowd 10/20/1925-10/27/2002Post ReplyHillbillyHank10/26/2012 at 10:34 PM
FREE FOR 2! OTIS RUSH 4/5/1973 BLUES HISTORY Post ReplyHillbillyHank9/17/2012 at 11:52 PM
Muddy Waters and Chuck Berry -- Free for Six and a HalfPost ReplyHillbillyHank9/13/2012 at 10:00 PM
Beacon "Jazz" and Horns OfferTopicHillbillyHank5/17/2012 at 02:21 AM
ABB-Wanee-2012-04-20&21 – flac files on dvd – Free X 6 – Alex Leary taperPost ReplyHillbillyHank5/7/2012 at 10:45 PM
B+P For 5 ABB Beacon Run 2012--**Closed**Post ReplyHillbillyHank4/7/2012 at 05:29 PM
Jackson Browne 1978 ProShot DVD Post ReplyHillbillyHank3/18/2012 at 01:05 PM
Eat A Peach 11/30/11 Orpheum Free for 2, BnP'sTopicHillbillyHank3/15/2012 at 10:46 PM
2011 Beacon Theater Fillmore East Anniversary ProgramsPost ReplyHillbillyHank3/8/2012 at 04:30 PM
Duane Trucks' band at Iridium Friday the 9thTopicHillbillyHank3/7/2012 at 09:40 PM
ideas for a first timerPost ReplyHillbillyHank3/7/2012 at 09:24 PM
ideas for a first timerPost ReplyHillbillyHank3/5/2012 at 11:11 PM
Old ABB article from 1972Post ReplyHillbillyHank2/11/2012 at 09:44 PM
Anybody into The Pretty Things - Parachute Lp?Post ReplyHillbillyHank2/6/2012 at 09:08 PM
Belated Lamar birthday BnP offer **closed**Post ReplyHillbillyHank1/18/2012 at 01:09 AM
ABB -= Boston - 11/29 & 11/30 - CD audio B&P offer for 3Post ReplyHillbillyHank12/8/2011 at 08:07 PM
Moogis 2012?Post ReplyHillbillyHank12/5/2011 at 12:53 PM
Dickey Betts at Asbury Park -- Free for ThreePost ReplyHillbillyHank10/31/2011 at 02:09 PM
Gov't Mule 10/30/96 ~ Free for 2TopicHillbillyHank10/20/2011 at 02:06 PM
Free for 1 Hendrix Rainbow BridgePost ReplyHillbillyHank10/20/2011 at 04:07 AM
MAGICAL MYSTERY DAY TRIP - IN HONOR OF JOHN LENNON AND HUGH DUTY *my 2 cents* Closed*Post ReplyHillbillyHank10/15/2011 at 12:18 PM
The Soft ParadePost ReplyHillbillyHank8/28/2011 at 03:50 PM
Blows Against The EmpirePost ReplyHillbillyHank8/5/2011 at 04:12 PM
Re-Offer ABB 7-27-11 Beacon Theater, NYCPost ReplyHillbillyHank8/1/2011 at 05:01 PM
Re-Offer ABB 7-27-11 Beacon Theater, NYCPost ReplyHillbillyHank8/1/2011 at 04:58 PM
TTB 6/29/11 & TV VOL 16 dvd... Freebies..X-Tra Tracks addedPost ReplyHillbillyHank7/22/2011 at 08:16 PM
Dr. John & Allen Toussiant with the Original Meters 2 FreebeePost ReplyHillbillyHank7/9/2011 at 09:52 PM
40 years gone - The Fillmore EastPost ReplyHillbillyHank7/1/2011 at 08:00 PM
U2 11-18-87 L.A. Coliseum Pro Shot DVD -2 FREE + b&p'sPost ReplyHillbillyHank6/13/2011 at 10:41 PM
Why did ABB do Mtn Jam?Post ReplyHillbillyHank5/20/2011 at 08:49 PM
Stormy Monday bootleg LpPost ReplyHillbillyHank5/20/2011 at 08:02 PM
Moogis party what show to play????Post ReplyHillbillyHank4/15/2011 at 08:02 PM
Beacon Run 2009 For Five BnPPost ReplyHillbillyHank3/29/2011 at 11:13 PM
Entire Beacon 2011 Run Flac B&P Offer on 3 DVDs Post ReplyHillbillyHank3/29/2011 at 11:07 PM
Moogis Login Problem~Or just down 'til Opening Night?Post ReplyHillbillyHank3/10/2011 at 08:11 PM
Moogis Login Problem~Or just down 'til Opening Night?Post ReplyHillbillyHank3/10/2011 at 08:10 PM
Hot Tuna - Jorma's BDay at The Beacon & Springfield IL 03/04/2011 B&P (closed)Post ReplyHillbillyHank3/10/2011 at 06:59 AM
Moogis Login Problem~Or just down 'til Opening Night?TopicHillbillyHank3/9/2011 at 08:29 PM
Moogis Login Problem~Or just down 'til Opening Night?TopicHillbillyHank3/9/2011 at 08:26 PM
Wales and Garcia---SidetripsPost ReplyHillbillyHank2/20/2011 at 10:21 PM
ABB 5/23/70 free for 3TopicHillbillyHank2/5/2011 at 03:24 PM
Free for Three -- BHLT with Muddy Waters BonusPost ReplyHillbillyHank2/5/2011 at 03:10 PM
GOVT MULE 12/31/09Post ReplyHillbillyHank2/5/2011 at 03:03 PM
"Gregg Week" reoffer free for 3TopicHillbillyHank1/18/2011 at 04:25 PM
GA/Letterman 1/13/11 & CBS Sunday 1/16/11 dvd freebiesPost ReplyHillbillyHank1/17/2011 at 10:56 PM
Govt Mule NYE 12-31-10 Extra copy free for one**closed**Post ReplyHillbillyHank1/14/2011 at 03:30 PM
MOOGIS 2011Post ReplyHillbillyHank1/11/2011 at 10:10 PM
B&P for five: Mahavishnu Orchestra DVD 8/23/72Post ReplyHillbillyHank1/6/2011 at 02:55 PM
7-26-70 free for 3TopicHillbillyHank12/15/2010 at 08:54 PM
the Band is Back - 1983 - Freebie for 3 Post ReplyHillbillyHank12/12/2010 at 11:15 AM
ARU 10/10/93 Free for 1TopicHillbillyHank11/22/2010 at 12:25 PM
Hot tuna 7/31/09 free for onePost ReplyHillbillyHank11/10/2010 at 09:30 PM
DVD Freebies : E.John/L.Russell 10/19/10 Beacon TheatrePost ReplyHillbillyHank11/10/2010 at 04:46 PM
Halloween Mule 96 Free for 3TopicHillbillyHank10/25/2010 at 02:42 AM
Jimi Hendrix Free for ThreePost ReplyHillbillyHank10/25/2010 at 01:54 AM
ABB Wanee 4/17/10 BnP for 5TopicHillbillyHank10/21/2010 at 06:45 AM
Planet Hophead #12 b&p for 3Post ReplyHillbillyHank10/14/2010 at 01:22 PM
Derek Trucks Band, 2/7/97 Austin Texas, B&P For 4Post ReplyHillbillyHank9/24/2010 at 08:29 PM
Ever leave a show due to poor SoundPost ReplyHillbillyHank9/21/2010 at 02:48 PM
Guilty Pleasures...Post ReplyHillbillyHank8/27/2010 at 10:10 PM
What was the very first rock concert you attended For me it was J.Geils & Humble Pie@ the Fox in AtlPost ReplyHillbillyHank8/13/2010 at 02:02 PM
Lost another one..... :-(Post ReplyHillbillyHank8/4/2010 at 12:40 AM
The Genius of John ColtranePost ReplyHillbillyHank8/4/2010 at 12:34 AM
Live CSNY 1974 Box SetPost ReplyHillbillyHank6/30/2010 at 11:58 PM
Live At The Fillmore July 17 2010: The Sons of Champlin, The Electric Flag, Fishbear Post ReplyHillbillyHank6/28/2010 at 07:58 PM
ABB 4-17-10 NEW SOURCE B&PPost ReplyHillbillyHank6/25/2010 at 03:30 PM
*CLOSED* Hendrix/Stones re-offer - B&P for 3Post ReplyHillbillyHank6/8/2010 at 03:24 AM
1996 Gov't Mule Freebie for one (offer closed!!)Post ReplyHillbillyHank6/3/2010 at 01:56 PM
For Those Jack Pearson Lovers BnP for 5Post ReplyHillbillyHank5/31/2010 at 04:15 PM
ABB 3/20/06 2disk DVD freebee for 2Post ReplyHillbillyHank5/23/2010 at 01:59 PM
ABB UP 3/18/10 ~ Free for 3TopicHillbillyHank5/8/2010 at 04:16 PM
Some Stones - freebie- At The Marquee ClubPost ReplyHillbillyHank5/8/2010 at 12:30 PM
ABB Wanee 4-17-10Post ReplyHillbillyHank5/4/2010 at 11:11 AM
***CLOSED***Post ReplyHillbillyHank4/27/2010 at 06:38 PM
UP Compilation Freebie ~ ClosedTopicHillbillyHank4/26/2010 at 11:22 AM
phil & friends BnP for 3 10/28/00Post ReplyHillbillyHank4/24/2010 at 11:15 PM
*CLOSED*- Grateful Dead 3-25-90 Knickerbocker Arena (SBD)Post ReplyHillbillyHank4/24/2010 at 01:05 AM
Wanee AUDIO offer - BnP for 10Post ReplyHillbillyHank4/22/2010 at 11:35 PM
Wanee Moogis AnticipationTopicHillbillyHank4/15/2010 at 02:10 AM
Tales of the Great Rum Runners by Robert HunterPost ReplyHillbillyHank4/7/2010 at 01:58 AM
Allman Brothers Band conversation in checkout line at LowesPost ReplyHillbillyHank4/5/2010 at 04:45 PM
DTB Mtn Jam 09 dvd BnP for 4TopicHillbillyHank3/31/2010 at 11:25 PM
Reoffer Free For Four-Clapton-Beck 2/18/10Post ReplyHillbillyHank3/29/2010 at 07:06 PM
DTB on MLB dvd BnP for 4 reofferTopicHillbillyHank3/29/2010 at 06:28 PM
DB&GS 3.17.09 B&PPost ReplyHillbillyHank3/29/2010 at 06:19 PM
DB&GS/Dan Toler benefit.2/27/2010 "Benefit for Lily" b&p for 5** closed**Post ReplyHillbillyHank3/26/2010 at 12:57 PM
Complete ABB 2010 UP run flac b&p offer on 2 DVDsPost ReplyHillbillyHank3/22/2010 at 02:04 PM
TWO dtb dvd's ...FreebiesPost ReplyHillbillyHank3/20/2010 at 08:08 PM
ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND 09/05/2009 Red Rocks DVDPost ReplyHillbillyHank3/20/2010 at 04:14 PM
MOOGIS Subscription ProblemPost ReplyHillbillyHank3/12/2010 at 05:55 PM
WTF with Moogis??????Post ReplyHillbillyHank3/12/2010 at 05:54 PM
Response from MoogisPost ReplyHillbillyHank3/12/2010 at 05:52 PM
Response from MoogisPost ReplyHillbillyHank3/12/2010 at 05:34 PM
WTF with Moogis??????Post ReplyHillbillyHank3/12/2010 at 05:29 PM
MOOGIS Subscription ProblemPost ReplyHillbillyHank3/12/2010 at 05:26 PM
Young Rascals fans this vine is for you...Post ReplyHillbillyHank2/25/2010 at 04:01 PM
Rascals on TV dvd BnP for 3TopicHillbillyHank2/19/2010 at 12:05 AM
Might be going out on a limb here**Seatrain** freebie for two**closedPost ReplyHillbillyHank2/15/2010 at 09:25 PM
Any Coltrane Fans In The House?Post ReplyHillbillyHank1/20/2010 at 10:55 PM
Freebies for five people (ABB or Mule)Post ReplyHillbillyHank1/20/2010 at 02:36 PM
Young Rascals fans this vine is for you...Post ReplyHillbillyHank1/15/2010 at 01:06 AM
Any fans of THE (YOUNG) RASCALS???Post ReplyHillbillyHank1/15/2010 at 01:02 AM
ACOUSTIC ALLMANS B+P FOR 3Post ReplyHillbillyHank1/8/2010 at 08:33 PM
MMT Reoffer~Tokyo 66 Free for 2TopicHillbillyHank12/21/2009 at 01:38 PM
A different kind of freebiePost ReplyHillbillyHank12/13/2009 at 12:56 AM
MMT Re-Offer: George w. Clapton 12-1-91 free for 2TopicHillbillyHank12/10/2009 at 01:02 PM
Magical Mystery Tour VIII - Day 6- North American Tour DVD Vol. 1-3Post ReplyHillbillyHank12/4/2009 at 09:20 PM
Magical Mystery Tour VIII- Day three.Post ReplyHillbillyHank12/1/2009 at 06:53 PM
Magical Mystery Tour VIII - Day 3- Tokyo 66 DVD +1960 Liverpool Demo's BnP for 3Post ReplyHillbillyHank12/1/2009 at 12:40 PM
Phil Lesh And Friends - Camden NJ 7/28/2001 Pro Shot DVDPost ReplyHillbillyHank11/30/2009 at 01:45 PM
MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR VIII – DAY 1 ~ GEORGE HARRISON: 12/01/91 - FREE for 3 ... Re-offer insidePost ReplyHillbillyHank11/29/2009 at 07:48 PM
Susan 11-7 BnP for 3TopicHillbillyHank11/25/2009 at 01:55 PM
now 4 something completely different/ free 4 threePost ReplyHillbillyHank11/22/2009 at 02:13 PM
5/23/70 Mtn Jam for the ages free for 2TopicHillbillyHank11/19/2009 at 10:07 PM
Moogis Extension MagicTopicHillbillyHank11/13/2009 at 11:27 AM
Freebies: Susan Tedeschi 11/7/09Post ReplyHillbillyHank11/12/2009 at 06:27 PM
B & P Offer Ruth Eckerd, Clearwater, FL 10-21-09Post ReplyHillbillyHank11/12/2009 at 04:56 PM
Reoffer of Neil@Farm Aid dvd BnP for 3TopicHillbillyHank11/9/2009 at 01:43 PM
reoffer/ABB 10/13&14/09'Post ReplyHillbillyHank11/9/2009 at 01:39 PM
Best Traded show from the Warran and Woody era NOW A B&P OfferPost ReplyHillbillyHank11/7/2009 at 08:28 PM
will you subscribe to moogis for next marchPost ReplyHillbillyHank11/1/2009 at 10:08 PM
BnP Offer for 1st 4 Beacon 09 ShowsTopicHillbillyHank10/23/2009 at 02:43 PM
Gregg Allman inside track dvdPost ReplyHillbillyHank10/17/2009 at 06:37 PM
NEIL YOUNG 10/04/2009 Farm Aid DVDPost ReplyHillbillyHank10/17/2009 at 06:28 PM
Restaurants on Westside NYCPost ReplyHillbillyHank8/10/2009 at 10:40 PM
Did anybody here watch dickeys last show with the ABB?Post ReplyHillbillyHank7/20/2009 at 07:15 PM
2009 Beacon weeks 1 and/or 2 FLAC DVD free for 3Post ReplyHillbillyHank3/27/2009 at 09:43 PM
Oteil Night (w Juke Horns, Susan+Bruce) 3/21 BnP for 4TopicHillbillyHank3/24/2009 at 06:44 PM
Week 2 Beacon FLAC DVD B&P for 5 (thanks JoeBeacon and absnj)Post ReplyHillbillyHank3/24/2009 at 06:28 PM
B+P for 3 ABB 3-10-09 in WAVPost ReplyHillbillyHank3/24/2009 at 03:15 PM
A few freebiesPost ReplyHillbillyHank3/18/2009 at 11:20 AM
Looking for a Thursday 3/19 ticketTopicHillbillyHank3/11/2009 at 06:15 PM
GAF 1/3/09 BnP for 3TopicHillbillyHank2/19/2009 at 12:53 AM
Johnny Winter B&P For 3 Post ReplyHillbillyHank2/19/2009 at 12:50 AM
Basically FrightenedPost ReplyHillbillyHank2/17/2009 at 10:05 PM
ClosedPost ReplyHillbillyHank2/13/2009 at 06:00 PM
Technical Impressions of MoogisPost ReplyHillbillyHank2/2/2009 at 12:46 PM
Moogis...this is the thread for those of us on the fencePost ReplyHillbillyHank2/2/2009 at 12:41 PM
The incomparable Jack PearsonPost ReplyHillbillyHank1/28/2009 at 11:02 PM
The Influence of Cream on Allman BrothersPost ReplyHillbillyHank1/28/2009 at 10:45 PM
Derek and Susan on Conan: B&P for fivePost ReplyHillbillyHank1/26/2009 at 10:06 PM
Gregg Allman and Friends 1-3-09 Blender Theatre at Gramercy NYC B&P for 7Post ReplyHillbillyHank1/26/2009 at 09:55 PM
ABB 12-12-08 Christmas Jam B&P for 10Post ReplyHillbillyHank12/26/2008 at 12:44 PM
The Beatles Ultimate Christmas CollectionPost ReplyHillbillyHank12/20/2008 at 05:21 PM
Santa Boss free for 1TopicHillbillyHank12/18/2008 at 11:34 PM
Macical Mystery Tour Day 10- R.I.P John Post ReplyHillbillyHank12/8/2008 at 10:57 PM
Yardbirds 66-67 BnP for 5TopicHillbillyHank12/3/2008 at 10:36 PM
Magical Mystery Tour VII - Day 5 - Tribute to GeorgePost ReplyHillbillyHank12/3/2008 at 10:28 PM
Magical Mystery Tour VII - Day 5Post ReplyHillbillyHank12/3/2008 at 10:13 PM
MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR VII – DAY 5 . . . . THE BEATLES: 1962–66 & 1967–70 DVD’s – FREE for 3Post ReplyHillbillyHank12/3/2008 at 10:10 PM
Early ABB free for 2TopicHillbillyHank12/2/2008 at 11:42 PM
The Band 7/31, 8/1 73Post ReplyHillbillyHank12/2/2008 at 11:25 PM
Magical Mystery Tour VII - Day 3Post ReplyHillbillyHank12/2/2008 at 10:56 PM
Magical Mystery Tour VII,Day 4Post ReplyHillbillyHank12/2/2008 at 10:48 PM
MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR VII – DAY 1Post ReplyHillbillyHank11/30/2008 at 06:31 PM
Santa Boss Is Coming To Town - Free to 3Post ReplyHillbillyHank11/30/2008 at 06:11 PM
The Yardbirds compilation 1966-1967 Beck and PagePost ReplyHillbillyHank11/18/2008 at 11:56 PM
ABB 5-4-69 Free for 3TopicHillbillyHank11/18/2008 at 11:44 PM
RIP Mitch MitchellPost ReplyHillbillyHank11/13/2008 at 09:22 PM
DICKEY BETTS & GS - 7/19/08 - ROCKPALAST - DVD *** 1 Free *** BnP for 3 *** CLOSEDPost ReplyHillbillyHank10/26/2008 at 01:14 PM
ABB 8/16/08 B&P for 3Post ReplyHillbillyHank10/8/2008 at 12:28 AM
ABB 2008-08-30 Red Rocks: B&P offer CLOSEDPost ReplyHillbillyHank9/11/2008 at 11:46 PM
Blue Oyster Cult-Long Days Night DVDPost ReplyHillbillyHank9/8/2008 at 09:28 PM
Derek Trucks Band, 9/1/08 Detroit MichiganPost ReplyHillbillyHank9/8/2008 at 09:21 PM
ABB 8/16/08 Schoeps Source B+P OfferPost ReplyHillbillyHank9/6/2008 at 01:17 PM
Post ReplyHillbillyHank9/5/2008 at 03:58 PM
8/27/08Post ReplyHillbillyHank9/4/2008 at 01:12 AM
Black Crowes 8/30/08/Levon Helm Band 8/31/08..freebiePost ReplyHillbillyHank9/3/2008 at 11:50 AM
8/28/08Post ReplyHillbillyHank9/1/2008 at 09:41 PM
Phil & Friends 5.21.02 - Freebie for 1 Post ReplyHillbillyHank9/1/2008 at 02:56 PM
Where's the love for......Jefferson Airplane (J.A. Loves You!!)Post ReplyHillbillyHank8/23/2008 at 08:52 PM
David Lindley & El Rayo X 1986 photoPost ReplyHillbillyHank8/23/2008 at 08:47 PM
David Lindley & El Rayo X 1986 photoPost ReplyHillbillyHank8/23/2008 at 08:41 PM
ABB Mansfield 8/16/08: One freebie, B&P for 10Post ReplyHillbillyHank8/23/2008 at 12:59 PM
"Tom Waits for No One " Part 2: The Later Years. **Freebie for 1 with a Vine to Follow**Post ReplyHillbillyHank8/22/2008 at 06:29 PM
Springsteen BnP reoffer - closed due to disc troubleTopicHillbillyHank8/22/2008 at 02:55 AM
stephen stills fansPost ReplyHillbillyHank8/17/2008 at 09:56 PM
Srpingsteen offerPost ReplyHillbillyHank8/17/2008 at 09:27 PM
My favorite "ABB at Jones Beach" ritual !!!Post ReplyHillbillyHank8/16/2008 at 04:55 PM
My favorite "ABB at Jones Beach" ritual !!!Post ReplyHillbillyHank8/16/2008 at 02:26 PM
Steppenwolf!Post ReplyHillbillyHank8/16/2008 at 02:05 PM
Dylan 97+07 dvds BnP for 4TopicHillbillyHank8/12/2008 at 05:08 PM
08/08/08 - DB&GS Double-shot Freebie for 2Post ReplyHillbillyHank8/8/2008 at 12:00 AM
08/08/08 - DB&GS Double-shot Freebie for 2Post ReplyHillbillyHank8/7/2008 at 10:09 PM
Wonderin' if Anyone wants to help get this out.....Yes it involves BobPost ReplyHillbillyHank8/6/2008 at 05:50 PM
ABB with Bob Weir/Rat Dog 2008Post ReplyHillbillyHank8/4/2008 at 11:38 PM
Sunshine Daydream BnP for 3TopicHillbillyHank8/2/2008 at 11:20 PM
30 Spectacular Moments from 30 Spectacular Years BnP 4 3Post ReplyHillbillyHank7/26/2008 at 02:10 AM
Post ReplyHillbillyHank7/12/2008 at 04:21 PM
PnF+ABB@1-4-Woody dvd BnP for 5TopicHillbillyHank7/11/2008 at 11:01 PM
Post ReplyHillbillyHank7/9/2008 at 09:57 PM
Dylan Stockholm 1998 B&P Reoffer for 3Post ReplyHillbillyHank7/8/2008 at 01:05 AM
Funky Meters 5/3/2008 Freebie For FivePost ReplyHillbillyHank7/2/2008 at 02:44 AM
ABB dvd 9-23-05 BnP for 3TopicHillbillyHank6/29/2008 at 06:52 PM
Sorrys to Hugh: Hendrix, JGeils, Jeff Beck B&PsPost ReplyHillbillyHank6/19/2008 at 08:37 PM
3-28-04 dvd BnP for 3TopicHillbillyHank6/9/2008 at 01:28 AM
Cat in the hat - Dickey Betts version Bnp for threePost ReplyHillbillyHank6/9/2008 at 01:20 AM
B&P for 3Post ReplyHillbillyHank6/9/2008 at 01:16 AM
Any interest in Phil Keaggy/Glass Harp? - Glass Harp 9/26/71 Bnp for Three *closed*Post ReplyHillbillyHank6/2/2008 at 04:46 PM
Phil & Friends 5/11 thru 5/18/08 FLAC DVD B&P For 10 Post ReplyHillbillyHank5/23/2008 at 11:17 AM
**Closed** Masahiko Rocks: Clapton-Winwood DVD 2/26/08Post ReplyHillbillyHank5/23/2008 at 11:06 AM
Steve Winwood 5/4/08 BnPPost ReplyHillbillyHank5/21/2008 at 06:34 PM
Marshall Tucker 7/10/05 dvd BnP for 4TopicHillbillyHank4/28/2008 at 11:34 PM
Susan Tedeschi 9/1/07 dvd BnP for 4TopicHillbillyHank4/24/2008 at 05:00 PM
8/31/90 dvd BnP for 5TopicHillbillyHank4/16/2008 at 11:06 PM
Wanee Family Jam 4/12/08, Free for twoPost ReplyHillbillyHank4/16/2008 at 10:57 PM
Warren with The DeadPost ReplyHillbillyHank4/8/2008 at 12:28 PM
Freebie (One each please) 5 DVD's TotalPost ReplyHillbillyHank4/8/2008 at 11:34 AM
3-16-00 dvd BnP for 5TopicHillbillyHank4/3/2008 at 05:58 PM
Bruce 10-2-07 dvd BnP for 5TopicHillbillyHank3/27/2008 at 10:08 PM
Pay it forward, part 2Post ReplyHillbillyHank3/26/2008 at 08:51 AM
Some ABB DVDs...Free to Those Who'll ReofferPost ReplyHillbillyHank3/23/2008 at 07:30 PM
12/31/70 audio/dvd-1 freebie, 4 BnP'sTopicHillbillyHank3/19/2008 at 04:10 PM
3-18-04 fourth anniversary dvd BnP for 3TopicHillbillyHank3/18/2008 at 05:32 PM
ABB 8/17/07, free for onePost ReplyHillbillyHank3/18/2008 at 05:14 PM
Santana Sydney 2/28/08Post ReplyHillbillyHank3/17/2008 at 07:47 PM
DTB 5/24/06 dvd BnP for 4TopicHillbillyHank3/14/2008 at 11:48 PM
Black Crowes B&P for 5Post ReplyHillbillyHank3/14/2008 at 09:18 PM
Chris Robinson/BC's DVD 420 FreebiePost ReplyHillbillyHank3/13/2008 at 12:35 PM
Bruce Springsteen 10-2-07 Hartford DVDPost ReplyHillbillyHank3/8/2008 at 12:06 PM
Derek Trucks Band 5/24/06 DVD B&PPost ReplyHillbillyHank3/4/2008 at 07:03 PM
Mule 96 dvd BnP for 4TopicHillbillyHank3/4/2008 at 02:01 PM
ABB 12-31-70 Audio/Video Compilation FREEBIE for 5 for those who will reoffer.Post ReplyHillbillyHank3/4/2008 at 01:49 PM
Neil Young and Crazy Horse, July 7, 2001Post ReplyHillbillyHank3/2/2008 at 08:38 PM
Feat/Tull dvd BnP reoffer for 4TopicHillbillyHank3/1/2008 at 05:47 PM
FCC#1 BNPx3 GM with dtb 11 Jun 94Post ReplyHillbillyHank2/29/2008 at 10:52 PM
Clapton/Winwood 2/25/08 BnPPost ReplyHillbillyHank2/27/2008 at 10:25 PM
old school Mule B&P for 5 Post ReplyHillbillyHank2/25/2008 at 08:41 PM
Zep BnP for 4TopicHillbillyHank2/21/2008 at 11:51 PM
Govt Mule 10-3-1996 dvd b&p**CLOSED**Post ReplyHillbillyHank2/21/2008 at 11:47 PM
OZARK MOUTAIN DAREDEVILS Post ReplyHillbillyHank2/18/2008 at 07:04 PM
Neil Young B&P For 5Post ReplyHillbillyHank2/18/2008 at 02:02 AM
Bbart and HooDoo Productions - Little Feat & Jethro Tull - OFFER CLOSEDPost ReplyHillbillyHank2/15/2008 at 10:24 PM
PnF+ABB@One for Woody for 2TopicHillbillyHank2/6/2008 at 10:13 PM
Post ReplyHillbillyHank2/4/2008 at 12:14 PM
Beatles B&P for 5Post ReplyHillbillyHank1/30/2008 at 10:13 AM
ABB 5/23/70 Peach Cobbler Vol.6 freebiesPost ReplyHillbillyHank1/29/2008 at 05:53 PM
LED ZEPPELIN 02 Arena 10th DEC 07...DVD, b+pPost ReplyHillbillyHank1/29/2008 at 09:23 AM
Jeff Beck Freebie for 1Post ReplyHillbillyHank1/25/2008 at 03:24 PM
Gov't Mule 12/31/06 Dubside of Mule Bnp for 3- Third spot OPENPost ReplyHillbillyHank1/23/2008 at 08:28 PM
Yardbirds dvd for 2TopicHillbillyHank1/23/2008 at 08:23 PM
Bob Dylan/George Harrison B&P 5/1/70 for 5Post ReplyHillbillyHank1/16/2008 at 03:30 PM
Still Interested in Merlin's Magic Box?Post ReplyHillbillyHank1/15/2008 at 12:24 PM
Pay it forward!Post ReplyHillbillyHank1/13/2008 at 01:14 PM
Pay it forward!Post ReplyHillbillyHank1/11/2008 at 09:30 PM
ABB - 7/19/70 - Love Valley - Please see IMPORTANT NEW POST this is in PAL formatPost ReplyHillbillyHank1/11/2008 at 08:30 PM
Pay it forward!Post ReplyHillbillyHank1/9/2008 at 11:37 AM
Pay it forward!Post ReplyHillbillyHank1/7/2008 at 08:38 PM
One For Woody DVD Post ReplyHillbillyHank1/6/2008 at 04:05 PM
Pick a Pair for xmasPost ReplyHillbillyHank1/6/2008 at 03:02 PM
Coltrane dvds re-offerPost ReplyHillbillyHank1/1/2008 at 09:47 PM
Pick a Pair for xmasPost ReplyHillbillyHank12/27/2007 at 05:31 PM
Two for ABB Fillmore East 1970TopicHillbillyHank12/19/2007 at 12:29 AM
Before there was Zep there was The Yardbirds DVDPost ReplyHillbillyHank12/17/2007 at 01:47 PM
Warren Band 94 dvd free for twoTopicHillbillyHank12/12/2007 at 05:52 PM
Led Zep show up on Dime BnP for 5Post ReplyHillbillyHank12/12/2007 at 02:11 AM
A Couple of Freebies...Post ReplyHillbillyHank12/10/2007 at 08:48 PM
"Saturday Night in Macon"-Sept '73 free for 2TopicHillbillyHank12/9/2007 at 08:12 PM
MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR VI - DAY 10 - In honor of John - Freebie for 3Post ReplyHillbillyHank12/8/2007 at 11:08 PM
MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR VI - DAY 10 - In honor of John - Freebie for 3Post ReplyHillbillyHank12/8/2007 at 09:49 PM
Magical Mystery Tour Day 9 - Sir Paul and RingoPost ReplyHillbillyHank12/7/2007 at 01:26 PM
ABB dvd freebie for 3TopicHillbillyHank12/4/2007 at 09:34 PM
MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR VI - Day 5 - The Black AlbumPost ReplyHillbillyHank12/3/2007 at 04:42 PM
MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR VI – DAY 4 … THE BEATLES “ACOUSTIC SUBMARINE” - FREE for 3Post ReplyHillbillyHank12/2/2007 at 06:03 PM
Fire sale, BnP no Bs needed CLOSED for nowPost ReplyHillbillyHank12/2/2007 at 05:55 PM
Beatles - Ed Sullivan apperances Freebies Post ReplyHillbillyHank12/2/2007 at 05:53 PM
MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR VI - Day 1 - The Quiet One. George Harrison 4.6.92 dvd Post ReplyHillbillyHank11/30/2007 at 07:01 PM
Jam For Duane 10-26-07Post ReplyHillbillyHank11/26/2007 at 09:55 PM
ABB 7-17-71 Thanksgiving freebie for another oneTopicHillbillyHank11/22/2007 at 12:21 PM
T-Day Freebiee ABB 12-31-71Post ReplyHillbillyHank11/22/2007 at 12:16 PM
Freebies For 3Post ReplyHillbillyHank11/22/2007 at 10:59 AM
Black Sabbath DVD B&P for 10Post ReplyHillbillyHank11/21/2007 at 12:14 AM
ABB 7-17-71 free for another oneTopicHillbillyHank11/20/2007 at 08:43 PM
Freebie for one...Oteil 3/22/05 Big House BenefitPost ReplyHillbillyHank11/20/2007 at 08:35 PM
ABB 7-17-71 free for 1TopicHillbillyHank11/20/2007 at 11:43 AM
It's Thanksgiving.... *Offer now closed*Post ReplyHillbillyHank11/20/2007 at 11:39 AM
Merlin's Magic Box - GD 1967 Year of Love B&P For 5 - ClosedPost ReplyHillbillyHank11/12/2007 at 11:34 AM
MMB 67 - 11/10+11/67 AUDIO BnP for 5Post ReplyHillbillyHank11/12/2007 at 11:28 AM
MMB GD 1967 - 1/14/67 The Human Be-In Audio B&P For 5Post ReplyHillbillyHank11/9/2007 at 11:23 PM
Autumnal Sunset "Sunshine Daydream" free for 2Post ReplyHillbillyHank11/9/2007 at 05:57 PM
Autumnal Sunset "Sunshine Daydream" free for 2TopicHillbillyHank11/9/2007 at 05:32 PM
Autumn Afternoon Derek Freebie for 3TopicHillbillyHank11/8/2007 at 04:39 PM
MULE...HOLY HAUNTED HOUSE SHOW...31/10/07. b+pPost ReplyHillbillyHank11/8/2007 at 02:46 PM
B&P For 3Post ReplyHillbillyHank11/8/2007 at 02:40 PM
Gov't Mule/Grace Potter 10/21/07 BnPPost ReplyHillbillyHank10/28/2007 at 03:43 AM
ABB 7-17-71 Atlanta Mun. Aud. B&PPost ReplyHillbillyHank10/24/2007 at 09:25 PM
Neil Young 10/20/2007 Spokane, WashingtonPost ReplyHillbillyHank10/24/2007 at 09:06 PM
B&P FOR 5, ABB @ THE WAREHOUSE, 3/20/71Post ReplyHillbillyHank10/24/2007 at 09:00 PM
PNC Arts Center - Allman Brothers BandPost ReplyHillbillyHank10/20/2007 at 02:53 PM
MULE..10/14/07 b+pPost ReplyHillbillyHank10/17/2007 at 02:06 PM
PnF@Hunter Mtn Free for 1TopicHillbillyHank10/15/2007 at 09:50 PM
Crossroads 2007 DVD's BnP for 5Post ReplyHillbillyHank10/13/2007 at 12:32 AM
ABB 9/4/70 Traffic 9/5/67 Masahiko Remasters BnPPost ReplyHillbillyHank10/12/2007 at 01:19 PM
ABB Aug 7, 2007 Freebie for onePost ReplyHillbillyHank10/11/2007 at 11:19 PM
Free for 1, Preferably Beacon Newbie, 3/23/07TopicHillbillyHank10/10/2007 at 12:14 AM
The Allman Brothers Band September 8, 2007 B&P for 5Post ReplyHillbillyHank10/8/2007 at 03:16 PM
The Doors Danbury High School Auditorium 10/11/1967Post ReplyHillbillyHank10/1/2007 at 10:21 PM
Free for 2Post ReplyHillbillyHank10/1/2007 at 10:09 PM
bbart & Little Feat b&pPost ReplyHillbillyHank9/30/2007 at 02:09 AM
Dickey Betts & Great Southern and The Outlaws @ The NY State Fair: 8-25-07 - b&p for 10Post ReplyHillbillyHank9/30/2007 at 02:02 AM
Dead Tivoli 72 free for 2TopicHillbillyHank9/28/2007 at 09:11 PM
Springsteen Rehearsal show #2 b&p for 5Post ReplyHillbillyHank9/28/2007 at 05:14 PM
Another CaptSkipper ReleasePost ReplyHillbillyHank9/28/2007 at 02:46 PM
Irish Punk? Freebie for 3Post ReplyHillbillyHank9/28/2007 at 12:24 AM
Irish Punk? Freebie for 3Post ReplyHillbillyHank9/28/2007 at 12:20 AM
Ratdog 8-22-07 for twoTopicHillbillyHank9/27/2007 at 12:46 PM
Deek Trucks Band 5/21/1998 Port Chester, NYPost ReplyHillbillyHank9/27/2007 at 12:12 PM
*REOFFER* LedZeppelin 4/27/77 & Live Over Europe 1980Post ReplyHillbillyHank9/24/2007 at 01:00 PM
Mule in Boston 9/7/07 BnP for 3Post ReplyHillbillyHank9/22/2007 at 11:59 PM
ABB Apr 5, 2007 (Thu) BeaconPost ReplyHillbillyHank9/20/2007 at 02:51 PM
freebie for one GD 3-22-73Post ReplyHillbillyHank9/17/2007 at 06:53 PM
Ratdog 8/22/07 PNC freebie for 3Post ReplyHillbillyHank9/14/2007 at 12:15 PM
8/15 Freebie for 2TopicHillbillyHank9/13/2007 at 07:11 PM
ApologiesPost ReplyHillbillyHank9/13/2007 at 12:02 AM
8-15-07 B & P reoffer for fivePost ReplyHillbillyHank8/29/2007 at 07:52 PM
BnP for 5 - ABBmonk re-offer 8/8/07Post ReplyHillbillyHank8/27/2007 at 12:47 AM
ABB 9-21-1980 freebie for 5Post ReplyHillbillyHank8/19/2007 at 05:20 PM
ABB 9-21-1980 freebie for 5Post ReplyHillbillyHank8/19/2007 at 05:19 PM
Stones Stripped dvdPost ReplyHillbillyHank8/12/2007 at 02:05 PM
Summer '07 B&P (PL&F,Ratdog,WSP)CLOSEDPost ReplyHillbillyHank8/7/2007 at 02:03 AM
Fogerty, Garcia & weir dvdPost ReplyHillbillyHank8/3/2007 at 02:39 PM
Spring Mule Comp Free For TwoTopicHillbillyHank7/22/2007 at 10:21 PM
FREE GRATEFUL DEAD TAPESPost ReplyHillbillyHank7/22/2007 at 08:50 PM
REOFFER:cupofjo ABB Flac dvds Post ReplyHillbillyHank7/22/2007 at 08:44 PM
ABB in Memphis 5/4/07 - B&P for 5Post ReplyHillbillyHank7/20/2007 at 11:48 PM
Beacon 07, up to 2 shows per BnP for 10 *CLOSED*Post ReplyHillbillyHank7/18/2007 at 12:48 AM
Re-Offer White Stripes at Bonaroo, B&P for FivePost ReplyHillbillyHank7/16/2007 at 11:25 AM
Yankees Will Return to the Promised Land - Freebie-A-Day ThreadPost ReplyHillbillyHank7/15/2007 at 02:25 PM
ABB Capital Theatre 4/20/79Post ReplyHillbillyHank7/15/2007 at 02:46 AM
Nobody Sings Dylan Like Dylan B&P for 5 (3-DVD's FLAC files)Post ReplyHillbillyHank7/15/2007 at 01:41 AM
closed.Post ReplyHillbillyHank7/11/2007 at 01:53 PM
Mule Bonnaroo Comp Freebie for OneTopicHillbillyHank7/9/2007 at 07:40 PM
Van Morrison @ the Rainbow 7/24/73Post ReplyHillbillyHank7/8/2007 at 11:17 PM
Phil & Friends Hunter Jam DVD offerPost ReplyHillbillyHank7/7/2007 at 12:31 AM
DVD for 10, first is FREE, Devon & Honeytribe 6/10/07Post ReplyHillbillyHank7/6/2007 at 08:52 PM
Spring Mule Compilation Freebie for TwoTopicHillbillyHank6/25/2007 at 06:56 PM
Magical Mystery Tour V......Day 7. The Roof Top Concert DVDPost ReplyHillbillyHank6/24/2007 at 09:55 PM
Magical Mystery Tour V - Beatles Final Concert Post ReplyHillbillyHank6/24/2007 at 01:44 PM
Elvis Costello b&pPost ReplyHillbillyHank6/22/2007 at 01:19 PM
Gov't Mule 2007-06-16 BnP x 10Post ReplyHillbillyHank6/22/2007 at 02:52 AM
Magical Mystery Tour V......Day 4. Paul McCartney -11/12/05 - Aneheim, California DVDPost ReplyHillbillyHank6/22/2007 at 02:49 AM
Magical Mystery Tour V - Barrett Tapes - FreebiePost ReplyHillbillyHank6/21/2007 at 12:33 PM
U2 10/25/01 MSG B+P for 3Post ReplyHillbillyHank6/21/2007 at 12:27 PM
EC 12/6/06Post ReplyHillbillyHank6/21/2007 at 03:41 AM
Late Night Bnp For 5!!Post ReplyHillbillyHank6/21/2007 at 03:34 AM
MMT 5,Day 2 :::: The Alternate Sgt.PeppersPost ReplyHillbillyHank6/19/2007 at 11:07 PM
Late Night ABB Big House Show Freebie for 3TopicHillbillyHank6/18/2007 at 11:12 PM
Pete Scheips Band with Jaimoe Free-be for 10Post ReplyHillbillyHank6/8/2007 at 01:16 AM
Blues Project 9??/1966 B & P for 5Post ReplyHillbillyHank6/6/2007 at 11:58 PM
Phil & Friends 6/3/07 Mountain Jam w/Warren B&P for 5Post ReplyHillbillyHank6/6/2007 at 12:52 AM
ABB BnP for lucky 13Post ReplyHillbillyHank6/5/2007 at 03:21 PM
Late night freebie for oneTopicHillbillyHank6/3/2007 at 11:15 PM
Late Night BnP for 5!!!Post ReplyHillbillyHank6/2/2007 at 09:47 AM
ABB 3-24-07 Freebie for 2TopicHillbillyHank5/31/2007 at 10:29 PM
DTB - 5/27/07 B&P for 5Post ReplyHillbillyHank5/31/2007 at 10:14 PM
The Silver Wilburys bnp for threePost ReplyHillbillyHank5/31/2007 at 10:08 PM
ABB 4-3 Freebie for 2TopicHillbillyHank5/29/2007 at 11:46 PM
Mule 4-26 Freebie for 2TopicHillbillyHank5/29/2007 at 01:31 PM
DB & GS - B&P for 5 - May 20, 2006Post ReplyHillbillyHank5/25/2007 at 10:52 AM
Eric Clapton: 4/05/'07 Palace of Auburn Hills, Detroit, MIPost ReplyHillbillyHank5/20/2007 at 11:02 PM
Beacon 2007 Guest Box Compilation - REOFFER!!Post ReplyHillbillyHank5/19/2007 at 01:11 AM
Late night treat, B+P stylePost ReplyHillbillyHank5/19/2007 at 01:06 AM
MMB - Spring 1977 - GD May 26, 1977 B & P For 5 Post ReplyHillbillyHank5/18/2007 at 12:19 AM
MMB - Spring 1977 - GD May 26, 1977 B & P For 5 Post ReplyHillbillyHank5/18/2007 at 12:18 AM
DTB 2007-04-14 & 2007-04-15 Wanee B&P for 3Post ReplyHillbillyHank5/13/2007 at 08:45 PM
DTB and ARU 5-9-2007 B + P for 5Post ReplyHillbillyHank5/13/2007 at 08:42 PM
Gregg & Friends: Orpheum Th. Boston 10-14-06 AUDIO Open B&PPost ReplyHillbillyHank5/12/2007 at 02:51 PM
ABB 4/2 & 4/3/07 BnP for 10Post ReplyHillbillyHank5/11/2007 at 11:03 PM
Mule 05/05/07 Jazz Fest. open B&P with a time limit CLOSED!Post ReplyHillbillyHank5/8/2007 at 02:12 PM
3-23 BnP for 3TopicHillbillyHank5/7/2007 at 02:38 PM
ABB 4-6-07 B&P for 3Post ReplyHillbillyHank5/7/2007 at 01:59 PM
CLOSED -Gov't Mule on DVD Video: The Allen Woody YearsPost ReplyHillbillyHank5/2/2007 at 11:31 PM
Does your Wang Dang... Doodle? (closed)Post ReplyHillbillyHank5/2/2007 at 02:20 PM
4-5-07 BnP for 3TopicHillbillyHank4/30/2007 at 11:39 PM
Bob Dylan 4/19/07 , BnPPost ReplyHillbillyHank4/30/2007 at 11:22 PM
Phil&Friends 11/15/99 B&P for 5 Derek,Warren and JormaPost ReplyHillbillyHank4/25/2007 at 06:25 PM
4-8-07 Freebie For TwoTopicHillbillyHank4/20/2007 at 04:49 PM
Hard Drive freebies for 5 (Closed)Post ReplyHillbillyHank4/20/2007 at 04:46 PM
Beacon Theatre 4/05/07 B&P For 10Post ReplyHillbillyHank4/20/2007 at 03:33 PM
Beacon Theatre 4/05/07 B&P For 10Post ReplyHillbillyHank4/20/2007 at 03:31 PM
ABB 2007-04-07 Beacon, NYC B&P for 10Post ReplyHillbillyHank4/17/2007 at 12:56 PM
B&P Allman Brothers - 3-30-2007 Beacon For 10Post ReplyHillbillyHank4/11/2007 at 06:46 PM
Need One Loge Ticket for 4/7TopicHillbillyHank2/1/2007 at 05:58 PM
Trade Orch 4/6 for Loge 4/6, or Need Single Loge 4/6TopicHillbillyHank2/1/2007 at 05:52 PM
Sold! - Mule/Los Lobos 12/29 Ticket for saleTopicHillbillyHank12/14/2006 at 10:50 AM
looking for single seats for mule ny runPost ReplyHillbillyHank12/14/2006 at 10:46 AM
We Have 2 Extras Mar 13TopicHillbillyHank2/27/2006 at 05:19 PM
Extra Beacon TicketsTopicHillbillyHank2/14/2006 at 10:32 PM
Hittin' the Note Hotel Beacon Hospitality PartyPost ReplyHillbillyHank2/8/2006 at 01:19 AM
DTB 12/26/03 for 5 ---Jimmy and Derek and Co.Post ReplyHillbillyHank2/24/2004 at 03:01 PM

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